WWE NXT 01 04 2017

January 4, 2017
Melbourne, Australia
Results by: Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

The NXT intro brings us into the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, Australia with a sold out crowd chanting “NXT” as commentary hypes the main event between Shinsuke Nakamura defends his NXT Championship against Samoa Joe in a Steel Cage Match, as well as an NXT Tag Team Championship match pitting #DIY against Australia’s own TM61. The Revival make their way out for the opening match of the night. Out next are Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli, as Corey Graves notes they are two of NXT’s top prospects. The Revival mock them slightly by inviting them into the ring, and this match is underway!

The Revival vs Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli

The crowd chants “Who are ya?” at Moss and Tino and “Which one’s Dawson, which one’s Dash” as the bell rings, and Moss starts things off with Dawson with a lockup. Moss shoves Dawson away before they lock up again, and Moss takes Dawson down twice before hitting an Oklahoma roll for a nearfall! Moss goes for Dawson again, but Dawson wrenches the arm until Moss gets the tag in, and Tino continues the damage until Dawson tags Dash in. Dash slams a right hand into the back of Tino, who whips Dash into the corner but takes a boot to the midsection by Dash for his troubles. Dash picks up momentum before Tino hits a crossbody for a nearfall. Moss tags in, and they hit a double team on Dash for a nearfall. Moss with a headlock on Dash, who shoves him off before hitting a shoulder tackle and a tag to Dawson. Dawson and Dash double team Moss before Dawson lays into him with some chops in the corner. Dawson whips him over, but Moss catches him with a knee as Dash comes in only for Moss to hit a toss away slam. Moss hits one on Dawson as well as Tino runs in to stop Dash. Moss and Tino clear the ring of The Revival, Dawson coming in from the top rope only to take another toss away slam from Moss. Dash gets involved, allowing Dawson to get a cheap shot on Moss to a good reaction from the crowd as they chant “Revival.” Dawson with a bodyslam and a tag to Dash, a double team and a nearfall. Dash with a headbutt on Moss, keeping him away from his corner as he continues the attack. Tag to Dawson and they double team Moss in the corner, before Dawson lifts Moss onto the top rope for a suplex for a nearfall. Dawson stomps Moss’s hand as the crowd chants “Dash and Dawson” showing their approval. Tag to Dash, who locks in a sleeper on Moss keeping distance from the corner. Moss gets to his feet, eventually launching Dash into the corner! Dash gets the tag to Dawson, who keeps Moss from getting a tag in as he misses an enziguri. Dawson misses an elbow drop, allowing Moss to get the tag in to Tino, who gets a dropkick to each of The Revival! He continues to build momentum, lifting Dawson and slamming him onto Dash! Tino with a bodyslam on Dawson for a nearfall before tagging in Moss. Dash gets involved again, stopping a double team from Tino and Moss. Dash gets a tag in, surprising Moss with a nearfall. Dawson holding Moss against the ropes now, but Dash collides with his partner and gets rolled up by Moss for another nearfall! Moss hits an atomic drop but Dash gets the tag in to Dawson, leading to a Shatter Machine for the pinfall!

Winners via pinfall: The Revival

The Revival celebrate in the ring as their hands are raised in victory. Commentary hypes Buddy Murphy teaming with Tye Dillinger to take on Elias Samson and Bobby Roode, and that match is next!

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Back from the break, Elias Samson makes his way to the ring for his return to NXT, as the crowd in Melbourne chant something I can’t in good conscience write. Elias says if they keep interrupting he can’t finish his song, which gets a “Yes!” chant from the crowd. He says he likes the sound of his voice too much, this one’s for him. He begins playing a tune until his spotlight is cut out…


Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring as the crowd sings along to his theme. Out next Buddy Murphy, to the delight of his hometown crowd, and Tye Dillinger, much to the delight of generally everyone. The crowd chants “TEN” at Dillinger as we go to break.

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Back from break, this tag match is underway!

Elias Samson & Bobby Roode vs Buddy Murphy & Tye Dillinger

The crowd chants “TEN” as Roode and Murphy start things off. Roode with a headlock, bringing down Murphy before showing off to the delight of the crowd. Murphy makes fun of Roode in response, before Roode locks in another headlock and a shoulder tackle. Roode gets momentum with a sunset flip, but Murphy takes him down for a nearfall. Murphy with an armlock now, as Roode gets to his feet. Murphy tags in Tye, and Roode backs off to the corner staring him down. Roode hypes himself up, before backing up to tag in the Drifter as the crowd chants “Drift away” at Elias. Samson wrenching the arm of Tye, who gets out and shows off with a cartwheel as the crowd chants “TEN.” Samson throws Tye out of the ring, but he gets right back in to take Elias down before tagging in Murphy. Murphy takes down Samson for a nearfall, going right back to the arm of Samson. Tye continues the attack before bringing Roode into the ring, raining down with a flurry of offense on him and then Samson. A distraction by Roode gives Samson an opportunity to strike before tagging Roode in. Roode goes to work on a downed Tye, taking him down with a spinebuster before tagging Samson back in. Samson continues to build momentum as the crowd chants “Drift away” among other things. Samson bringing Tye down for a nearfall as he tags Roode back in, with a double team on the Perfect Ten. Roode mocks Murphy before laying into Tye with punches as the crowd continually chants “ONE.” Roode drops down, distracted just enough to take a super kick by Tye! Both men down, Tye gets the tag to Murphy as Roode tags in Samson. Murphy with a flurry of offense on the Drifter, but it’s only good enough for a nearfall. Murphy goes for more damage, getting another nearfall before Roode breaks it up. Tye with a blind tag as Murphy takes Roode down with a head scissors, and Roode out of the ring as Murphy hits a dive. Meanwhile, Tye gets Samson up to hit a Tye Breaker for the pinfall!

Winners via pinfall: Buddy Murphy & Tye Dillinger

Murphy and Dillinger celebrate in the ring to a chant of “TEN” as commentary hypes the NXT Championship match set for later tonight. Up next, three rising stars in the NXT Women’s Division face off in a Triple Threat Match between Liv Morgan, Ember Moon, and Billie Kay!

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Back from break, Liv Morgan makes her way to the ring for this next match to a good reaction from the crowd. The hometown crowd goes even louder for Billie Kay, as she makes her way to the ring. Last out is Ember Moon, who gets a very nice reaction as she arrives to the ring. A light “Billie Kay” chant starts as this match is underway!

Liv Morgan vs Billie Kay vs Ember Moon

Moon and Morgan go to shake hands, which Kay admonishes before leaving the ring. Morgan and Moon lock up in the ring, with Morgan hitting a shoulder tackle only for Moon to pop up with a hurricanrana that brings Morgan down as Kay gets involved. Morgan with a dropkick and a head scissors takedown as Kay tries to get involved again, leading to Morgan rolling her around on the canvas. Moon breaks things up, but she and Kay get caught with a double bulldog as Morgan covers Kay for a nearfall that switches between Kay and Moon. Some unique offense as Morgan throws Kay into Moon, and then leapfrogs Kay onto Moon for a nearfall. Morgan thrown out of the ring as Moon gets a nearfall on Kay, who drops Moon for a nearfall of her own! Kay laying into Moon now in the corner, driving a boot into the throat. Morgan rolls into the ring, but gets stopped by Kay who continues the attack on Moon before Moon gets a rollup for a nearfall. Kay slams Moon, but Morgan gets a dropkick on Kay for a nearfall! Morgan on the apron as Ember goes for a kick on Kay, which hits Morgan instead as Kay gets a nearfall. Kay lays into Moon as the crowd continues to chant “TEN” which frustrates her. Moon starts to get some momentum but gets thrown out of the ring, as does Morgan! Kay brings both women into the ring, going for a cover on each but only getting a nearfall for her efforts. Kay is knocked out as Liv and and Ember go at each other, until Moon hits a cross body for a nearfall. Kay misses a boot, but Moon hits one followed by a double underhook suplex. Moon climbs up top, but is stopped by Morgan, leading into a tower of doom with Kay getting a nearfall…but Moon is still on the top! Moon leaps off, hitting the Eclipse on Kay for the pinfall!

Winner via pinfall: Ember Moon

Moon celebrates in the ring as the crowd shows their love. Up next, TM61 challenge #DIY for the NXT Tag Team Championship!

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Back from break, TM61 make their way to the ring for this tag title match to a good reaction from their hometown crowd. Next out, the team of Johnny Gargano and Tommasso Ciampa make their way out to the ring to a big pop from the crowd. Chants for everyone in the match as this match is underway!

NXT Tag Team Championships: #DIY (c’s) vs TM61

Both teams shake hands before Ciampa and Thorne start things off with a tie-up, exchanging holds until Thorne gets the upper hand, but Ciampa is quick to recover and they are at a stand-still. They shake hands again as the crowd shows more love for everyone in the match, and Gargano and Miller tag in. Miller with a shoulder tackle and a roll-up for a nearfall. Miller wrenches the arm of Gargano as Thorne tags himself in to continue the attack. Gargano gets out, and both men exchange blows before Gargano is knocked down. Tag to Miller and a brainbuster as the crowd chants “TEN” while Miller gets a nearfall. Gargano in the corner, dodges a charge by Miller and a rolling kick to get some momentum back as he brings Miller to the corner and tags in Ciampa. Ciampa unloads for a nearfall before continuing the assault on Miller, who escapes and tags in Thorne for a moonsault/fist drop combo! DIY out of the ring as Miller hits a dive, throwing Ciampa into the ring for a Falcon Arrow by Thorne for a nearfall as we go to break.

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Back from break, Thorne is in control until Ciampa dropkicks him and tags in Gargano. Gargano gets in a good amount offense for a nearfall and then a submission hold to wear down Thorne. Thorne rolls him up for a nearfall, breaking the hold. Gargano gets Thorne into the corner as he tags in Ciampa, who lays into Thorne with a couple chops. Thorne in the corner as Ciampa lays in some boots now, but Thorne stops further damage before hitting an amazing dropkick! Both men down and looking for the tag, and Miller gets the tag first! Miller lighting up on Ciampa before showing some fire on Gargano. Ciampa in trouble as Miller hits a big forearm for a nearfall. Miller gets a head of steam as Gargano blind tags in, stopping Miller in his tracks for a nearfall! Gargano looking for a neck breaker but Miller stops it, and Thorne gets involved but takes a boot to the face as Gargano drops Miller with a DDT for a nearfall. Tag to Ciampa now, but Miller dodges a double team only to get dropped by an exploder from Ciampa. Miller gets Ciampa up on the top, but Ciampa blocks it and exchanges hands with Miller as Thorne tags in. Double team into a tower of doom on Ciampa, and Thorne is dragged onto Ciampa for a nearfall broken up as Gargano shoves Miller onto them! Crowd chants “That was 3” and Gargano with a superkick on Miller, taken out by Thorne, but a clothesline and a powerbomb backbreaker gets a nearfall for Ciampa! Both men are down as the ref checks on them, beginning a count as the crowd chants “TEN” while both men tag out. Miller and Gargano exchanging blows now before Miller hits a big powerbomb for a nearfall! Blind tag from Ciampa as Thorne goes down, and DIY hit a double kick on Miller for the pinfall!

Winners via pinfall and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: #DIY

DIY celebrate with their titles as we get replays from the match, and the crowd shows their support for both teams. DIY start to head to the back, but return to the ring to show respect for TM61 with a handshake to both men as the crowd chants “NXT.” Commentary hypes the main event, as Shinsuke Nakamura defends his NXT Championship against Samoa Joe in a Steel Cage Match up next!

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Commentary hypes Asuka in action next week, as well as the NXT Tag Team Championship match between #DIY and The Revival. We go to the ring, where the steel cage is ready to be lowered as the announcer explains the rules. We go to a video package highlighting the match in Osaka, where Nakamura won the NXT Championship back from Samoa Joe. We watch as Joe demands a rematch in Melbourne, in a steel cage. Back in the ring, the cage is lowered as Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring as some of the crowd chant his name. Out next is Nakamura, to a big crowd reaction as they chant his name and sing along to his theme, even after it ends. The announcer gives ring introductions for the challenger and champion, dueling chants for both men as this title match is underway!

Main Event in a Steel Cage Match for the NXT Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Samoa Joe

Both men stare each other down from their corners, circling as the crowd sings Nakamura’s theme and chants “Joe is gonna kill you!” Joe goes for a right hand, to which Nakamura responds with a single leg takedown. Joe locks him up to the ropes, but Nakamura reverses. Both men are trapped in the corner and ropes, until Nakamura breaks free only to be driven into the cage by Joe. Nakamura dodges a second attack, now getting some momentum driving a boot to Joe in the corner. Nakamura locks up, but Joe picks him up and drives him into the steel again. He follows with a knee to the midsection, bringing Nakamura down hard! Joe continues the attack with an elbow, but Nakamura turns things around with some hard knees before being whipped into the corner by Joe, who hits an enziguri on the champ for a nearfall!

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Back from the break, Nakamura is in control until Joe turns things around, getting a nearfall in the process. Joe continues the beatdown with some hard kicks to the champ, taunting him as he lifts him up for a powerbomb…but Nakamura lands some hard strikes on Joe, who retaliates with a chop before driving him into the steel twice and kicks him down for a nearfall. Joe focuses on the neck now, wrenching Nakamura’s head until the champ gets back to his feet. He hits a hard kick to Joe to get some distance, both men getting to their feet fairly quickly. They exchange blows until Nakamura hits an enziguri, before setting Joe up on the turnbuckle to hit a hard kick to the midsection for a nearfall. Nakamura continues, but gets caught with an atomic drop and a boot to the midsection before Nakamura narrowly dodges a senton. Nakamura climbs the cage, but is brought down hard by Joe, who hits a powerbomb for a nearfall before changing it quickly to an STF! Nakamura refuses to tap as Joe locks in a crossface, but Nakamura reverses into a roll-up for a nearfall! Joe responds with a hard knee to the champ, getting another nearfall in the process. Joe gets the champ into the corner, landing rights and lefts before setting him up on the top turnbuckle and hits a hard chop. The champ tries to fight back, only for Joe to land an enziguri that brings Nakamura back down to the canvas. Joe lands some more hard knees on the champ, bringing him back into the ring for another knee and a massive clothesline…but only gets a two count!

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Back from the break, Joe misses an opportunity leading to some hard knees from the champ! Nakamura up to his feet as he goes for an inverted exploder but Joe gets out, only to be taken for a German suplex from the King of Strong Style! Nakamura goes for the Kinsasha, only to be taken down with a powerslam by Joe for a nearfall. Both men exchange elbows to the head before Joe foes for a Coquina Clutch, finally locking it in until Nakamura is able to break free. Nakamura takes down Joe, but only gets a nearfall. Nakamura goes to climb the cage, but Joe is right behind him and looking for the Muscle Buster! Nakamura stops Joe’s assault, bringing the challenger down with a sunset powerbomb. Nakamura gets to the ropes, waiting for Joe to turn around as he levels him with a Kinshasa off the top rope! Both men are down as the ref checks on them, and Nakamura slowly gets up using the ropes as the door opens. Nakamura takes one look at Joe, and CLOSES the cage door as he hits another Kinshasa on Samoa Joe! Joe gets to his feet, but Nakamura takes him down with a THIRD Kinshasa for the win!

Winner and STILL NXT Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura

The crowd sings along to Nakamura’s theme as the ref presents the champ his belt. We see shots of the crowd as Nakamura celebrates with his title. We get a replay of highlights from this big match, including the top rope Kinshasa and the final two that landed the champ a successful title defense. The cage is raised now as Nakamura continues to celebrate his win to close the show.