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On September 18th, Wrestling Weekly host Doc Young and Les Thatcher were joined this week by featured guest, Sam Amado (Makua) of ABC’s Fat March

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Firstly, Bruce Mitchell of Pro-Wrestling Torch ( joined Doc & Les to discuss ‘Monday Night Raw’ and WWE’s ‘Unforgiven’ pay-per-view.

Doc & Les also returned this week with their featured guest, Sam Amado (Makua), who appeared on ABC’s ‘Fat March’.

– Les begins the interview with Makua, saying he’s known him for three years. Les Thatcher spoke about him and Ricky Steamboat training him and his tag partner. Amado says he’s been on the Independent show for four years.

– Les then states that Sam Amado lost eighty pounds for ABC’s ‘Fat March’ and in total, Makua says he has lost 115lbs. Doc points out that Makua was almost four hundred pounds at the start of the show. Amado points out that since he’s met Les he has lost around 130lbs. Doc asks Sam how tall he is and Makua noted he is 5ft 9ins.

– Les goes on to say that Makua was willing to learn, took notes with his tag partner and spoke with him about his diet back then. Amado says since losing weight it’s a “world of difference” when wrestling and talked in more detail about how his weight loss has improved his career in pro-wrestling and gave words of advice to wrestlers who may be carrying extra weight.

– Makua thanked Les for being a ‘amazing tutor’ and an ‘amazing instructor’. He continued by saying Les Thatcher is one of the main reason’s he is still wrestling today and lose weight.

– Sam Amado spoke about working for Tony Atlas promotion in Maine and stated now he can think on his feet but before he felt exhausted. Amado says that at one time him and his tag partner were almost 900lbs combined, now they are down to 550lbs.

– Doc talked about Matt (Ro’Z) being on ‘Fat March’ as well and asked if he knew him. Sam pointed out that he met him one time and said Matt acted like a big brother to him on the ABC show. “It made the experience ten times better because I got to spend time, four hours a day with a second generation superstar who’s done it all…” Makua noted.

– Makua continued by talking about why Ro’Z had to leave ABC’s ’Fat March’ and about the injuries he had which included two knee surgeries. Sam then spoke about the other contestants who are now continuing with their dietary plans and nutrition & exercising after the show.

– Amado said he spoke with Ro’Z about his time wrestling in Japan and the WWE. Sam said that he wasn‘t billed as a pro-wrestler on ‘Fat March‘.

– Makua says he has a gym membership and works out with a personal trainer three times a week and spoke about receiving e-mails/messages on Myspace from people who are motivated to lose weight.

– Sam Amado says that he hopes the show can help other people out and that ‘Fat March‘ was a life changing experience. Sam also thanked Les again who he says gave him that extra push he needed.

– Makua highlighted that he’s attending personal trainer school and hopes to help others lose weight.

Doc then thanks Sam for being a guest.

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Former WWE Superstar, Rob Conway will be next week’s featured guest.

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