WWE NXT 07 04 2018

WWE NXT Results
July 4, 2018
Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Commentary: Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson
Results by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Well look what’s back? Let’s get to the show!

Opening video package, then we go to the first match.

Dakota Kai vs. Santana Garrett

Garrett competed in last year’s Mae Young Classic. They shake hands as the bell sounds. Chain wrestling in the early going until Garrett with a shoulder tackle. Series of evasions until Kai with a running dropkick. Garrett comes back with armdrags, followed by an Octopus variation. Russian Leg Sweep for 2. Garrett off the ropes and locks in a Muta Lock, Kai able to make the ropes. Garrett avoids a head kick, but Kai blocks Eat Defeat and hits a Step-Up Enziguri. Kai with a series of chest kicks, a pump kick and the Around the World Yakuza, followed by a basement Yakuza Kick. Scorpion Kick, followed by the Code-Red Backstabber for the win.

Winner: Dakota Kai by pinfall (Code-Red Backstabber)

We see video from earlier today when EC3 and Johnny Gargano made their way to the arena for tonight’s main event.

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We go to video from earlier today when Heavy Machinery was lifting at the Performance Center when Tucker Knight was attacked off-camera by The Mighty, who they were scheduled to face later tonight.

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler comes out for an in-ring promo. Baszler says that everyone kept asking her how she handles someone crazy like Nikki Cross? Well when the dog goes rabid, you put it to sleep. You people asked the question and in Chicago, I answered. I’m the most dominant force this division has ever seen and it doesn’t matter how many ways you ask the same question, the answer will always be the same. C’mon, ask? I read Twitter. The best athlete in the PC, Bianca BelAir? The pirate with the elbow drop, Kairi Sane? Candice LeRae? Little woman should probably stay home and take care of her husband. No, the answer will always be the same. I’m the reason they have to have a second Mae Young Classic this year. They have to skower the globe just to find a challenger for me. But it doesn’t matter who they are or what they’ve done, the answer will always be the same. I will put them to sleep and you will hear “And STILL your NXT Women’s Champion.”

Danny Burch backstage promo. Says that TakeOver for himself and Oney was the culumination of 25 years of hard work and yeah, Oney got hurt, that’s how it goes. He’s had surgery, he’s recovering and in about three months, we’ll be in the hunt again for the NXT Tag Team Titles.

Undisputed ERA interrupts. Roderick Strong says that even if Oney Lor-Can’t makes it back, you guys will be in the back of the line for a title opportunity, but guess who’s at the front of the line? We are. Kyle O’Reilly says that they invoking their rematch clause next week. Adam Cole calls Burch a loser, so scram.

Burch brings up Undisputed ERA losing the Tag Titles to Moustache Mountain a couple weeks ago in the UK, then brings up beating O’Reilly a few weeks back on NXT TV.

Cole ponders how all of a sudden, Burch and Lorcan have these giant egos, ever since I gave Lorcan a North American title shot.

Burch challenges Cole for next week. Cole accepts and Undisputed ERA walks off laughing.

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Video package on the War Raiders.

We see video from last week when Tommaso Ciampa challenged NXT Champion Aleister Black for a NXT Title shot. It is announced that Black will defend against Ciampa on NXT TV in three weeks.

Handicap Match: The Mighty (Nick Miller and Shane Thorne) vs. Otis Dozovic

Otis mows down the Mighty early with shoulder tackles. The Mighty sent outside, but eventually they begin double-teaming Otis. Otis feels no effect being sent off the turnbuckle. Miller sends Otis outside, then sends him off the apron. Otis kicks out at 2 wth authority, then Thorne rains in shots. Double back suplex by The Mighty for 2. The Mighty continue to double-team Otis, but Otis counters a double suplex and suplexes The Mighty! Otis fights back with multiple running attacks. Bearhug Suplex on Miller, followed by an avalanche. Otis with a front slam on Thorne, then hits the Worm Elbow Drops. Miller pulls Thorne out of the way from a Vader Bomb and Thorne with a running knee. Northern Lariat by Miller for the win.

Winners: The Mighty by pinfall (Northern Lariat)

We see a video promo from Bianca BelAir earlier this week on her honeymoon. BelAir says that she sees comments from all the others in the women’s division saying they deserve to be #1 Contender. How? You got one girl running around like a wild lunatic, one who thinks she’s a real-life pirate, one who is the captain of a team that doesn’t even exist and don’t get me started on the girl who cannot even focus on herself because she’s too worried about what her husband’s doing. And then you have me, un-de-feat-ed. But you know what? I’m gonna get back to my honeymoon and maybe this will give these girls time to catch up, but I doubt it.

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We see a press conference from earlier today with Kairi Sane. Sane says that she heard what Vanessa Borne said. She should focus more on fighting. But its OK, let’s have a match. Vanessa, I will beat you, make you walk the plank and then will take that treasure, the NXT Women’s Championship.

Next week, Kairi Sane faces Vanessa Borne and Adam Cole faces Danny Burch.

The Velveteen Dream vs. Chris Dijak

Dream shuts up Dijak early and poses, then shoves him and poses again. Dijak responds with clubbing blows. Dream fights back, but Dijak hits a suplex throw. Dijak gets in Dream’s face and hits big forearms, then a superkick when Dream goes to the turnbuckles. Dijak with a knee strike from a backbreaker position, then ragdolls Dream. Dijak goes for a Deadlift Superplex, but Dream trips him up and goes to work. Short-arm clothesline and the Rude Awakening neckbreaker by Dream. Posing leg drop by Dream for 2. Dijak fights back and fires up, hitting a Cyclone Kick for 2. Dream rolls outside as Dijak heads up top, but Dream stops him and sweeps out his leg, sending Dijak face-first off the steps! Back in, Dream hits his Reverse STO-style DDT for the win.

Winner: The Velveteen Dream by pinfall (Reverse STO DDT)

Dream celebrates and leaves after, but then EC3’s music hits and he comes out for the main event. EC3 and Dream have a staredown as Dream leaves as Dream left EC3 during a tag match in the UK a couple weeks back.

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We see a backstage promo from NXT Tag Team Champions Moustache Mountain about their rematch next week with Undisputed ERA. Tyler Bate says that they called them jokes, that it was a fluke. It will be real funny next week what they try and say when we beat them next week. Trent Seven says what isn’t a joke is what thousands of people saw a couple weeks back in the UK in Royal Albert Hall when we beat them. But since we won on our soil, its only fair we give them a rematch here next week.

NXT Champion Aleister Black will appear next week.

Main Event: “The One Percenter” EC3 vs. “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano

Gargano immediately goes after EC3 with left hands around ringside. EC3 responds with a side headlock, trying to settle down Gargano. EC3 with a shoulder tackle, but Gargano with a Lou Thesz Press and more left hands. Big chops by Gargano, but EC3 with a STO takedown. Dueling chants from the crowd as EC3 now with big chops. Gargano fights back, but EC3 with a corner clothesline and a running Moonlight Drive for 2. Nerve hold applied by EC3 working over Gargano’s injured neck. Gargano fights back, but EC3 mows him down with a back elbow, then a running corner avalanche. Back to the nerve hold. EC3 yells at Gargano that he isn’t Ciampa. EC3 with a slam, then hits a jumping elbow drop. Gargano with looping blows to fight back, followed by an enziguri from the apron and the Slingshot Spear. EC3 rolls outside, Gargano wipes him out with a tope suicida. Back in, EC3 avoids a charge and drills Gargano with a clothesline for 2. Strike exchange ensues until Gargano with a Step-Up Enziguri. EC3 catches Gargano off the ropes going for a crossbody, but Gargano rolls through into the Garga-No Escape, but EC3 counters out into a Deadlift Sit-Out Powerbomb for 2. Gargano looks at EC3, almost like he thinks EC3 is Ciampa and unleashes on him, with multiple superkicks, dropping the knee pads ala Ciampa, but EC3 counters him. Gargano counters the TK3 into the Garga-No Escape, but EC3 gets to the ropes. Gargano holds on and finally releases before the ref’s 5 count. Gargano goes back to the Garga-No Escape, EC3 to the ropes and again, Gargano holds on until right before the 5 count. Gargano hits Ciampa’s own Running Knockout Knee, sending EC3 to the apron, then hits the same Apron DDT that Ciampa beat him with at TakeOver and gets the win.

Winner: “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano by pinfall (Apron DDT)

Gargano yells at the fallen EC3 after and seems to not know what has come over him as the show closes.