Unauthorized ECW documentary releases bonus video footage

Barbed Wire

The Unauthorized Story of ECW, “Barbed Wire City” documentary (www.barbedwirecity.com) has received very positive reviews from fans, former ECW staff, and wrestlers. We have witnessed firsthand and have been told personally that tears were shed during the viewing of the documentary.

Barbed Wire City takes an unbiased look and different path from the two previous documentaries about ECW. This documentary studies the history of ECW, as well as all the different people who made Extreme Championship Wrestling a cult sensation. There’s an intimate look at the subculture of a subculture, as a very human story was found about athletes who see themselves as entertainers, and were willing to take massive amounts of punishment for little money based on the promise of something more within their industry. This is a film about culture and human beings—who just happen to use tables and chairs and violent acts as part of their performance art. This documentary is not owned or supported by the WWE.

We have released exclusive unreleased bonus video material that does not appear on the currently released BARBED WIRE CITY DVD or VOD.


The bonus video compilation includes: ECW founder Tod Gordon, ECW wrestler Axl Rotten (Brian Knighton), Photographer / Journalist Bill Apter, ECW wrestler and half of the tag team Public Enemy Rocco Rock (Ted Petty), ECW wrestler Angel of Da Baldies (Angel Medina), Pennsylvania Athletic Commission representative Frank Talent, and former ECW owner Paul Heyman.

BARBED WIRE CITY is now currently offering limited time special pricing on the direct VOD (Video Download) for readers of this site at:


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