WWE NXT 08 16 2017

August 16, 2017
Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Commentary: Mauro Renallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson
Report by Alex Kahrs of Wrestleview.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

The NXT intro brings us to a hyped crowd at Full Sail, as commentary hypes Ruby Riot taking on Billie Kay tonight along with our main event as Drew McIntyre faces Roderick Strong, with a future match against Bobby Roode up for grabs for Strong! We cut to the commentary booth as they hype up some of the matches for Takeover: Brooklyn III, and over to the ring where William Regal is waiting in the ring with the contract for the Women’s Championship match at Takeover!

NXT Women’s Championship Contract Signing

Regal introduces Ember Moon first, and the challenger makes her way to the ring. Regal then introduces the champion, before Asuka makes her way to the ring.

The women stand by each side of the table as William calls for the contract to be made official. Ember grabs a mic, saying Asuka has had an incredible journey in NXT. You are considered to be one of the most dominant champions to step foot in NXT…no, in WWE. You beat the best women from RAW, Smackdown, and NXT and your undefeated streak has surpassed even Goldberg. This draws a Goldberg-style “ASUKA” chant as Ember points out that Asuka has only taken shortcuts with one woman, and that’s Ember Moon.

Asuka then jumped her from behind, injured her, and kept her from competing at Takeover: Chicago. But you made a mistake, Asuka, you made the biggest mistake…because I refuse to be a victim, and I am stronger and faster and better than I’ve ever been, and it’s all because of your shortcuts. Thank you Asuka, because at Takeover: Brooklyn, I’m going to end your era of dominance. I’m going to end your undefeated streak, and I’m going to defeat you to become the next NXT Women’s Champion! With that, she signs the contract…Asuka says nothing, merely signing the contract before Regal signs. He says it’s official, at Takeover it’ll be Ember Moon taking on Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship. Asuka grabs her mic, yelling at Ember in Japanese before raising the NXT Women’s Championship.

Commentary hypes that match, as well as Street Profits in action up next!

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Back from the break, we thank Code Orange for “Bleeding in the Blur,” one of the official theme songs of Takeover: Brooklyn III!

We go to earlier today, where William Regal is telling a story in his office when Lars Sullivan comes in asking for one more tag match. Regal reminds him that if he is in a tag team match, his partner could lose, and he doesn’t need Lars beating the guy in the middle of the ring. Lars promises that won’t happen, and Regal gives him one more chance. Back at ringside, the Street Profits make their way to the ring for the opening match of the night. Out next is Lars Sullivan and his partner for tonight, Chris Silvio. Lars commands Chris to get to the corner, and this match is underway!

The Street Profits vs. Lars Sullivan and Chris Silvio

Chris charges at the Profits, but gets knocked down with a boot by Dawkins as Ford runs into the crowd, hyped as all get out over what just happened. He gets back to the ring as Dawkins hits a hard scoop slam on Silvio, tag to Ford and a double team combo of a basement dropkick and a big splash followed by a fancy handshake. Ford whips Chris in the corner, and Chris hits a boot before reaching for a tag to Lars…but to no avail, as Ford takes him down before charging into Lars to no effect. Ford hits a European uppercut before tagging in Dawkins, who hits a 360 stinger splash followed by a pop-up sitout spinebuster as Ford hits a frog splash for the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Street Profits

Lars just glares at Chris from the apron as the Profits make their way out of the ring and up the ramp. Lars enters the ring, angry over the loss as Chris tries to roll out of the ring. Lars leaves the ring, and…sets Chris up on his shoulders? He leaves the ringside area as commentary hypes Ruby Riot versus Billie Kay up next, but we get word that Lars is up to something. We cut to Lars taking Chris outside Full Sail, where he lays into him with some hard right hands before lifting Chris up high, slamming him into the nearby trash bin.

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Back from break, Billie Kay is accompanied by Peyton Royce for the next match as we go to a video last week showing the Iconic Duo talking trash on Ruby Riot. Ruby Riot is out next, and this match is underway!

Billie Kay vs. Ruby Riot

Ruby charges at Billie, who dodges and taunts Ruby. Ruby goes for it again to no avail, but Ruby dodges a grab by Peyton before hitting a series of near falls on Kay before making fun of her. Sunset flip by Ruby for a nearfall, but she gets kicked in the head by Kay who follows with a discus clothesline for another nearfall. Ruby in the corner as Kay stomps her, but Ruby starts fighting back. Kay catches Ruby with a boot to the jaw for nearfall. Clubbing arm to the back of Ruby, and Kay hits a suplex before locking in an armbar. Kay works both arms now as Ruby struggles to break the hold. Ruby finally breaks free, unleashing a flurry of offense finishing with a dropkick on Kay. Kay in the corner as Ruby charges into her with some right hands, but the second time round ends with a double knee driving Kay’s face into the turnbuckle! Peyton tries to get involved but gets a kick by Ruby for her trouble. Kay drives Ruby’s head into the mat, but she takes a kick to the face by Ruby which gives Riot the win!

Winner via pinfall: Ruby Riot

Ruby celebrates in the ring as we get replays from the match. Peyton gets a mic from ringside, claiming that Ruby has only proven that lightning strikes once and that she will never be iconic. Ruby continues up the ramp as commentary hypes the main event between Drew McIntyre and Roderick Strong later tonight!

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Back from the break, we thank Creeper for “Poison Pens,” one of the official theme songs of Takeover: Brooklyn! Commentary hypes the card for Takeover, featuring some great action including the NXT Tag Team Championship as Authors of Pain defend against SAnitY

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Commentary hypes the main event as Roderick Strong faces Drew McIntyre, with a match against Bobby Roode hanging in the balance. That match is up next!

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Back from break, we thank Phil Ade for “No Fear,” one of the official theme songs of Takeover: Brooklyn! Back at ringside, Roderick Strong makes his way to the ring for our main event. Out next is Drew McIntyre, as commentary hypes his shot at the NXT Championship at Takeover when he faces Bobby Roode. Drew is in the ring, and this match is underway!

Main Event
Roderick Strong vs. Drew McIntyre

Both men lock up, and Drew takes Strong to the corner. They lock up again, and Drew slams Strong down hard to the canvas. Strong with a headlock, but Drew gets out only to take a leg lariat by Strong, who gets a nearfall. Whip to the corner, Strong tries to evade but takes a boot to the midsection. Drew lifts Strong up, sending him flying across the ring with a deadlift suplex. Strong with a dropkick to Drew, before he sends him out of the ring. Strong with a hard chop, but Drew with one of his own as they exchange blows. Strong charges at Drew, who sends Strong right into the steel post! Dueling chants for both men as Drew hits a hard chop on Strong outside the ring, setting him up on the apron but Strong hits an enziguri and then drives Drew’s back into the apron as we go to break.

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Back from break, Strong is in control with some hard chops and boots in the corner on Drew. Strong with a backbreaker for a nearfall before going for an abdominal stretch. Strong cinches it in, but Drew gets to his feet. Drew’s back in the corner now as as Strong hits some hard kicks to the face. Strong stomps on Drew’s hand, and continues the attack with a boot to the chest. Strong goes to work on the back and arms of Drew, who struggles to break the hold. Strong charges at Drew, but gets taken down hard with a belly-to-belly by Drew. Both men slow to get to their feet, and they exchange blows before Drew goes on the attack with Strong in the corner. Drew climbs up top, dropping a chop on Strong. Drew with a double underhook reversed by Strong, but Drew hits a hard boot before dropping Strong with a reverse Alabama slam for a nearfall. Drew goes to the corner, setting up for the Claymore…knee to the face by Strong! He hits a backbreaker, but only gets a two count! Drew in the corner as Strong hits a knee, climbing up top…Drew stops him, climbing up but Strong knocks him down. Drew is caught in the tree of woe as Bobby Roode runs down to the ring, knocking Strong off the top as the ref calls for the bell!

Winner via DQ: Roderick Strong

Roode takes advantage of the situation, beating up Drew in the tree of woe. He leaves the ring, throwing Strong into the steel steps before grabbing the NXT Championship and getting back in the ring. Drew slowly gets up, only to take a Glorious DDT by Roode that drives his head into the canvas! Roode climbs up top, taunting Roderick before celebrating over the fallen McIntyre as the show comes to a close.


Quick Results:

* Street Profits def. Lars Sullivan and Chris Silvio
* Ruby Riot def. Billie Kay
* Roderick Strong def. Drew McIntyre

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