ROH Ringside – Issue #6

In issue number four, I talked about the first R.O.H. show (“Era of Honor begins”). Now I wanted to talk about their second show, however, overall since this show does not have anything super spectacular about it, except for a couple of matches I decided to focus this issue on the mini-feud between Christopher Daniels, Low Ki and American Dragon Bryan Danielson (damnit, took me three tries to get his name write, because I’m actually getting used to Daniel Bryan), that happened during both the first and second R.O.H. show.

Being a D.V.D. company, like R.O.H., fortunately or unfortunately a promotion must assure that every show means something and that every show is great and leaves the fans talking. Due to this, R.O.H. feuds (or any independent feud I would imagine) do not tend to last as long as say a W.W.E. or T.N.A. feud. That’s not to say that the R.O.H. feuds are short, but they tend to be shorter, but at the same time brought back over time, by dying down and picking up. Sort of like a “Career Feud” similar as to what’s happening now with Kevin Steen and El Generico.

The reason I mention this, is because the mini-feud that I mentioned earlier initially takes place precisely during the course of two shows (although the participants will tangle a few shows down the line). However, with the way the feud was presented and especially the quality of the matches makes me consider this feud and these matches of one of the standouts to help the initial build of R.O.H.

The first show “Era of Honor” saw a spectacular main event between Low Ki, Christopher Daniels and Bryan Danielson, as I had mentioned in issue four. It was about twenty minutes long and each wrestler got to showcase their stuff. Pretty even match up. Then, I repeat, we get to the kick off, where Bryan Danielson and Low Ki take turns kicking Christopher Daniels in the back to see who kicks harder, which is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, because all three men sold the spot perfectly. The match ended with Low Ki using a Ki Crusher on Daniels.

After the match ends, they build up for the next show. Bryan Danielson tells Ki that since he wasn’t the one to pin Daniels and since he didn’t get pinned himself, he wants to face Low Ki in a singles match next show. Before Low Ki can answer, Christopher Daniels takes the mic, and preaches (pun intended) that he can beat them both in SINGLES match and even on the same night. Low Ki takes the mic, and “books” a Round Robin between the three for the next show. Christopher Daniels leaves without shaking Low Ki and Danielson’s hand (thus disrespecting the code of honor).

Very simple way to build a feud and put over all three men. Daniels claims that it took two men to beat him and he can take on both men in a singles match. Low Ki got the victory over Daniels, and American Dragon wants a match with Low Ki to prove he’s the better wrestler. All three men are strong and building anticipation for the next show, thus arriving to the next show “Round Robin Challenge”.

Before I watched the show, I expected R.O.H. to have each of the wrestlers win one match, because it’s the obvious outcome to push all of them; however what I didn’t know was who would be the winner of each match and how. I mean, Low Ki was known as “Mr. Intensity” and won the first triple threat match. Christopher Daniels was getting himself over by being against the Code of Honor and expressing how it took two men to beat him and can win in one on one encounters, and Bryan Danielson, that was just pure wrestling greatness who preached he could beat Low Ki one on one. In the end, the following happened.

In the first match, Christopher Daniels beat Bryan Danielson in a very good match. Christopher Daniels actually made Bryan Danielson tap, and I was surprised that they would start with this match, because with Low Ki being the winner of the first one, you want to push Bryan Danielson and Christopher Daniels, and starting with this would demote the loser, in my opinion. But what do I know, right? This was a great match, as I said, but it will not compare to the main event. Oh, and Daniels in this case, did shake Bryan Danielson’s hand….in heelish fashion.

In the second match, Low Ki would be the winner against Christopher Daniels. It was an OK match, nothing spectacular. I expected better but this was good none the less. Christopher Daniels ranted on how he had to wrestle two matches in one night while Low Ki was fresh, adding to the fact that last show he complained about having to face two men at the same time, thus bringing down his theory of that he was capable of beating both men in singles matches on one single night (perfect heel tactic)

Then to round up this mini round robin, we have the match of the night, a match of the year candidate, and one of my favorite matches of all time, that I could watch over and over again. A thirty minute classic between Bryan Danielson and Low Ki. It was won by Danielson when he got Low Ki to pass out with his Cattle Mutilation. I think any wrestling fan, especially pure wrestling fan will love this match, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

The mini-feud was over, but what happened in these two shows to build up all three wrestlers?

Bryan Danielson – He didn’t pin Christopher Daniels, but he challenged Low Ki to a singles match to prove he’s the better wrestler. The next night, he lost to Daniels but he proved to Low Ki he can beat him (although Low Ki passed out).

Low Ki – He pinned Christopher Daniels twice, in both a one on one match, and in a three way, and put over Bryan Danielson.

Christopher Daniels – Was able to beat Bryan Danielson, and when he lost to Low Ki and lost the triple threat match, in true heel fashion used excuses to justify the losses (he fought against two, and then had to fight two matches in one night).

So as you see, ROH had an easy, simple and effective storyline to push three main eventers; Low Ki with his performance and hard work attitude, Christopher Daniels complaining about how he lost and crushing the Code of Honor and Bryan Danielson with his in ring ability, and in the end all three wrestlers benefited from this mini-feud. Let’s see the W.W.E. pull something like this off…..

— Jose Perez

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