WWE NXT 02 01 2017

February 1, 2017
San Antonio, Texas (Freeman Coliseum)
Commentary: Tom Philips, Corey Graves, Percy Watson
Report by Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

We open with highlights from Takeover: San Antonio, showing all the craziness that kicked off Royal Rumble weekend with big moments like The Authors of Pain winning the NXT Tag Team Championship and Bobby Roode winning the NXT Championship. With that, an updated NXT intro brings us to a packed crowd in Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, as commentary hypes No Way Jose vs Elias Samson later tonight, along with United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate taking on Oney Lorcan. Ember Moon makes her way to the ring for the opening match of the night, followed by Aliyah.

Ember Moon vs. Aliyah

Chants of “EMBER” as both women lock up, Aliyah takes Ember down for a nearfall but Ember rolls her up for one of her own. Suplex by Ember, she ties up Aliyah and pulls at her face as Aliyah struggles to get out. She eventually does, taking Ember down before hitting a neckbreaker that brings both women down. European uppercuts and a clothesline by Aliyah, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Big boot to the face of Ember, Aliyah hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall. Whip to the corner by Aliyah, but Ember reverses and gets a nearfall in the process. Ember lifts up Aliyah, but takes a little too long and Aliyah hits a headscissors takedown. She goes for it again but gets taken down by Ember, as the crowd cheer in approval. Ember climbs up top, hitting the Eclipse on Aliyah for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Ember Moon

Ember celebrates in the ring as we get replays from the match. Commentary hypes a look at the new NXT Champion, Bobby Roode for later tonight!

Alex’s Thoughts: A fun little opener to highlight Ember Moon’s skills in NXT. It’s curious to think that she’s been given a similar path as Asuka early on, considering the inevitable confrontation. I for one am excited for that match when the time comes!

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We thank NF for “Intro 2,” one of the themes from Takeover: San Antonio! We get a video package highlighting Tye Dillinger taking on Eric Young in a close loss, before Eric Young promised that SAnitY will continue to take and take and take. Tye’s weekend was far from over, as he had the chance to be in the Royal Rumble match at number TEN (of course)! Tye talks about the experience after, before we look at the Fatal Four Way for the NXT Women’s Championship that ultimately ended in Asuka retaining. We catch up with the champion after the match, and she lets everyone know it’s HER title. When asked about future challenger Ember Moon, she asks if Moon works here before simply saying “Okay” and walking off. We see the WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate arriving for his NXT debut, up next!

Alex’s Thoughts: I didn’t get to watch Takeover OR Royal Rumble, but I was really happy for Tye to get the opportunity this past Sunday. The guy has earned it. I don’t know if this means he’s on the main roster going forward, or if that was a special one-off moment for now, but either way it was really cool. Funny moment with Asuka not knowing who Ember Moon is, it’s clearly going to be a fairly slow build to that title match.

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Back from break, we catch up with Ember Moon who responds to the champion’s derogatory remarks by saying she wants to be the one to dethrone Asuka, and afterward the champ will know who Ember Moon is. Back at ringside, the United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate makes his way to the ring for a special attraction match.

Special Attraction (Non-Title)
WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate vs. Oney Lorcan

Only in a boxing stance before both men lock up, and Lorcan takes Tyler to the ropes before the break. Greco-Roman wistlock and Tyler gets Lorcan into the ropes now. Left hand into Lorcan, who responds with an uppercut. Tyler with a kick to Lorcan, who blocks him and gets him into the corner. Ground and pound into the UK champion by Lorcan, who chops Tyler in the corner before moving him into another one for more damage. Another uppercut by Lorcan, and another one as Tyler struggles up on the ropes. Tyler reverses into a backslide for a nearfall, before hitting an uppercut from the middle turnbuckle to the approval of the crowd! Both men exchange locks before Tyler sets Lorcan up for an airplane spin to a chant of “TEN” from the crowd. Tyler looks dizzy from the spin, but recovers for another round and a fall forward slam for a nearfall. Chain wrestling from both men again as the crowd chants “THIS IS AWESOME,” and Tyler hits the Tyler Driver 97 for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Tyler Bate

Tyler celebrates (politely) in the ring as we get replays from the match. Commentary hypes the new NXT Tag Team Champions the Authors of Pain, and the NXT Championship match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode coming up next!

Alex’s Thoughts: It’s hard NOT to gush over Tyler Bate, because he’s currently one of the tag champions of CHIKARA, one of my favorite indy promotions out there. Since he’s clearly wrestling for WWE in some capacity, I’m a bit bummed that this means those titles will be vacated…but honestly, good for Tyler. Dude’s earned the honors he’s getting from winning the UK title and now appearing on NXT. The match itself was different for me, and in a pretty great way.

We thank Memphis Mayfire for “This Light I Hold” featuring Jacoby Shaddix, one of the themes from Takeover: San Antonio. We go to an exclusive from Saturday, where Roderick Strong promises this was just a taste of what he has for NXT. We take a look back at the NXT Tag Team Championship match as the Authors of Pain take the belts from #DIY, before going to an exclusive with the new champions and Paul Ellering, who hypes them up further. We look at the NXT Championship match between Nakamura and Roode, before seeing exclusive footage as the former champ is helped to the back. Triple H checks in on Nakamura, as does…Kassius Ohno? We then catch up with the new NXT Championship, who is asked if the injury played a role in his win? Roode is angry at the question asked, saying he did exactly what he was going to do, and tonight is the night of HIS era…and his NXT will be simply GLORIOUS! Up next, No Way Jose takes on “The Drifter” Elias Samson in our main event!

Alex’s Thoughts: Seriously, Takeover is on my must-watch list for the coming week. It feels weird seeing Roode as the new champ, after everything Nakamura’s been through…I know we’re all immediately thinking he’s headed to the main roster, but I have a feeling it’ll be a bit yet. Also, considering that we KNOW Ohno is back in NXT (thank you based taping spoilers), it feels weird to see him consoling the former champ here. I’m curious to see what happens next, to say the least.

Next week on NXT, Bobby Roode holds a GLORIOUS celebration for his new championship reign! With Corey Graves moving on from the NXT commentary booth, we take a look back at a man who’s been here since day one! From his early days with FCW to the injury that eventually brought him into retirement from in-ring competition, to the work he put in behind the scenes, to the opportunity to be a part of the commentary booth for NXT and eventually Monday Night RAW. With that, Elias Samson makes his way to the ring for our main event of the evening! Once in the ring, Elias offers a tune for the crowd in San Antonio…only to be interrupted by No Way Jose, who makes his way to the ring next.

Main Event
“The Drifter” Elias Samson vs. No Way Jose

“JOSE” chants as Samson hits a dropkick on Jose. Samson lays into Jose with some chops but Jose reverses a whip into a clothesline. They exchange chops before Jose gets control. Samson brings Jose down by the hair before getting some momentum. Jose stops him with a body slam, followed by a rolling senton. Samson stops the stomp, but Jose brings him down with a baseball slide and a dive from the apron!

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Back from break, Samson takes control by hanging Jose up on the top rope. Samson tears into Jose in the corner, and a big right hand on the apron followed by a big knee to the head! Elbow drop by Samson gets him a nearfall before both men exchange blows. Samson takes control again, locking in a sleeper. Jose breaks free but Samson holds on by the hair before Jose drops him with a side slam. Jose gets some steam now as he lays into Samson with some right hands and a hip toss to the approval of the crowd. Jose is ready for a big punch but Samson stops it…only to take a Pop Up Punch as No Way Jose picks up the win!

Winner via pinfall: No Way Jose

Jose celebrates in the ring as we get replays from the match, before the show comes to a close.

Alex’s Overall Thoughts: Man, this felt like a shorter show than usual. It seemed to go by a lot quicker, but there was still plenty going on for Takeover fallout. The main event was a fun little change of pace, and an oddly appropriate send-off for Corey Graves as an NXT commentator. I’m thankful for everything he did in the ring and beyond, and can’t wait to see what Nigel McGuinness brings to the table going forward. Another great edition of NXT!

Quick Results:

* Ember Moon def. Aliyah
* WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate def. Oney Lorcan
* No Way Jose def. Elias Samson

That’s it for NXT this week, Wrestleviewniverse! What did you think of the show? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @Power2TheSmarks! Before I head out for this week, I wanna thank my girlfriend for checking NXT out with me this week. As we head toward Valentine’s Day, I highly recommend those of you who have a special someone to share the gift of wrestling with them…and if you don’t, find someone you can share it with! Until next time, thanks for reading!