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Smash Wrestling has been producing professional wrestling that has proven to be “A Cut Above The Rest” since its Inception in 2012. With its explosive, modern approach, Smash Wrestling has helped revive the once vibrant Toronto, ON wrestling scene.

With demand on the rise, Smash Wrestling has had the privilege of bringing its unique brand all around Canada. Now Smash Wrestling brings the demand right to your fingertips with Smash Wrestling On Demand!

For only $7.49 a month, Smash On Demand gives you full, HD access to all of our shows and exclusive content. This internationally compatible service allows Smash Wrestling’s world wide audience to access Smash Wrestling’s entire library in a convenient, accessible way! It truly is “Everything. Ever.”

Find out more, and try the service free with our ‘Rival Schools 2014’ event free at www.smash-wrestling.com/ondemand

Please send all media inquiries to [email protected]