Review of the November 21, 2013 edition of TNA Turning Point

Turning PointWelcome to the TNA Turning Point review.

Dixie Carter comes to the ring; she thanks Sport Illustrated about her and praises them. She talks about AJ Styles, She says that she has no sympathy for him and she is ticked off at him. Dixie says that she has lawyers waiting around the country but is interrupted by James Storm. He says that she saw what happened to him last night at the bar, the crowd chants his name. He says that Bobby Roode jumped him from behind on purpose and tonight in their bull rope match isn’t enough. He says that he will uses chairs, tables and he wants a Florida death match. She says she doesn’t care about what he wants but he says that the police asked him did he want to press charges. He threatens her that if she doesn’t give him the match that he wants then she will have legal issues. She says don’t take that tone with her but he says that’s what the fans want. He asks her nicely what he wants and she says yes if he doesn’t press charges.

AR’s Truth: I tried to give Dixie time to grow with her heel character but she is driving me crazy. It’s not normal instead it feels forced and that doesn’t come off the screen well. Storm was good there and the new added stipulation should be a good extra.  How much longer will we get heel Dixie pushed down our throats?

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Magnus Def. Samoa Joe in in 6:33

A decent back and forth action match. I hate the finish but I guess they had to give Magnus a cheap finish. Also it makes Joe look like a dope by running into the chair all by himself. Other than that I have no problem with Magnus advancing. Decent 2-5* Match.

Joseph Parks Vs. Abyss

When they announce Abyss, he doesn’t come out. Daniels says that his story of becoming an Impact Wrestling wrestler would be inspiration to some but they don’t think so. He says that Parks is a loser and that’s why Abyss didn’t come out. Daniels says that Parks needs some blood to make him mad. Kaz dumps blood on Parks and Daniels says that he won’t do anything because he is a loser. Joseph Parks walks to the backstage to end the segment.


Of course the match never got started because they are the same people. Don’t get me wrong I think Abyss / Joseph Parks wrestlers’ playing him does an amazing job. I don’t know who I like better and of course Bad Influence does an awesome job getting heat but I wish they would already have this program play out already. Have Parks find out he has a split personality and call it a day. Let him get mad and get his revenge on both Kaz and Daniels.

Gail Kim Def. Candice Larea

Two things you can have a 100% guarantee that there will be two squash matches be on Impact with this and EC3. Who will be the one who dethrones Kim? Who can they bring in is the real question. The Knockouts division used to be stacked and now they have a limit on that side of the roster. It gives Kim something to do on weekly bases so I don’t mind.

Florida Death Match James Storm in 11:51 Bobby Roode

A really good back and forth action hardcore match. To many head shots for my liking but still this two tore the house down. I don’t mind Roode advancing because he should be in the “Top Guy” status. Onto the negative, it looks like storm and Gunner will be going into a feud together (Sigh) There is a lot of good for TNA but this is a negative. I don’t care to see this feud nor does anyone else. It looks like they are going to turn a guy who gets mega over with the fans which are a shame. It should be Gunner who is heel. Otherwise go check out this match, really good stuff.

Kurt Angle talks how big of threat Bobby Roode then He is told to be in Dixie Carters office right away.

Ethan Carter the 3rd  Def. Shark Boy in 2:15

I was never a fan of Shark Boy so it wasn’t a big deal to me. As far as EC3 goes, he has potential but let’s get to the main course and enough of this appetizer stuff.

Dixie Carter announces that Kurt Angle Vs. Bobby Roode will have a 8 man elimination tag match next week.

Oh no, it’s not ripping off WWE even though the same concept of the match is within a weeks’ time. (Another Sigh)

If Rays Loses then Aces and Eights disband and if Anderson loses then he leaves TNA: Mr. Anderson Def. Bully Ray

The match was fine and it was predictable that Anderson was going over which is ok with me. Thank god that Ace’s and Eight’s is over. They had a good run but at the end of the day they overstayed their welcome. Where does Ray go from here? I think he continues his feud with MR. Anderson. I do hope they do something with Knux but I could careless about Garrett Bischoff. Most likely they have those two have a program which I don’t want to see. Knux can be someone if pushed right and they have to stay with him to make him a star.

Overall Rating: This was a good edition of TNA. The turning point gimmick felt more like an hardcore event which I won’t complain about at all. The Opening match was funky but the Storm – Roode match and the main event balanced it out quite well. TNA is going into a good direction and the TNA World Title tournament is generating good feedback for a change.

Thanks for Reading and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

— Andy

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