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Last week we had on Lanny Poffo & Matt Hyson.  Check them out in the archives.

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Nick Bockwinkel
With the resurgence of the AWA we bring back one of the longest running World Champions of the Original AWA. He worked all over the world and was one of those guys who could back up anything he said. He is very well respected and is a part of the Cauliflower Alley Club as well as the Hall Of Fame.

There is no one in the wrestling worked who can invoke a better reaction than this guy. Red, white and blue is his colors and all american is his way. This week we bring on the hero and talk about how he came to this character and how he continues to be a fan favorite.

Jason Gotti
He is an Indy Worker who has worked with many of the Easy Coast Promotions and is looking to expand his exposure. He has worked with EGW, BWO, Northern State, LWO, Blackball’d, and many more. He is coming to a town near you. Find out this week why he can make you a deal you can not refuse.


Larry “The Axe Hennig
NWA Pro Wrestling President – Dave Marquez
Tito Santana
Ricky O

Coming Soon

Chance Prophet
Tracey Smothers
Updates on Kokomo IN Dream Re-union 2

Updates on Wrestlefest at Cow Palace

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