This Week’s Trash Talking Radio Line-up

Tito Santana, Ricky O & Rob Reeder on 10/02 TTRS

Last show we had on Larry Hennig.  Check him out in the archives.

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Tito Santana
He is a Legend in the business. He made his way up the ranks via Texas and was one of the biggest WWF superstars, headlining in many of the Wrestlemania events.


Ricky O

He is the creator of the J-Cup and is back working promoting in the NJ area and this time with NWA name. He is working closely with NWA Pro Wrestling Inc. This week we will talk about how he got involved!!


Rob Reeder
He is the promoter of Dream Reunion 2 and also of the WCWA. This week we talk about how this legends card came to be and who will be on this convention/wrestling show.



 Coming Soon

Dirty Darren Wyse

Chance Prophet
Tracey Smothers

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