TNA Live Results from Montreal 12/27


Total Nonstop Action

Reported by Alex Ames:

1. KICKOFF:  Former WWE wrestler Sylvain Grenier welcomed the Montreal fans to tonight’s show (in french) and then left the ringside area.
– Jeremy Borash then came out, accompanied by So-Cal Val’s replacement for the night.
– JB pumped up the crowd and said TNA cameras were rolling here tonight.

2. MATCH: “the Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm w/ “the Pride of Tennessee” Jackie Moore Vs. “Showtime” Eric Young
– EY came to the ring sporting a Canadian Flag cape. Midway through his run across the ring, to clap the fans’ hands, he stopped, out of breath. (LOL)
– The match was slow to start, a lot of comedy act in the first few minutes.
– Storm hit Young with a beautiful Enziguri while on the apron (and Young inside of the ring)
– Young won with a Small Package.
– After the match, Eric Young invited Storm for an aftermatch beer. Storm accepted and they drank together without any fuss.

3. MATCH: Jimmy Rave Vs. “the Guru” Sonjay Dutt
– Good quick match that ended when Dutt missed a Top Rope Moonsault, landed on his feet, and followed up immediately with a Moonsault on Rave who had rolled away from the first attempt at the maneuver.

4. KNOCKOUTS TAG MATCH: Awesome Kong & “the Pride of Tennessee” Jackie Moore Vs. TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim & Ms. Brooks
– Gail Kim & Ms. Brooks defeated Awesome Kong & Jackie Moore after Kim pinned Moore.
– Editor’s Note: The crowd has been screaming their lungs out since the opening of the show, wow!

5. X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Johnny Devine Vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal
– Devine cut a promo, speaking in french and insulting the french people.
– Lethal cut a promo and said, “Listen up Shawn Michaels, I know what the people came to see … Ohhhh Yeaahhh!”
– Of course, the belt was nowhere to be found, following the storylines.
– Lethal won after the Top Rope Elbow.

6. MATCH: Robert Roode w/ Ms. Brooks Vs. “the Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe
– Editor’s Note: Loudest ovation of the night was for Joe, people in attendance were going crazy.
– Joe won after he reversed a rollup, hooking Roode’s tights and applying the Kokina Clutch.
– Ms. Brooks was sitting at ringside as always, giving the thumbs down to Roode throughout the match.

7. PROMO: Jeremy Borash announced the intermission and said Samoa Joe would be signing autographs at the merchandising stand for the next 20 minutes.
– Editor’s Note: I rushed to the merchandising stand and got an autograph from Joe.

8. MATCH: “Wildcat” Chris Harris Vs. “the Monster” Abyss
– Harris got mercilessly heckled during the match, people chanting “JOBBER! JOBBER!” to him
– He cut a promo before the show but we could barely hear him because of the chants.
– Abyss won after the Black Hole Slam.

9. TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: LAX (Hernandez & Homicide) Vs. Tomko & AJ Styles (c)
– Editor’s Note: Best match of the night.
– Editor’s Note: AJ received a great ovation, right up there with Joe’s. And Tomko received maybe the best ovation of his life as well!
– AJ had no belt. They cut a promo on how AJ had forgotten the belt, but AJ said it was in a safe place. Homicide got in three “cheap” punches while AJ was still holding the mic, and then he asked, after the third one, for the ref to start the match.
– The match spilled to the outside and Homicide & AJ came brawling into the crowd. (Editor’s Note: Right next to me)
– Tomko & AJ picked up the win and AJ left with Tomko’s belt.

10. WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT MAIN EVENT TITLE MATCH: “the Instant Classic” Christian Cage Vs. Kurt Angle
– Before the match, Sylvain Grenier reappeared and sat at ringside near JB.
– Angle brought out Earl Hebner, crowd showered him with chants of “YOU SCREWED BRET! YOU SCREWED BRET!” and he sold his dispair perfectly.
– Christian had the second best ovation of the night when he came out.
– Cage said that nobody here cares about him and stupid Olympic Gold Medals he won in the United States.
– Cage told Angle “If you want to impress these people, try and win the Stanley Cup”
– Crowd chanted “GO HABS GO! GO HABS GO!”
– The match was going along just fine until Hebner got knocked down and was holding his ankle.
– Cage hit the Frogsplash but Hebner took too much time getting the cover in.
– Hebner was knocked down by Angle.
– Angle went to the outside to get a Steel Chair & his Belt.
– Angle tried hitting Christian with the Steel Chair but Sylvain Grenier made the save.
– Rudy Charles came down to ringside and told Grenier to back off.
– Meanwhile, Angle hit Cage with a Low Blow Kick and then with the TNA Belt behind his head.
– Angle covered Cage, but Hebner broke the count!
– Hebner than asked for the bell and DQ’ed Angle.
– Cage put Angle in the Sharpshooter and Angle tapped out.
– Cage then took the belt and and said to Angle that it would be his soon.

11. PROMO: Angle cut a promo about him having respect for the TNA fans. He finished up his promo by saying “And Vince McMahon can Kiss My Ass!”


Reported by Alex Ames

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