Live Online Preshow

As soon as the preshow starts, they go straight to Jeremy Borash, who runs down the card. Then they cut to video promos of the matches.

Lauren interviews Dr. Stevie (Richards) and Daffney. This interview is just creepy. Lauren kept trying to talk sense into Stevie, and he kept accusing her of being unprofessional.

They cut back to JB at ringside, with cheering fans behind him, and he took us to the preshow match.

Amazing Red

Tenay and West mention that Red was with TNA in the early days. This is a good X Division style match that gets the crowd warmed up for the main show. Red has matured well, and this match is much more than the spot fests he was known for in the early days of TNA. Red pinned Kiyoshi, to the delight of the cheering fans.

Borash and Lauren discuss the upcoming matches. They show video promos for the matches in between commentary and interviews.

Lauren interviews Kevin Nash, who says that no matter what happens tonight, he will be back at the next show, and it’s not over till he says it’s over.

The show opens with video showing Jeff Jarrett, Sting, Kurt Angle, and Mick Foley arriving earlier in the day, as Tenay and West discuss the Ultimate Sacrifice match.

They go to a video showing clips of the wrestlers in tonight’s Ultimate Sacrifice match, with voice overs discussing their motivations and careers.

Tenay and Don West talk about tonight’s card as pyro goes off and the camera pans the cheering fans in the arena.

Lethal Consequences & Eric Young
The Motor City Machine Guns & Sheik Abdul Bashir

Tenay wonders why the Guns would ally themselves with Bashir, and West claims it’s a freedom of speech issue. Lethal and Sabin start off the match with lots of fast action and quick exchanges. Young and Shelley tag in and keep the pace going. They keep up frequent tags to keep things rolling in this highly enjoyable match. Eventually the heels manage to get Creed isolated on their side of the ring, blatantly cheating as they work him over. There’s some heat between the heels when the Guns accidentally hit Bashir instead of Creed a couple of times.

After numerous near falls for both sides, Eric Young hits a double Death Valley Driver on both Guns, but the action spills out of the ring. Jay Lethal rolls up Bashir for a quick pin to get the win. Eric seems unhappy about Lethal getting the pin, but the fans are chanting, “This was awesome!”

First Ever Knockouts Monster’s Ball
Taylor Wilde
Daffney with Abyss & Dr. Stevie

Mike Tenay says he doesn’t buy into Dr. Stevie’s “psychology,” but Don West claims it’s legit, something called “Jovian,” but it’s so specialized that hardly anyone has ever heard of it, and it doesn’t show up in any internet searches. There are trash cans filled with weapons at ringside, and the women use them right from the start. This match is short and sweet, but I can’t help thinking how much better LuFisto would have done it.

Taylor Wilde pins Daffney, so Dr. Stevie dumps a bag of tacks onto the mat and tries to get Abyss to slam Taylor Wilde onto the pile of tacks. Abyss refuses, so Stevie whips Abyss with a belt, and Lauren comes running out. Then Stevie tries to whip Lauren with the belt, so Abyss slams Stevie onto the tacks instead, as the fans cheer.

Jeremy Borash announces that there will be two former TNA stars returning, and a new Knockout on this Thursday’s iMPACT! (After the PPV, reported that Lisa Marie “Victoria“ Varon has signed with TNA, and the two former stars who will be returning are Shane Douglas and Raven.)

Then JB interviews Jeff Jarrett, who says if he gets pinned tonight, the company will take a huge step back, so he has no option but to make sure he wins.

X Division Championship Match
Suicide (C)
Christopher Daniels

It is expected that Frankie Kazarian will make his return as Suicide tonight.

This match is a fine blend of mat work, submission holds, power and high flying. The fans are respectfully attentive throughout the match, even if they aren’t always making noise. Suicide rolls out of the ring to the floor, and gets his knees up when Daniels goes for a split legged moonsault, allowing Suicide to get the advantage as they brawl on the floor. Chris Sabin comes down to distract Daniels and the ref, while Shelley goes into the ring and takes out Suicide. When Daniels and the ref return to the ring, Daniels rolls through and pins the groggy Suicide. After the pin, Daniels sees the tape replay, realizes what happened, and says he doesn’t want to win the belt like that. He asks the ref to restart the match for 5 more minutes.

Throughout the match, Don West keeps insisting that it’s all a plot for Daniels to keep the belt he won when disguised as Suicide. After some back and forth, Daniels locks in a submission hold, but Suicide manages to escape. Frustrated, both men resort to slugging it out. Daniels goes for a BME, but Suicide turns it against him for a near fall. The match goes to a time limit draw, and Suicide retains. Don West now claims Suicide double crossed Daniels, but Daniels picks up the belt and hands it to Suicide, and they shake hands.

TNA Knockout Women’s Championship Match
Angelina Love (C)
Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed

Love tries to run away, but Kong grabs her by the hair and biels her across the ring to open the match. The match quickly goes to the floor, and Kong beats down her opponent all around the ring. At one point, Kong grabs Angelina by the legs and slams her into the ring rail. Finally, Love dodges and Kong hits the ring rail instead of Angelina. Angelina shoves Kong into the ring post a couple of times and scoots into the ring, begging the ref to count Kong out.

Kong returns to the ring, and quickly recovers, so Angelina tries to escape by backing up the ramp, but she backs into Raisha Saeed, who slams her on the ramp. Kong comes out and drags Love back to the ring, where she batters Love, but then misses on a splash off the top. Love goes for her spray. Saeed tries to stop her, but gets knocked off the edge of the ring, and Love succeeds in spraying Kong in the eyes so she can roll her up to get the pin.

After the pin, Kong gets the spray out of her eyes and hits Love with two implant busters as the crowd screams for more.

Jeremy Borash interviews Sting, who says he has pledged to bring back honor and respect to the business, and tonight he plans to win the TNA title and continue with keeping his pledge.

Main Event Mafia vs. TNA Frontline Match
Kevin Nash
Samoa Joe

Nash looks to be in great shape. Joe, on the other hand, is in even worse shape than he was at the last PPV. Don West claims someone has control of Samoa Joe and is prompting him to do the extreme things he’s been doing lately, and Tenay agrees.

The match starts off very slow. Joe manages to gets a leg hold on Nash, who quickly grabs the ropes to break it. Nash goes to the floor, and they brawl, seemingly in slow motion, around the ring. Nash’s forehead starts to bleed, and they roll into the ring. Most of the crowd is chanting for Nash.

Joe gets a choke hold on Nash and refuses to break when Nash gets to the ropes, so Nash goes for a back kick to Joe’s crotch to escape. An already very slow match is slowed down even more when Joe goes for another kokina clutch, and finally Nash taps out. After the match, Joe keeps trying to punish Nash, so Security comes out and finally makes him stop. Joe spits on Nash and leaves.

Lauren asks Team 3D if they’re happy with the way their tournament turned out. Devon says they are, because it allowed them to showcase the tag team division. She asks Ray who he thinks will win, and he says that Beer Money is one of the best tag teams on the planet today, next to them. As for The British Invasion, the next time they see them, they’re “going to drink their tea, eat their crumpets, and kick their British asses.”

The Finals of the Team 3D Tournament
Beer Money, Inc.
The British Invasion

Team 3D comes down to ringside, where there’s a big trophy for the tournament winners. They sit with Tenay and West.

Beer Money starts off dominating the match. One very impressive sequence is when Storm flips over the top rope, Roode pours some beer into his mouth while he’s hanging off the rope, Storm skins the cat to come right back into the ring, and spits the beer into Brutus’ face.

The Brits eventually get an advantage by double teaming James Storm, and then they isolate him on their side of the ring. Finally Storm gets the hot tag to Roode, who cleans house. Rob Terry runs around and slams Storm’s head into the ring apron, but Roode takes out Terry with a baseball slide slamming him into the ring rail.

Storm hurricanaranas Doug Williams off the top turnbuckle, and Roode hits Doug with a frog splash off the top. Roode goes for the pin, but Rob Terry pulls Referee Earl Hebner out of the ring before he can count three. As the ref ejects Rob Terry from ringside, Williams and Magnus return to the ring and hit Storm and Roode from behind. As Magnus distracts the ref, Williams goes for the Feast or Fired case to hit Storm with it, but Roode snatches the case away and hits Williams in the head with it to get the pin. Beer Money, Inc. become the #1 contenders for the TNA Tag Team Championship. The trophy and a check for $100,000.00 will be presented to Beer Money, Inc. Thursday on iMPACT!

Jeremy Borash interviews Kurt Angle, who says he will win the TNA title tonight for the fifth time.

TNA Legends Championship Match
I Quit Match
AJ Styles (C)
Booker T

The match is very intense right from the start, with both men using kicks, chops, slams and elbows to punish the other. AJ goes for kicks and submission holds to try to weaken Booker’s legs and get him to quit. Booker keeps hitting and striking AJ in the throat. While Booker has enjoyed a lot of fan support, tonight the fans are pretty solidly behind Styles.

Styles enjoys the advantage until Booker drops AJ onto the ring rail on his throat and leaves him gasping for breath. Booker keeps choking AJ, but Styles still won’t give up. Then Booker goes for a wrist lock submission, but AJ still won’t quit. Styles gets to his feet and turns it around almost into a hammerlock, but Booker gets to the ropes for a break.

Frustrated, they resort to slugging it out with some impressive looking punches. Booker goes for a kick, and AJ hits the Pelé. Both men are exhausted, and continue viciously punching each other. Booker misses a kick and gets crotched on the top rope. AJ charges and knocks him to the floor, then follows with a vault over the ropes onto Booker. They brawl around ringside, then finally roll back into the ring.

Sharmell comes down to ringside, telling Booker not to quit. AJ hits Booker with a flying armbar and locks it in. Booker still won’t submit, so Jenna Morasca runs down to ringside and throws in a white towel, and the ref calls the match in favor of AJ. Jenna tells Sharmell she did it because she didn’t want AJ to break Booker’s arm.

Jeremy Borash interviews Foley, who claims he’s making the biggest sacrifice of anyone in the match, and he intends to hold onto the belt by any means necessary.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ultimate Sacrifice Match
Mick Foley/Cactus Jack (C)
“The Icon” Sting
Jeff Jarrett
Kurt Angle

If Mick Foley gets pinned, he loses the TNA Heavyweight Title.

If Kurt Angle gets pinned, he gives up leadership of The Main Event Mafia.

If Sting gets pinned, he has vowed to never wrestle again.

If Jeff Jarrett gets pinned, he gives up his voting shares (and power) in TNA.

To start, Jarrett attacks Angle, and Sting goes for Foley. Sting and Foley brawl outside the ring, while Angle and Jarrett battle inside the ring. After a bit, they switch, with Jarrett and Angle brawling around ringside. Later, Sting and Foley go back out, and there’s action all over the arena. They use a split screen to follow both pairs.

Foley gives Sting a piledriver on the floor. Back in the ring, Jeff locks in a Figure Four in Angle, who eventually escapes and gets the ankle lock on Jeff’s injured leg. Foley comes in, pulls out a sock, and puts the mandible claw on Jeff, but he still won’t submit, and Kurt turns his attention to Foley. Angle and Jarrett go back to battling each other, and Foley sneaks out to sit at the announce table.

Amazingly, Sting returns to the ring to help Angle double team Jarrett, even though no one can win the title unless someone pins Foley. Angle hits Jarrett with a couple of Germans, and then he gives a couple of Germans to Sting. Angle finally sees Foley and somersaults over the announce table onto the champ. Then he hits Foley with the Angle Slam on the floor.

Kurt sends Foley back into the ring, allowing Jeff to hit Mick with the Stroke and go for the pin, but Angle breaks up the pin. They battle on till Sting, Jarrett, and Angle collapse on the mat. Foley pulls out two more socks and goes for the mandible claw on both Sting and Jeff, but they double team him. Foley goes back to the double mandible claw, but this time Angle puts Mick in the ankle lock to break it up. Foley flips over to escape, and sends Angle slamming into Referee Slick Johnson, knocking him out.

Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Angle, but the ref is out. Jarrett hits Sting with the guitar, but the ref is still out. Jeff revives the ref, and there are a number of near falls in quick succession, plus a double ankle lock by Angle on Sting and Jarrett. The fans chant, “This is awesome!” The finish comes when Sting suplexes Foley on the floor. Jarrett hits Angle with a Stroke off the top turnbuckle onto a steel chair, and Sting runs in to steal the pin. Sting is the new leader of the Main Event Mafia!

This was another excellent PPV from TNA. I recommend you get the replay.

TNA’s next PPV is Slammiversary on June 21 at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit, MI.




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