WWE One Night Stand 2007

  • June 3, 2007 – Jacksonville, Florida;
  • ONE NIGHT STAND (Official Line-Up):
    • Santino Marella defeating Chris Masters -IC Title-;
    • Rob Van Dam defeated Randy Orton -Stretcher Match-;
    • Punk & Dreamer & Sandman b Burke & Cor Von & Striker;
    • The Hardyz b WGTT -World Tag Team Title Ladder Match-;
    • Mark Henry b “Big Red Machine” Kane -Lumberjack Match-;
    • Bobby Lashley defeated Vince McMahon -ECW World Title-;
    • Candice Michelle beat Melina -Non Title Pudding Match-;
    • Edge beat Batista -World Heavyweight Title Cage Match-;
    • John Cena beat The Great Khali -Falls Count Anywhere-;


  1. DARK MATCH: Santino Marella defeating Chris Masters to retain the Intercontinental title..
  2. STRETCHER MATCH: Rob Van Dam defeated “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton..
    • The object of a stretcher match is to incompacitate your opponent on a stretcher and drag accross a finish line..
    • Jerry Lawler even said he had a feeling whoever was dragged accross the finish line tonight would be “finished”..
    • WWE swerved everybody by having RVD jump off the stretcher, put Randy Orton on, and pushed him accross the line!
    • Randy Orton snapped and went crazy attacking Rob Van Dam after the match and hit a brain-rattling kick to the head!
    • Randy Orton pulled Rob Van Dam up off the floor and gave him an implant DDT with RVD’s feet up on the barricade..
    • EMTs ran down to tend to Rob Van Dam and put him in a neck brace and took him out of the building in a stretcher..
  3. BACKSTAGE: ECW World Champion Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon..
    • Vince McMahon told his son Shane McMahon that he was looking forward to his match with Bobby Lashley tonight..
    • Vince McMahon said he had a strange feeling that something bad was going to happen to him some time tonight..
  4. TABLES MATCH: C.M. Punk & Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman defeated Elijah Burke & Marcus Cor Von & Matt Striker..
    • C.M. Punk and Tommy Dreamer did the old Dudley Boyz “Get The Tables!” routine as a shot at TNA’s Team 3-D..
    • C.M. Punk super-plexed Matt Striker through the table with Elijah Burke laid out on top of the table..
  5. BACKSTAGE: Randy Orton & Edge..
    • Randy Orton said he has taken out Shawn Michaels & Rob Van Dam and has had the biggest month of his life..
    • Randy Orton said if he gets drafted to SmackDown! then Edge might end up being the next person on his list..
  6. LADDER MATCH: The Hardy Boyz defeated The World’s Greatest Tag Team to retain the World Tag Team titles..
    • Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy finally got some matching ring gear – which means they’ll probably be broken up soon..
    • About 90-seconds into the match, all four participants each brought their own ladder into the ring with them..
    • The Hardy Boyz brough three more “king sized” ladders into play and the level of carnage began to increase..
  7. INTERVIEW: The Great Khali & his translator (Said that tonight will be no different than Saturday Night’s Main Event)..
  8. LUMBERJACK MATCH: “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry defeated “The Big Red Machine” Kane..
    • Lumberjacks: Chris Benoit, Val Venis, Santino Marella, Balls Mahoney, Stevie Richards, Mike Mizanin..
    • Lumberjacks: Chris Masters, Johnny Nitro, Kenny Dykstra, Chavo Guerrero, Carlito Cool, Kevin Thorn..
    • Kenny Dykstra & Johnny Nitro jumped in the ring and attacked Kane as the rest of the Lumberjacks watched..
    • Kane got rid of the two intrudors by himself but then found himself back in the Bearhug from Mark Henry..
    • Mark Henry squeezed Kane in the Bearhug until Kane passed out and the referee declared Mark Henry the winner!
  9. BACKSTAGE: The Hardy Boyz and Benjamin/Haas argued while tending to their wounds and then started fighting!
  10. ECW WORLD TITLE STREET FIGHT: Bobby Lashley defeated Vince McMahon w/Shane McMahon & Umaga to win the ECW title!
    • Since there were no rules and everything was legal, Shane McMahon & Umaga technically made this a 3-on-1 match..
    • Bobby Lashley took a beating from all three men for about ten minutes before making a miraculous come-back!
    • Bobby Lashley disposed of Shane McMahon & Umaga and then started repeatedly smashing Mr. McMahon with a chair..
    • Bobby Lashley hit Vince McMahon with a Dominator but Umaga pulled Lashley out of the ring to fight with him..
    • Umaga laid out Bobby Lashley on the announce table and Shane McMahon did a flying elbow drop off the top rope!
    • Umaga put Bobby Lashley in the ring and sat him in the corner and performed the running butt smash on Lashley!
    • Shane McMahon then tried the Coast-to-Coast (Van-terminator) but Bobby Lashley moved and then speared Shane-O!
    • Bobby Lashley then speared Vince McMahon and covered him for the 1-2-3 to finally win back his ECW World title!
    • Bobby Lashley speared Vince McMahon again but the cameras missed it because they were showing some replays..
  11. BACKSTAGE: Santino Marella & Maria Kanellis + Todd Grisham..
    • Santino Marella was flirting with Maria Kanellis when Todd Grisham showed up to ask Maria about the Pudding match..
    • Maria Kanellis said she loves pudding! Todd Grisham delivered the line of the night when he said “That’s awesome!”
    • Todd Grisham asked Maria who she thought would win – Maria snapped into “nerd” mode and gave an intelligent answer..
    • Candice Michelle showed up and asked Santino Marella to give her a kiss for luck, but Maria kissed her instead!
    • Santino Marella proclamed “I love America!” and Ron Simmons stepped in and looked around and said….. DAMN!!
  12. NON (WOMENS) TITLE PUDDING MATCH: Candice Michelle defeated WWE Women’s Champion Melina Perez..
    • Editor’s Note: You know… cause Vince McMahon wants his Divas to be presented in a more classy environment..
    • This was an embarassing match and the crowd was dead except for the 12 people who could actual see the action..
    • Maria tried to interview Candice and Melina started flinging puddy so Maria & Candice jumped in for more fun..
    • The referee got pulled in and Melina eventually escaped and Maria and Candice started hugging and kissing..
  13. WORLD TITLE STEEL CAGE MATCH: Edge defeated Batista to retain the World Heavyweight title..
    • Batista was crawling out the door and touched his hands to the floor but Edge escaped by climbing out of the cage!
  14. WWE TITLE FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH: John Cena defeated The Great Khali to retain the WWE Championship..
    • The story of the match was John Cena trying to get the FU on the 7’3″ 420 lbs Khali but couldn’t quite do it..
    • Eventually, John Cena defied the odds and FU’d The Great Khali off of a cran down five or six feet to the floor!
    • Really well-done stunt, Khali obviously landed on a crash pad which was removed before the cameras could show him..