Wednesday, March 25th – 5PM
MWF Studios – 360 Main St. – Melrose, MA 02176
Autographs – Posed Photos – Professional Video Taping

From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows and everywhere in between around the world, Tony Atlas has seen and lived it all! March 25th, along with John Cena Sr., we continue documenting his career from his mouth as it’s important to produce as much non-WWE wrestling history as possible. From his explosive entry into professional wrestling to the Bruiser Brody murder, from living under a park bench to the WWE Hall of Fame, Tony will tell his story as it’s never been heard before! Join him in an intimate studio setting sharing his experiences and head off on a road trip like never before!

We’ve created a special Indiegogo campaign through March 25th to let fans know how they can help and the awesome, interactive rewards available to those that contribute – a special fan dinner, personal drawings, autographs, title belts and other merchandise, personal phone calls and tons more! There are advertising opportunities for wrestling businesses and websites! If you watched WWE Legends House, you’ve seen Tony’s artistic skills – he’ll draw a portrait of any wrestler you like! Help produce this video for fans to enjoy and learn from for decades to come!

Also, Tony Atlas is available for bookings of any kind – wrestling matches, autograph sessions, meet & greets, seminars, private gatherings of almost any kind at a great value.  He is wide open most weekends headed into spring.  Tony will personally help promote any appearances and is able to drive throughout the northeast.  Please email [email protected] with opportunities.