Vince Russo’s 10 biggest regrets in wrestling


By Vince Russo:

You caught me on a good day. Much is going on in my life at the time, and it is truly time for me to just sit back and reflect. Life is all about decisions—we make some good ones, we make some bad ones. However, at the end of every life lesson, all that really matters is what did we learn about ourselves. How can we take each and every experience and make us better human beings for it. Because, quite frankly, that’s really all we can do with our mistakes. We can’t rewind, we can’t do over, we just have to live, learn and move on.

The things I would have done differently throughout my wrestling career didn’t really consist of “moments”. There weren’t too many “moments” in the wrestling business that had I decided to go another way, my life would be dramatically different. What I would have changed had to do with the important decisions that indeed did have a huge impact on my life.

So—let’s start at the beginning.

10. I Would Never Have Got Into The Wrestling Business In The First Place

There is no doubt about this. With all the highlights throughout my career that you think I may have experienced, there were at least 10 lowlights for every single one.

But, let me start from the beginning. The moment I made the decision to make professional wrestling my career, I knew right then that I was painting myself into a corner because my options would be very limited. If I had ever decided to leave WWF, where was I going to go? At that time, I knew that ECW wasn’t going to be a main stay. To me, it just never had the feel of turning into a full-fledged viable third promotion. It had nothing to do with Paul Heyman, or the talent that was there, but it did have everything to do with MONEY. So, if you ever wanted to explore other options—there was only WCW. You had no other options. You weren’t working for a mobile phone provider where you have 10 options—you had ONE.

This is something that I still deal with today. When you have a resume that consists of 23 years of sports entertainment—exactly what are you going to do with that?

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