Sunset Flip Presents: ACE Crossroads VI

Sunset Flip Presents ACE Crossroads VI

 By Jim Boy Star

Welcome to another column. Before I begin, I want to remind everyone that this Sunday is WWE Fatal Fourway. Forty five dollars is a good amount of money. Save money and listen to LIVE play by play courtesy of Sunset Flip Wrestling Show and Dekadance Radio this Sunday at 8pm EST at

Originally, this column was going to be a play off of what was mentioned on this week’s show. It was going to be about Evan Bourne and WWE dropping the ball with him with his follow up push, or lack thereof. However, on Saturday Night I went to American Championship Entertainment’s “Crossroads” event and had a great time. This show truly made me happy to be a pro wrestling fan, which is rare nowadays.

I know most people aren’t aware what American Championship Entertainment is, nor have the capabilities to get to New Jersey for an actual event, so a minority may be interested in this article. I want to apologize for that, but I hope to be forgiven so that I can remember what it was like to be a fan. Not to feel it mandatory to watch because I have a pro wrestling radio show.
This event featured Raven vs Tommy Dreamer. Most people probably came for that, but I am not one of those people. While I figured that match would be cool, I was most looking forward to the 30 minute Ironman Match between champion Dan Maff and Mo Sexton. Those are two guys that could go. I have not seen a good Ironman match in quite some time in any promotion.
The building was very warm. The crowd was lively for most, if not all of the night. Usually one complaint I have about pro wrestling in general are the storylines. The card and wrestlers’ performances could be great, but ultimately illogical or just plain stupid booking kills part of the event. This did not happen on Saturday Night.
While I definitely do not praise ACE on everything they do, I left the show, not thinking about how stupid the booking was.
Dreamer vs Raven was what was to be expected. It was a brawl with some good mic work after the match by both Dreamer and Raven.
Mo Sexton and Dan Maff was interesting. Dan Maff walks in with the owner Mike Morgan as his manager. For the first part of the match, since Maff is champion, he kept stalling as best he could so the timer goes down. If there was no score, Maff would retain. Eventually, the bout happened and it ended in a draw.
Mike Morgan said that him and Maff are done. Maff is still champion. The fans wanted sudden death. So Morgan gave them sudden death. Rob Vegas, also with Morgan, hits Mo Sexton with the chair before the bell rings. When Maff goes for the pin, Mo kicks out. Mo fights off Vegas, Maff, and even Morgan. But eventually it becomes too much for him and he loses.
One of my friends hated the ending because they felt Mo should have won with the way the booking was for the match. I am a Mo Sexton fan. I do not hate Dan Maff at all and think he’s a great wrestler. He certainly does not fall in the category of hatred of Stephanie McMahon, Goldberg, Triple H, etc. I thought the ending was fine. Simply because, it is a myth that everytime the odds are against someone, they overcome it. Once in a while the odds catch up on you and you can’t overcome it. Plus, this would not be Mo’s first time with the title.
For those that like blood, there was a barbed wire beds match between Jose Luis Rivera and William Wyeth. Not for the weak at heart. However, if you are like me and like seeing blood without matches being stopped, you will love it. Props to both men.
There was also a great TLC match for the tag team championships between R8DX and The Midnight Sensations. After the match, the tag team champs were presented new tag team titles, which looked really good. I do not usually expect to see good look title belts on indy shows. ACE has done a great job with their belts.
In other news, the ACE Diamond Division championship changed hands. Rob Vegas became the new champion by defeat Bruno Marciano. The BS Express (Tom and Ed) won the Chance of a Lifetime Royal Rumble match to earn a tag title shot. Mike Donovan fought Crowbar, of WCW fame. Plus a great opening match with Azriel going against Bandido Jr.
Is American Championship Entertainment for everyone? Probably not. If you are a “traditionalist” and you buy that a clothesline can be a finishing move in 2010, this is not the show for you. Go back to the 70’s. However, if you are my age (late 20’s) and not happy with the major promotions on TV, especially one that is PG. Then this is the show for you and is worth checking out.
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