Survivor Series Infographic

SS Graphic

Thanks to Jake Sharpless at for this great look back at the history of WWE’s Survivor Series!

Jake writes:

Since you liked the last few graphics I put together I wanted to send along this one I just finished for Survivor Series. It’s pretty straightforward, but I broke down Kane and Taker’s history and was surprised to see how few times they’ve wrestled (televised) in singles matches compared to what they’ve done as a team.

Along with the bracket from the WWE title, I also dove into the history of vacated titles and uncovered some interesting tidbits that I had forgotten. Orton has been the biggest beneficiary of vacated titles, winning the WWE Championship three times after the belt was left up for grabs. Also, I had forgotten that the Tag Team title was “half” vacated by Edge a few years back, causing the formation of Jeri-Show.
We hope you enjoy WWE’s big pay-per-view on Sunday night!

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