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From the offices of Damien Christopher International:

Since February 2005 releases from my office also included the name of Future Stars/Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling before it. Most people don’t know how I acquired FSPW so here is a short history lesson. While vacationing in October 2004, I attended an FSPW event at one of their former venues, the Ellenton Sports Complex. I liked what I saw in the ring and in their locker room that night. I came back to Florida for a couple more events before I spoke to some of my advisors about the idea of buying FSPW to help out the small business. We had a meeting with then owner Joe Pipitone and he agreed in principle to sell the organization to DCI, with him retaining control of the locker room, booking venues and promoting the events online and in other forms of media.


Days before the last FSPW event of September 8, 2007 I had a meeting with my advisors about several items including FSPW, my DCI business schedule that seems to take up 38 hours of a 24 hour day, the desire to expand DCI and the danger I have been placed in as owner of FSPW being threatened verbally and physically by the members of the rosters. My advisors and my girlfriend felt if I came into harms way once more things would have to change. If you attended the event you are aware I was placed in danger twice, once by current FSPW Heavyweight champion “Latin Lover” Ricky Romeo and once by Fed Up North member James Morrison with some help from Lou Cypher. I admit during the confrontation with Mr. Morrison I let my famous New York temper out and I used some language I should not have used with children in attendance. After the event I apologized to the management of Gallery Billiards and my girlfriend who was very upset by what happened to me and what I said during the event. I apologize to anyone reading this who I offended with my actions but it does not excuse the actions of the gentlemen who in some people’s eyes assaulted me.

So now I am about to type the words I am sure none of the fans or employees of FSPW thought they would ever read. Effective today September 21, 2007 Damien Christopher International has sold Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling to the people who deserve it, the men and women who wrestle for FSPW including original owner Joe Pipitone. I wish to personally thank each and every member of the FSPW locker room, promotional staff, the staff of Gallery Billiards and the fans of FSPW for making things wonderful. It is just time for me to move out of the way since some members of FSPW feel I am in the way of the promotion making any forward progress.

Thank you for your attention in reading this.

Damien Christopher

Chairman/CEO DCI, LLC.