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Sunday May 17, 2009

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5/16 WWE Supershow results from Bloomington, IL: CM Punk over Shelton Benjamin; Tyson Kidd over Evan Bourne; Sheamus O’Shaunessy over Jimmy Yang; Primo & Carlito over Legacy; R-Truth over Dolph Ziggler; The Bella Twins over Beth Phoenix & Rosa; Christian over Jack Swagger; and Jeff Hardy, Batista & John Cena over Edge, Big Show & Randy Orton.

The show drew an estimated 5000. DH Smith ran in during the Kidd-Bourne match costing Bourne the win. Hornswoggle, who is over huge with kids, also had a run in during the Diva tag. Christian-Swagger was said to be match of the night. Cena worked the main event without selling the storyline injuries.

Judgment Day tonight from the AllState Arena in Chicago has John Morrison vs. Shelton Benjamin; CM Punk vs. Umaga; Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho for the IC title; Christian vs. Jack Swagger for the ECW title; John Cena vs. Big Show; Randy Orton vs. Batista for the WWE title; and Edge vs. Jeff Hardy for the World title.

A strong line up on paper before what should be a hot sold out crowd.
WWE has switched major titles on every single PPV so far this year, and I can’t see tonight being any different. We received an email from a reader in New Orleans who said local advertising for Extreme Rules on
6/7 has Jeff Hardy listed as champion defending the World title against Edge. Since they book so much on the fly these days take that for what it’s worth. Mysterio-Jericho would normally tear the house down but Mysterio blowing his knee out this week leaves a huge question mark.
Christian-Swagger has delivered for months, especially at house shows.
Benjamin-Morrison was added after they taped TV. Potentially a great match and Charlie Haas could be a factor if they are going to team him again with Benjamin. Should also be interesting to see where they are going with the Punk-Umaga feud. Big Show is likely going over with Cena scheduled for another movie although Cena is adamant that he will be doing both. Orton-Batista should throw up a surprise or two with Triple H confirmed to us at the show and his return said to be imminent.

Raw is live on Monday from Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY and the Smackdown/ECW tapings is Tuesday from the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH. We’re looking for reports from all these shows to [email protected]


Chris Hemsworth has reportedly been cast as Thor in the Marvel Studios movie, ending speculation that Triple H might get the part.

Comcast employees were notified on Friday that WWE has changed the name of the 6/28 Great American Bash PPV to The Bash. No reason was given as to the change. I can only speculate that they believe the removal of the word “American” would help with overseas buys.

The Daily Star in the UK ran a story today on Michelle McCool to promote Judgment Day. The story, which was written by someone not familiar with wrestling, featured a photo of Kelly Kelly by mistake, noted that McCool is no longer allowed to use her Wings of Love finisher as “it was just too devastating.” McCool was banned from using the move some time ago, which was basically a Styles Clash, as she was legitimately  hurting other girls.

Story on Jack Swagger at http://tinyurl.com/r2nfbq who apparently got into wrestling by watching the Ultimate Warrior.

Several readers have noted that Candice Michelle has been shown on camera during the NBC airings of the 2009 Heads-Up Poker Tournament. The show was taped earlier this year explaining why Michelle has her leg in a cast.

Auzzie rockers Sick Puppies’ first single You’re Going Down will be the official theme song for the Extreme Rules PPV.

Joey Styles or someone pulling a rib wrote on his Twitter earlier today:
“The University of Notre Dame should be ashamed of themselves for having pro-abortion President Obama speak at their graduation.” And also: “Even those misled Americans who voted for the Marxist Barack Hussein Obama are invited to join the Judgment Day Live Chat.”  The comments have since been removed.


5/16 house show results from Greenville, NC: Suicide over Kiyoshi; Madison Rayne over Daffney; Rhino over Cute Kip; Jeff Jarrett & Daniels over Beer Money, Inc.; Sheik Abdul Bashir over Eric Young; and A.J.
Styles over Booker T.

We received one email from a reader who really enjoyed the show but said Atlas security were real assholes; rude, unhelpful and aggressive.

The weekend tour of the Carolinas finished up this afternoon at the Crown Arena in Fayetteville. We’re looking for reader reports from the show as well as reports from the Impact tapings at Universal in Orlando on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to [email protected]


All 25 seconds of the Bobby Lashley-Mike Cook MMA fight can be viewed at http://tinyurl.com/qqcd5m

www.wrestlingepicenter.com did an interview with Roxxi Laveaux (Nikki
) talking about her altercation with Rhaka Khan which led to her firing. She noted the reason given by management for her release was because they didn’t have anything more for her character creatively.

You can get a $5 discount off lower-level Slammiversary tickets at www.redeemonlinenow.com by using the login ID “P621” and password “SLAM.” The show emanates from The Palace of Auburn Hills, MI on 6/21.
There lowest priced tickets are going for just $7.

Several readers noted during this past week’s edition of Impact that Jeff Jarrett was shown in one segment driving around with his kids in Hendersonville, TN with none of them wearing seatbelts and thus breaking the law.


Some sad news to report. “Tank” Tim Robertson, a 29-year-old indie wrestler from Tennessee, died on Saturday from apparent asphyxiation due to an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

Julio Gomez Roman also known as Canibal who worked for AAA in Mexico in
2007 died last Sunday after being struck by a truck while riding a motorcycle in Chapultepec. The funeral was held on Thursday and his remains were buried at his birthplace of Sierra de la Esperanza in Oaxaca…  Jose Arguello Luna who worked for various groups from the 60s to the 80s died last week at the age of 64. Luna worked as Pepe Luna, Dr. Macabro, and most notably Polaris in his 25-year career. (Thanks to Kris Kellner)

The latest issue of Maxim includes a feature article on Brock Lesnar.

Linda Bollea was listed No. 3 on Showbiz Tonight’s list of most controversial moms behind Jamie Lynn Spears and Nadya Suleman.

Time-Warner Cable will no longer carry HD Net, which airs Ring of Honor, as of 5/31. Of course this all could change but at press time that is how things stands.

The Slam Wrestling website at http://tinyurl.com/p3fyza has a story on the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame located in Amsterdam, NY. Those inducted this past weekend were Paul Orndorff, Donna Christantello, Antonio Inoki, Chief Jay Strongbow, Evan Lewis, Randy Savage, Lou Albano, Superstar Billy Graham, Wladek Zbyszko, and Lewin & Curtis. Albano didn’t make the trip as he was ill while Savage declined an invitation.
Graham also declined to attend after he requested first class airfare and was refused.

Stacey Keibler at http://tinyurl.com/qsgfh2 was pictured with Kentucky Derby winning jockey Calvin Borel at Pimlico Race Course yesterday in Baltimore. Keibler and ZZ Top were brought in as an alternative to the traditional infield boozefest that usually attracts a lot of college kids. Compared to previous years the crowd was said to be really sparse due to a new ban of bringing coolers of beer into the infield.

Ric Flair drew over 1300 fans on Friday night for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling in Lincolnton, NC at West Lincoln High School.
Main event was David Flair & Ricky Morton over Buff Bagwell & Rikki Nelson. The show also featured Raven, Chris Hamrick, Bobby Eaton and Amber O’Neal.

Former WWE Diva Terri Runnels refutes claims she stiffed people last year in a writing contest to win a house she owned in Florida plus $100,000. The contest required a $200 entrance fee with a minimum 5000 entrants needed to generate $1 million. The contest was eventually scrapped due to the lack of entries. Some entrants are claiming they still haven’t received a refund as specified in the conditions that if the entrant number is less than 5000 everyone gets their money back minus a $20 processing fee. Runnels says that as far as she knows everyone was refunded and if they weren’t they could contact her through her website www.therealterrirunnels.com and she will investigate.

Daniel Puder returned to MMA last night to go 7-0 at a show in Ontario, CA. He beat Jeff Ford in just over a minute when Ford nailed Puder hard with a kick but lost his balance and injured his shoulder on landing, and couldn’t continue. Pretty much a fluke victory.

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