“Supermen: A Story of British Wrestlers” is now available for free!

SupermanSupermenFilm Team recently released their independently produced wrestling documentary, Supermen: A Story of British Wrestlers.

It can be viewed for free here:

The film is a feature-length documentary focused on what it’s like to live a life in wrestling.
It features candid interviews from a wide-range of British wrestlers, young to old. Including interviews with Rockstar Spud, Marty Scurll, Dave Taylor, Doug Williams, Robby Brookside and Dave Finlay, it is a comprehensive look at the subject.
You can pre-order DVD and BluRay copies from our website: www.SupermenFilm.co.uk – and also get access to lots of extra content, including full interviews with some of the wrestlers involved in the film.
We would be very grateful if you were able to post an item about the film on your website.
Many thanks!
SupermenFilm Team

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