NXT TakeOver New Orleans 04 07 2018

NXT TakeOver New Orleans Results
April 7, 2018
New Orleans, Louisiana
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We go into the arena, and people are holding up green glow sticks. A loud “NXT” chant fires up. A live band plays the theme of the show while the video plays in the background.

NXT North American Championship – Ladder Match
EC3 vs. Killian Dain vs. Adam Cole vs. The Velveteen Dream vs. Lars Sullivan vs. Ricochet

The bell rings, and the crowd is already chanting, “This is awesome.” EC3 bails out of the ring while Cole and Dream attack Ricochet. Dain then throws Dream out of the ring. Sullivan and Dain come face-to-face with EC3 egging them on. They turn to EC3 and attack. Sullivan and Dain come out on top before arguing with each other. Ricochet then takes them out with a springboard shooting star press plancha! Wow! Ricochet grabs a ladder and puts it in the ring. Ricochet sets up the ladder, but Dream attacks. Ricochet gets the better of him and hits a head-scissor takeover before kipping up and dropkicking him down. Dream quickly drops him on the apron, but Ricochet punches him back. Ricochet goes for a springboard, but Dream hits the ropes to knock him to the floor. Dream climbs the ladder, but Cole cuts him off and stomps him down in the corner. Dain grabs Cole, but Cole lays him out with a step-up enzuigiri. Cole hits Dream with a fireman’s carry neckbreaker. EC3 runs in and attacks Cole before hitting a rolling neck snapper. Sullivan runs in and clean house before hitting a flapjack powerslam on Cole. Sullivan then hits EC3 with a powerslam. Dain throws Sullivan out of the ring and wipes him out with a suicide dive!

Dain hits Ricochet and Dream with clotheslines before picking them both up. Cole quickly big boots him down. Cole and Ricochet trade blows before Dain gets involved. A brawl has broken out between Dream, Ricochet, Cole, and Dain. EC3 runs in and punches away at Ricochet. Sullivan comes into the ring with another ladder and throws it at the other five! Sullivan rans it into Dain before flooring Cole and EC3. Ricochet and Dream meet the same fate. Sullivan sets the ladder up in the corner and sends Dain into it. Sullivan grabs Dream and gorilla presses him midsection first onto a ladder. Sullivan sets up the ladder and climbs, but Ricochet cuts him off. Ricochet goes for a sunset flip powerbomb, but Sullivan hangs on. Cole, Dream, and EC3 join in to complete the bomb. Cole gets in Dain’s face and talks trash. Dain then head-butts him down. Ricochet charges Dain, but Dain gives him a back body drop onto the ladder. Dain sets up the ladder in the center of the ring and climbs, but EC3 takes him out with a face-buster off the ladder. EC3 and Cole join forces to hit Sullivan with the ladder and punch him down. Sullivan is in the corner with the ladder wedged in his midsection. They then get a large ladder and build a bridge from the apron to the commentary table. They send Dain ribs-first into the ladder. Cole and EC3 get in the ring and ram Sullivan in the midsection with the ladder before doing a high five. Cole then turns on EC3 and gives him a fireman’s carry slam onto the ladder. Cole hits Dream, Dain, and Sullivan with superkicks. Ricochet goes for a springboard, but Cole superkicks him out of mid-air. Cole sets up the ladder and climbs while the crowd loudly chants, “Adam Cole.” Sullivan knocks over the ladder. Dream hits Sullivan with the ladder.

Dream goes to the top rope and drops the Purple Rainmaker on Dain. Dream then hits Cole with the Purple Rainmaker. Dream to the top rope once again for a third Purple Rainmaker to the back of Ricochet’s head. Dream picks up the ladder, but Sullivan powers him to the corner and wedges the ladder into him. Sullivan goes for an avalanche, but Dream hits him in the face with the ladder. Dream sets the ladder up in the corner and climbs. This is a much taller ladder than the others. Dreams stands on the top of the ladder and poses before dropping a MASSIVE Purple Rainmaker on Sullivan! A LOUD “Velveteen” chant fires up. Dream climbs the ladder and touches the title, but EC3 climbs the ladder and powerbombs Dream off the ladder onto another ladder in the corner! Dain runs in and dropkicks EC3. EC3 quickly takes Dain down and starts to climb the ladder. Cole pulls him off and quickly climbs. EC3 cuts Cole off and climbs the ladder before hitting a TKO off the ladder! Another “This is awesome” chant picks up. EC3 climbs the ladder, but Dain rips him off and hits a bicycle kick. Dain climbs the ladder, but Cole stops him. Dain throws him to the corner before lifting EC3 up for a fireman’s carry slam. Dain picks up a ladder and slams it down on EC3. Dain then hits him with a senton splash with the ladder on him! Mauro Ranallo calls it a pyrrhic move. Dain climbs the ropes, but Cole jumps on his back. Dain then hits a Vader Bomb onto the ladder on top of EC3 with Cole on his back! Wow!

Dain and Sullivan come face-to-face, but Ricochet gets in the way. Ricochet hits them both with bicycle kicks. Sullivan quickly turns him and throws him across the ring in front of Dain. Dain looks upset. The crowd chants, “Throw him back,” which Dain is more than happy to oblige. Ricochet falls out of the ring in pain. Dain and Sullivan exchange punches in the center of the ring. Dain kicks Sullivan in the midsection before clotheslining him down. Dain charges Sullivan, but Sullivan catches him and slams him down. Sullivan is alone in the ring with the ladders. Sullivan sets one up and slowly starts to climb. Ricochet cuts him off and pulls him off the ladder before connecting with a superkick. Ricochet quickly climbs the ladder, but Sullivan begins tipping it over. Ricochet then does a moonsault block off the ladder onto Dain and Cole, who are outside the ring! Ricochet pulls himself up to the apron and hits Sullivan with a springboard dropkick. EC3 quickly chop blocks Ricochet and puts him on the top rope before wildly chopping him. Ricochet kicks him back, and EC3 falls onto a ladder. Ricochet then hits a shooting star press onto EC3, sandwiching him onto the ladder! Ricochet climbs the ladder, but Dream cuts him off and kicks him down. Apparently Dream was busted open. Ricochet and Dream go to hit each other with ladders, but they create a ladder bridge in the ring. Dream lays Ricochet onto the ladder, and he climbs the other ladder. Ricochet cuts him off. Ricochet hits a double leg takedown on the ladder bridge. Dream quickly kicks the leg and after a few moments hits a rolling death valley driver on the ladder bridge! Unreal! Everyone is down now. Dream gets up outside the ring, and Sullivan wipes him out with a clothesline. Sullivan puts Dream on the ladder bridge that was set up earlier. Sullivan gets on the apron, but EC3 cuts him off. Sullivan pulls EC3 to the apron and hits the Freak Accident onto Dream through the ladder bridge! The ladder snaps in two! The crowd is going wild.

Dain sets up another ladder bridge and puts Ricochet onto it. Dain gets on the apron, and Cole cuts him off. Dain picks up Cole and leaps off the apron, slamming him through Ricochet and the ladder bridge! A “Fight Forever” chant fires up. Sullivan is the last one standing, and he gets in the ring before setting the ladder up under the North American Championship. Sullivan slowly climbs the ladder, but Dain climbs the opposite side. They exchange blows before EC3 gets in the ring and hits them both with a ladder. EC3 sets his ladder up side-by-side of Sullivan and Dain’s. Cole and EC3 then start climbing the ladder. There is a four-way brawl happening on the ladders. Dream runs in and sets up another ladder side-by-side. There are three ladders, and all five are fighting it out. Ricochet somehow gets back in the ring and climbs the ladder. Cole is knocked to the canvas. Cole and EC3 take each other out. Dream gets his hands on the title, but Ricochet stops him. Ricochet then hits Dream with an avalanche neckbreaker off the ladder! Sullivan then wipes out Dain with a Freak Accident off the ladder! Sullivan climbs the ladder, but Ricochet springboards off the ropes and jumps on his back. The ladder buckles under the weight. Ricochet sets up the ladder and climbs, but Cole knocks him off to the floor. Cole climbs the ladder and claims the NXT North American Championship!

Winner and new NXT North American Champion: Adam Cole

Adam Cole is the first ever NXT North American Champion! Cole celebrates with the title while replays are shown.