WWE NXT 11 18 2020

Leon Ruff vs. Johnny Gargano

It’s all Johnny at the bell, but Ruff comes back and sends Gargano scrambling to the outside. The champ dives mostly over Johnny, but Gargano sells for him anyway. Back in the ring, the challenger counters whatever Leon was going for and carries him into the corner to throw him head first into the turnbuckles. He does it again in the other corner. Damian Priest shows up on the stage distracting Johnny before he can follow up, and Ruff almost rolls him up for three. The distraction lets Leon get in a little more offense, but a superkick stops his roll. Gargano hits One Final Beat and goes for the cover, but Priest pulls him out! The Archer of Infamy apologizes to Leon but blasts him with a forearm. The referee has no choice.

Leon Ruff def. Johnny Gargano via disqualification to retain the North American championship

Priest gets the belt and drags Ruff to the stage to celebrate as Gargano fumes.

Cameron Grimes is walking backstage, talking about how he proved he wasn’t afraid of Dexter Lumis last week- after he covered his eyes. That’s why he’s excited about their blindfold match, after which he’s going… to the moon!

After some commercials, we see Rhea Ripley arriving for tonight’s main event.

Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis

It’s the umzombified zombie ref, so Grimes isn’t thrilled about that. He covers his eyes as Lumis enters and won’t start until Dexter puts the bag on his head. Grimey tries to take off his blindfold, but the ref chastises him. He misses a crossbody, and then runs crashing into the ropes and turnbuckles looking for Lumis. The bigger man is just standing there.

When Cameron takes a swing at the ref, Lumis seems to sense him. Grimes gets in the corner and when he senses the ref is behind him he cold cocks him! Then he puts the boots to the official! He takes his mask off and Grimes thinks he has the upperhand. He goes for a Cave In, but Lumis sidesteps it and punches Grimes. He gets in some more offense with the blindfold on, but Grimes eventually accidentally takes the bag of his head. Silence attempt, but the North Carolinian elbows his way out. Grimey flees to the outside to try and escape, but ends up getting bounced off the barricade a few times. Finally, Lumis throws him at the fence and Johnny catches it and climbs over to run away…

Backstage, General Manager William Regal confronts Priest. He says got carried away, but Regal has to be sick of Johnny, too. Leon Ruff interrupts them – he’s mad that Damian treated him like a joke. If he’s gonna be champ, he has to defend the belt on his own. Priest apologizes, but Ruff says he’s sorry kid… then slaps Priest in the mouth! Mr. Regal tells Damian he had it coming.

More ads, then we gets a video of Shotzi Blackheart in the garage. She tells Candice LeRae she knows something Candice doesn’t… on Dec. 6, they are going to war! WarGames is coming, and it sounds like LeRae and Blackheart will pick teams for the main event.

Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell vs. Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

Carter gets Hartwell down and brings her to the faces corner for a series of tags and some slick tandem office, including Kayden whipping Kacy at Indi’s legs to flatten her before Catanzaro pops up and springboards into a crossbody. Candice comes in and stretches Kacy a bit.

And… sorry again, just got distracted by the news of baby Moxley/Paquette. The faces come back again, but the finish sees Hartwell take out Kacy on the floor with a boot so LeRae can hit Wicked Step Sister on Carter.

Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell def. Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro via pinfall

Hype video for Raw Underground star Arturo Ruas hits before more commercials.

After those we see Io Shirai entering the CWC, and it’s time for Ruas match…

Kushida vs. Arturo Ruas

Ruas gets Kushida’s back and gets the better of the early grappling and BJJ. Kushida escapes over the top rope, but is brought back in. He lands some strikes, but the Brazilian wins that exchange too. He targets the arm and puts Kushida down.

McKenzie Mitchell breaks in to say Finn Balor hasn’t arrived yet. She asked the GM if he knew what the champ was going to say, and Mr. Regal only would say Finn will have all the time he needs to address the NXT Universe.

Still all Ruas in the ring. Kushida’s comeback starts with a drop kick to the knee, and a subsequent flurry of kicks leads to a two count. Back and forth, Ruas fights off a kimura and goes for an ankle lock, but Kushida bridges that into a pin!

Kushida def. Arturo Ruas via pinfall

Mitchell interviews Ember Moon & Toni Storm backstage. Moon says Dakota Kai is one of the best in the world, but she keeps relying on Raquel Gonzalez. It’s time for Captain Kick and Big Tex to get theirs, and she’s really happy she’s teaming with her girl Tonti Storm tonight. Storm agrees that they need to teach Kai & Gonzalez a lesson, but when it comes to the NXT Women’s title. Moon stops her right there and says let’s just get through tonight.

We get a video of the roster making their picks in tonight’s main event. Triple H goes with Rhea.

Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez vs. Ember Moon & Toni Storm

The heels step to the ropes and stop the faces entrance. Once things are settled, Gonzalez and Storm start. Big Tex puts the Aussie down, and Storm is isolated in the corner when Kai comes in. Kicks and face washes from Dakota in the corner, who goes for a cover. Inverted atomic drop and a basement drop kick get two for Toni. Back and forth, and Storm catches a PK attempt and gets a tag. Moon & Storm clear the ring as we go picture-in-picture.

Dakota & Raquel are in control on the small screen. Toni’s comeback consists of a head scissors takeover. Ember comes in hot, sending Kai crashing off the apron and stomping Gonzalez before superkicking her. Raquel gets back up but is quickly splashed down for two, but Dakota pulled her to the ropes to save her. Moon chases Kai and runs right into a Raquel big boot. Gonzalez drops Ember face first on the apron then rolls her in for two. She continues to work Moon over until she manages to get away from Kai and make the tag.

Storm runs over Kai and hits a German suplex. Kai tries to fight off three but still takes them. Hip attack in the corner and a fisherman suplex sees the pin broken up. Headbutt by Toni on Raquel. Ember follows with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Kai superkicks Ember and then does a double clothesline spot with Toni. Kai hits a corner boot but runs into one by Toni. Toni hits a shoulder thrust on the apron and Raquel sends her into the ring post. Ember tackles Raquel into the announce table. Toni pulls Kai into an inside cradle to score the win.

Toni Storm & Ember Moon def. Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez via pinfall

After the match, Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell run in and attack the victors. They throw Moon & Storm back in to let the loser pick their bones. There’s your WarGames team, I reckon.

We see a SUV pull up, and it’s the Kings of NXT. Pat McAfee says they heard the champ was speaking tonight, and they’re four guys who want a front row seat for that.

Timothy Thatcher vs. August Grey

Grey charges at the bell, but Thatcher tries to throw him off by throwing his jacket at him. It only works for a second as the student lights the teacher up with punches then goes for a backslide. TT fights that off and goes to work. He targets the ribs with strikes as he works for submissions. Grey continues to fight, and finally kicks Thatcher off an Achilles Lock. That gives Grey some momentum, but when he tries for a spinning move off the top rope, he flies right into a European uppercut. Guillotine choke ends things seconds later.

Timothy Thatcher def. August Grey via submission

Thatcher continues to inflict punishment after the bell, and her comes Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa marches down to the ring, and Thatcher backs out saying “I don’t have a problem with you!”

We see Damian Priest walking to the ring for a match, after this commercial.

McKenzie catches up with Tommaso. He tried to make his intentions clear… he wants to fight Thatcher.

Damian Priest vs.

Johnny Gargano attacks during Priest’s entrance! The Archer weathers the storm and gains the advantage, rocking Gargano with a combination. Priest sets Johnny up on the announce desk, but Gargano recovers and leaps onto Priest with a forearm. He ends up taking a boot to the head. Priest throws him in the ring and goes for a chair, but her comes Leon Ruff. Via evasions the North American champ takes out both men. After he dodges a boot the sends Priest to the floor with Gargano, Ruff stands tall… but then realizes he’s outnumbered. The two former foes go to attack, but Leon evades and heads out. Priest and Gargano glare at each other as the segment ends…

While they’re hyping up The Last Ride, Wade Barrett tells us he won’t be around next week. Instead, Kevin Owens will be on commentary with Vic Joseph & Beth Phoenix!

We see Mr. Regal going to check on Boa. His eyes have gray around them, like the soot the mystery man marked his hand with last week. Boa hasn’t been at the PC in a week, and Xia Li’s been missing for two weeks. Boa tells the GM they’re hiding, because “she’s coming.”

After a break, Regal confronts Leon Ruff. The North American champ says he isn’t a joke, and to prove it, he’ll face ‘em both!

Io Shirai vs. Rhea Ripley

After the introductions, Ripley puts Shirai down quickly and talks some trash. Io doesn’t back down, and uses her speed advantage to send Rhea into the corner. She eventually slips trying something on the ropes, so the Nightmare puts her down. The champ rallies and sends the Aussie to the outside, but she dives into a forearm from Ripley and gets slung face first into the apron as we go PiP.

Rhea is in control there, and the referee stops the action to check on Shirai. Ripley is complaining and posing, but gets the green light just as we return to full screen. A powerbomb gets a nearfall as we see Finn arriving at the CWC. An angry Rhea sets a weary Shirai on the top rope and goes for a superplex. Io slips through and caused Ripley to punch the turnbuckle. The Genius of the Sky with a German suplex off the middle rope! Both women down, and Io is up first to hit a back elbow. Suplex countered by Ripley, but Shirai lands on her feet. Stomp and drop kick from the champ gets two. Rhea’s bleeding for the ear (I think her gauge hot messed up). Crossface, but Rhea fights out. She realizes she’s bloody and wipes some under one of her eyes.

Io fights out of a power move and nails a drop kick on Ripley’s elbow. She snaps it over the top rope and slams it repeatedly on the apron. They brawl there, and when Shirai grabs the left arm Rhea asks for mercy, but Io swings it down hard on the apron as we go PiP again. The champ is mercilessly working a limb and its great. Shirai moves to the center of the ring for more of the same. Io heads up top for a moonsault, but Rhea catches up and crotches her on the turnbuckle. They battle there as Ripley goes for a superplex. Down to the mat as we return to full screen. They punch to their feet and Rhea puts the champ down with knees. Boot gets two for the challenger. She tries for the inverted cloverleaf with one arm, she swings Io in the hold and sits into the hold.

Screaming in pain, Shirai reaches the bottom rope for a break. Ripley has one arm and Shirai has one leg. Riptide attempt, but the champ slips out the back and grabs an arm. Rhea tries to lift her for a slam but can’t, but falling to the mat she’s close enough to the ropes to get a break. Tiger Feint Kick misses, but Shirai puts Ripley down again with a palm strike and then hits the 6-1-9. Missile drop kick follow-up from the top. 1 – 2 – NO! Double knees, then Shirai climbs, but Ripley rolls away from the moonsault! Clothesline from Rhea gets two.

She tries for Riptide, but Io counters into a DDT! Both women struggle to the ropes. Io dives and slides over Rhea’s back, powerbombing Ripley through the commentary table! Ref counts, and Ripley beats it at nine. She’s crawling, holding her injured arm… right into the moonsault!

Io Shirai def. Rhea Ripley via pinfall to retain the NXT Women’s championship

At the ramp, they shake hands and hug. Rhea heads off as Io raises the strap above her head. Finn gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

First things first, Balor says congrats to Io. But let’s get back to business. Last time we saw him, he defended his title with his jaw broken in two places. Now he stands here with three plates in his face to prove he’s a bad ass.

Before he can continue, Pat McAfee and the crew roll in. He says he knows Finn doesn’t watch the industry, the industry watches him, but he has to have seen what they’ve been doing when he was at home drinking steaks through a straw. McAfee runs down the list of people they’ve taken out. He tells Finn that if he has respect for the business, he’s gonna turn that belt over to them or he’ll end up just like the others.

Finn says it’s easy for the mice to play when the cat’s away. But the cat is back… and look what he drug back with him. It’s the Undisputed ERA! Ada Cole destroys McAfee! Everyone else is brawling around the ring as we’re out of time!