Why John Cena Should Retire Undertaker at WrestleMania

For years, wrestlers dreamed of being in the main event of Wrestlemania. It was a spot that meant that you were at the top of the business. To close out Wrestlemania meant that the top wrestling company in America had faith in you to be the top star.

However, after a decade and a half of dominance from The Undertaker, another spot at Wrestlemania has proven to be just as valuable. Wrestlers were now dreaming of being the one chosen to go up against the Phenom at the event where he has yet to lose.

Every single year, wrestling fans would debate which wrestler would be the perfect opponent for The Undertaker. Some want a young up-and-coming star to be in the match so that they can get the rub. Others want a proven veteran who can have a great match with The Undertaker.

Since it’s uncertain whether The Undertaker will be retiring after this year’s WrestleMania, there’s still a chance that a wrestler might get the chance to face him next year.

For a point in time there, some wanted Ted DiBiase to be the one to face The Undertaker. Many believed that he was going to be on the fast track towards the main event. A match against the Undertaker on the biggest stage of them of all would help to lend his young career plenty of credibility. However, those beliefs should be put to rest as he practically has zero support from the main people backstage.

One scenario WWE can play out is having John Cena stepping in as the last individual to face The Undertaker before he retires. Of course, Cena is probably busy with Rock at Wrestlemania 29, so this match would have to take place at Wrestlemania 30. That would be beneficial for the company from a marketing standpoint as well since they can promote The Undertaker as being someone who was undefeated for close to 3 decades.

With John Cena still hated by a large portion of the fans, it would make the match much more interesting. Those that hate him would watch intensely to make sure that he would not be the one to break The Undertaker’s winning streak at Wrestlemania.

It would be an interesting choice if WWE decided to go that route.

Chances are, if not this year, then next year is Undertaker’s last match. There’s no better performer to retire the Deadman than John Cena himself.

This match would create immense tension amongst the fans since Cena is actually a legitimate threat. It could be a huge selling point for WWE as fans around the world would purchase the event to see if  Undertaker will be staring at the lights to close off Wrestlemania.

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