Wrestling’s Weekly Update

goldberg 3

After a long absence from the WWE, former WCW and WWE world champion Goldberg makes his return to wrestling. Goldberg is scheduled to make an appearance on Monday Night Raw to answer the challenge of a rematch delivered by Paul Heyman on behalf of Brock Lesnar. Goldberg stated that he will return to Raw in order to “answer that big mouth’s challenge in person.” The speculation is that Goldberg will meet Lesnar at Survivor Series on November 20th. The last time Goldberg was in a WWE ring was 2002 at WrestleMania XX where he met Lesnar.

Wrestling legend ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin recently opened up on his show about his heel turn back in 2001, and he talked about the future of United States champion Roman Reigns and whether or not he can sustain his current run of victories. Back in 2001, WWE fans were stunned and mortified when one of the most popular wrestlers in the history of the company turned into a heel at the drop of a dime. Austin explained that he felt the character had “flat lined” and it was time to reinvent the ‘Stone Cold’ image. As far as the future of the U.S. champion Reigns, Austin explained that he should “pick his head up, be more active and aggressive, and sell his technique on the run.”

Former WWE superstar Perry Saturn is reaching out to fans in an effort to raise money to help him with a traumatic brain injury as a result of multiple concussions during his wrestling career. Saturn started a GoFundMe page since he is no longer able to work due to the injury. Saturn’s wife is now his full-time caregiver and is unable to work due to the amount of care Saturn needs. He is another addition to a long list of former WWE superstars who started GoFundMe pages to help with medical expenses. In 2004, Saturn was shot in the neck while trying to stop an attempted rape, which ultimately caused him to develop an addiction to meth. Saturn was homeless for several years and rumors flew that he had died until he resurfaced in 2010. 

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