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 WSU News Update For 5/18/09!
WSU Only 3 Weeks Away!
New Match Added: Nikki Roxx vs Rain

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WSU Returns on 6/6 with “The Uncensored Rumble II”, a battle royal contested under Royal Rumble rules with the winner earning a WSU Championship match. Also taking place, a match that will finally settle & decide the Angel Orsini & Mercedes Martinez feud – a 60 Minute IronWoman Match for the WSU Championship!

There is so much news going on in the hottest womens promotion today, Women Superstars Uncensored. In fact, we apologize in advance for the length of this update, as there is just so much going on from the company that provides more women wrestling shows than anyone else today.

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WHAT: WSU Presents “Uncensored Rumble II”
WHEN: Saturday, June 6th
WHERE: The Darress Theatre
LOCATION: 615 Main Street, Boonton, NJ
Tickets: $12 Internet Price, $15 at the door
Ticket Ordering Information: [email protected] (Stay tuned to WSUWrestling.com to order tickets online)
Belltime: 5PM, Doors will open 4:30 PM


WSU Championship Match
60 Minute Iron-Woman Match
The Final Showdown
Loser Unable To Get a Rematch During The Winner’s Championship Reign
WSU Uncensored Rules – No DQs or Countouts
Everyone on the roster banned from Ringside
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Angel Orsini

WSU Tag Team Championship Match
(c) Brooke Carter & Her New Partner Replacing the Recently WWE signed Miss April vs Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred

Special Challenge Mat ch
The Return of A Champion
Nikki Roxx vs Rain

Losers-L eave-The Beatdown Betties Match
Annie Social & Roxxie Cotton vs Rick Cataldo & Sean Hanson

8-Woman Elimination Tag Match
Whoever is Eliminated First Will Enter at #1 in the Uncensored Rumble
Whoever Makes The Last Fall For Her Team Will Get The Anchor (Last Spot) in the Uncensored Rumble
Team Captain Jana/Trixie Lynn/Kacee Carlisle/Lea Morrison
Team Captain Latasha/Amy Lee/Missy Sampson/Lady Divine

UNCENSORED RUMBLE II Battle Royal Match with the winner becoming number 1 contender; The winner of this match will take on the winner of the Martinez/Orsini match at a future WSU event.
1. Nikki Roxx
2. Rain
3. Brooke Carter
4. Jessicka Havok
5. Hailey Hatred
6. Cindy Rogers
7. Annie Social
8. Roxxie Cotton
9. Rick Cataldo
10. Sean Hanson
11. Jana
12. Trixie Lynn
13. Kacee Carlisle
14. Lea Morrison
15. Latasha
16. Amy Lee
17. Missy Sampson
18. Lady Divine< BR>19. Jennifer Cruz
20. ??? (WSU has been requested to keep this spot open by a mysterious entrant)




In case you missed it, here is exclusive news from the WSU message board:

“Following the heels of this weekends tournaments, Angel Orsini has challenged Mercedes Martinez to a 60-Minute IronWoman Match. Martinez has accepted the match on two conditions. Those two conditions are that this will be the last time these two butt heads for the championship no matter what, win/lose/draw, as Martinez has plans on defending the championship against everyone on the roster and that everyone is banned from ringside. Orsini has accepted and added the condition that “when I win my belt back, Martinez will have no rematch clause”.

Martinez vs Orsini has been the most heated and most personal feud ever in WSU history. We’ve seen these two brawl all over buildings, throw each other across balconies, fight to heated draws, display e xcellent and superior mat wrestling skills, use weapons, fight inside a steel cage, go toe-to-toe in a bullrope match, spill blood and everything else you could possibly imagine.

On June 6th, 2009, it will be Martinez vs Orsini for what could be the last time ever in WSU, as neither woman will get a rematch at the championship after this bout, as per the clauses in their contract for this match.

Both are aware of the history behind the Ironwoman match. Both have expressed to WSU that they both know that this could be the longest ever womens wrestling match in the United States, if not in all of womens wrestling history.

WSU promises this will be a historic match of the most significant magnitude.

To ensure that there aren’t any wishy-washy falls or a cheap ending, WSU is making this an “Uncensored Rules” match, basically meaning that there will be no count-outs or DQ’s. If anyone in the WSU roster attempts to interfere in this match, they will be s uspended from WSU for a year.

In the event of a 60-minute draw, WSU will use “Sudden Death” overtime rules, where the first person to score a fall will be determined the winner and thus WSU Womens Champion.

Both Orsini & Martinez talked about this match which will air on a future episode of WSU online TV.”

Orsini & Martinez has been so much in WSU. There history has been recapped countless times on WSUwrestling.com. These once tag team partners have been feuding with each other in WSU ever since 3/22/08. It all ends on 6/6/09 in this historic match. Not only will one of the greatest women wrestling feuds of all time finally end with a clear-cut winner, we could perhaps witness the longest womens wrestling match in history, and really who else better than to be in this type of match than the two people who have represented what WSU is all about – Angel Orsini & Mercedes Martinez.

Both Orsini & Martinez are in strict training program s. Angel Orsini has hired a former Army drill sergeant to train her and help build up her endurance. Orsini’s workouts have been private and closed to the media, but Orsini’s trainer did say that Orsini will be more than ready to go 60 minutes. Orsini would not comment about how she is building up her endurance, but said that “It’s not question of if I will go 60 minutes, it’s a question of just how many times will I beat Martinez in 60 minutes!”

Martinez, who has had many lengthy matches in WSU, is sticking with her daily training as it has been a key to her success for her entire career. Martinez did state that she is being extra careful of what she puts in her body. In fact, Martinez had to give away cookies & sweets given to her by her fans, as she doesn’t want to risk putting anything that could negatively affect her diet going into this match. Martinez told WSUWrestling.com that “This is the biggest match of my life. When the match is over, win or lose, this match will make history. Not only are we ending this feud once and f or all in this match, we will have one of the, if not the longest match in womens wrestling history. This is really an honor that WSU would allow us to showcase womens wrestling with this type of match. I do not want to give Orsini any type of advantage. In fact, did you know I haven’t driven my car ever since this match was announced? I’ve been riding the bike everywhere. Tell Orsini to be ready, cause I’ll be more than ready to go 60 minutes on 6/6.”

UPDATE FOR 5/18/09:

A WSU freelance reporter caught up with Mercedes Martinez as she was about to go training in Waterbury, Connecticut. Martinez granted our reporter several minutes of interview time. Below is our reporter’s transcript:

WSU Reporter: Mercedes Martinez, I know you are busy and I thank you for your time. I will make this quick. June 6th, 2009 you will defend the WSU Championship in what is being billed as an historic and epic match for all of womens wrestling. Your thoughts going into the m atch and about Angel Orsini?

Martinez: “You know, I’ve been r eading all the hype, reading fan emails, listening to what Orsini has to say and as we get closer to 6/6, and don’t take this as a sign of weakness, I am feeling the pressure. But let me say, I’m feeling this pressure in a good way. This isn’t going to be a ho-hum thing , some bullshit, this is going to be one of the most historic matches in womens wrestling. Where do you see two women wrestlers get this type of match? I do want to thank WSU for having the cajones to give us this proper match. I don’t care about words like “angles”, “storylines” whatever you want to call it, I care about competition and being the best. Every one who follows WSU knows that for the last year, myself and Orsini have been battling neck and neck over the WSU title. At some point in time it has to end and I can’t think of a better way than this Ironwoman match. When it’s all said and done one of us will become the top woman in wrestling and the other is going to have to reinvent themself, because t he loser doesn’t get a rematch for the belt.

I mean looking ahead, just think about it. For the past year myself and Orsini have waged war and have had some great matches in my opinion. It all ends on 6/6 in this 60 minute match. I can’t imagine myself not in the WSU title picture. The person who loses this match will have a lot of time to reflect and think.

When I first came to WSU I was on the D/L and WSU allowed me to do some interviews, managing and quick stuff. That whole time, all I could think about was being WSU champion. I couldn’t be WSU champion then because of my injuries, you know physically. Now, to think that I couldn’t be WSU champion because I lost a match stating I can’t get a rematch? I can’t even begin to ponder that and that is why I must, NO, that is why I WILL WIN this match.

Orsini , me and you have alot of history girl, and on 6/6 , I’m closing the book. Two roads will intersect on 6/6, but after 6/6 those roads will diverge. One of those roads will be the road to self-discovery and questioni ng. The other road will be the golden road as WSU champion. That is the road I will be on, and I’m not talking shit, because I know what you got Angel, but this belt, this company, the meaning and premise of this match , everything Angel, it is my world and no one is going to slam the door on my world.”
WSUWrestling.com caught up with Orsini after a closed training session in New Brunswick, NJ. Orsini made the following comments:

“You know, this is the biggest match of my life. I’ve never been in an IronWoman Match. This is my last shot at winning back the most prestigious prize in womens wrestling, the WSU Championship. I’m training for this match like I’ve never trained before. I really don’t know what to expect nor know how I will feel at the end of this match. I am confident in my abilities and know I can win this match.”

When asked if age could play a factor in this match, due to Orsini being 10 years older than Martinez, Orsini said:

“Age hasn’t affected my career in WSU. Before I came around, WSU was known as Alicia‘s playground. It was alot of rookies and up and comers here. I proved in the last year that I can go with anyone. I will put my body of work in WSU against any woman wrestler in the world. Age means shit. I have passion, desire and more than anything I crave to have that WSU Championship back around my waist. Martinez and I have a long history, and despite everything we’ve been through, I can say that I know this won’t be a cakewalk. I know this will be the hugest challenge of my career, to perform at this level and in this type of match… to win this would cement my legacy in womens wrestling.”

On the chance that Orsini may walk out of Boonton empty handed:

“It won’t happen. Martinez is one of the best around, but I’m still the teacher and I haven’t finished teaching Martinez. The possibility of me losing this match and being out of the WSU title picture is a reality that I will not acce pt. Martinez will be in this business when I hang up the boots and t hen she can have the championship, but for right now , it is my time. WSU means the world to me and to be the WSU champion means I am the very best in womens wrestling. To not have that belt would be a great disservice to me and for everything I believe.”

It’s fair to say that as we rapidly approach 6/6, tensions are at an all-time high and one of the greatest feuds in the history of womens wrestling will come to a definitive end.



With the advent of the news that former WSU Champion Nikki Roxx will be making her WSU return on 6/6, WSU has been flooded with requests from stars asking for a one-on-one match. Roxx is one of the top female wrestlers in the country and many wrestlers are looking to make their name off of her. Rain was on the top of that list.

Rain, who started with WSU in the beginning of 2009, is marking her mid-year point with the company. In 6 short months, Rain has left her mark and h as interjected herself all over the place.

Rain proved that she is no slouch and no fluke, when she defeated Rachel Summerlyn on the “White Album” and “Poetic Injustice Caged” DVDs. Rain also showed her allegiance to then-WSU champion Angel Orsini, by slamming a steel cage door in Mercedes Martinez’s face.

Rain then ruined Malia Hosaka‘s Hall of Fame night by using a steel chair to defeat her in the middle of the ring.

Rain, in her quest to become WSU champion, almost earned a WSU Championship match by making it to the finals of this year’s J-Cup. However, Rain was defeated by her partner in crime Angel Orsini. We then found out that Orsini/Rain made a pact in January that Rain would protect Orsini’s championship and in return Orsini would give Rain a title shot. However, when Rain was banned from ringside during the eventual Orsini/Martinez Bullrope match, Orsini lost the championship and the pact was for naught.

In a triple threat match, at th e King & Queen of the Ring 2009 DVD, Martinez was able to pin Ra in to win the match. Rain has since claimed that this shouldn’t count against her in the WSU rankings because it was a triple threat match and she was distracted.

With Nikki Roxx returning to WSU, Nikki has similiar aspirations and goals of Rain, and that is to win the WSU championship. If you recall, Nikki Roxx defeated Sunny for the WSU Championship at the “2008 King & Queen of the Ring DVD” and would go on as WSU champion before losing it to who would go on to be the most dominant champion of all time, Angel Orsini. Since then, Roxx has never received a WSU Championship rematch.

While the Uncensored Rumble will determine the new number 1 contender to the WSU Championship, one thing is for certain, these two eclectic personalities will clash one-on-one for the first time ever in WSU and perhaps the winner of this match will use that momentum to go on to win the Uncensored Rumble.

Rain has stated that, “Here I am sitting back and not even announced for 6/6. It’s like I was completely forgotten. That is BS. I will take out the precious Roxxi, Voodoo bitch whatever the hell she is calling herself and maybe for shits and giggles I’ll shave her head for her too. WSU fans have not even seen me scratch the surface here and it’s only a matter of time before I do what I set myself out to do and that is to win the WSU championship and run this company.”

Roxx has accepted the challenge and will also appear live on a special edition of Missy’s Manor, hosted by Missy Hyatt.



Uncensored Rumble II Takes Place on 6/6

WSU will be presenting three seperate cards all for only $12 on 6/6. Matches from other WSU shows at otehr indy events will be used on the DVD releases of these shows. The first show (read below for matches) will take place at 5PM. When that show is over, we will have a quick intermission, and we will have the annual Uncensored Rumble. Last year’s Rumble went for almost nearly an hour, and with more wrestlers entering this year, this Rumble is gu aranteed to be longer. After the rumble, we will take another brief break, and then we will close the show with the WSU Championship Ironwoman match between Martinez & Orsini.

With that said, “The Uncensored Rumble” is one of WSU’s most exciting matches all year. This match pits many wrestlers on the WSU roster in a “Royal Rumble” rules battle royal match. For those unfamiliar with the rules here they are:

Uncensored Rumble Rules

This is a battle royal match, where eliminations occur when a wrestler is thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. Pinfalls or submissions do not apply.

Two wrestlers will start the match. The two wrestlers chosen to start the match will be randomly chosen via the wrestlers drawing their number backstage. However, the 2009 Uncensored Rumble match will have the first and last spots pre-determined based on the events on the upcoming 4 vs 4 Elimination match that takes place on 6/6. (Details in next section.)

Every two minutes, a new wrestler will enter the match.

The winner of this match will be determined when everyone in the match has entered. The last woman remaining in the ring will be declared the winner, and will have earned a future WSU championship match.

So far, entering this year’s Rumble match are:
1. Nikki Roxx
2. Rain
3. Brooke Carter
4. Jessicka Havok
5. Hailey Hatred
6. Cindy Rogers
7. Annie Social
8. Roxxie Cotton
9. Rick Cataldo
10. Sean Hanson
11. Jana
12. Trixie Lynn
13. Kacee Carlisle
14. Lea Morrison
15. Latasha
16. Amy Lee
17. Missy Sampson
18. Lady Divine
19. Jennifer Cruz
20. ??? (WSU has been requested to keep this spot open by a mysterious entrant)

As you can tell, the field for this year’s rumble is arguably stronger than last years. With the prize being the number 1 contender to the WSU Championship, expect everyone to bring their best.

In an upda te, WSU offices have been asked to keep a spot open by an anonymous entrant. This entrant stated in her note that “It’s about time I take what’s mine. The fans know me and I won’t disappoint.” As everyone knows, anything can happen in WSU and we’re saving the spot open for this anonymous wrestler.


WSU is proud to announce that the WSU championship will be defended one more time before we head to 6/6.

Both Martinez & Orsini have been putting themselves through grueling matches in order to prepare for the Iron-Woman match. Orsini defeated Jana on 5/1 at an FCW event in Brooklyn, NY. Not to be outdone, Martinez defeated Brooke Carter at an NWS show in Middletown, NJ. Both these matches will be released on DVD shortly.

Now both Orsini & Martinez will meet in a ring one last time before their epic Iron-Woman match, as WSU will have the first ever WSU Womens 6-Pack Challenge for the WSU Championship!

On May 30th, you will see WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez vs Former Champion Ang el Orsini vs WSU Tag Champion Brooke Carter vs Former WSU Tag Champion Annie Social vs Former WSU Tag Champion Roxxie Cotton vs an opponent to be named shortly, as the original participant of this match, WSU’s own, Miss April has moved on to the WWE.

This match pits some of WSU’s most decorated stars in one match, all for the WSU Championship. This is a dangerous match to put on so close to the huge June 6th event. Both Orsini & Martinez have hinted to WSUWrestling.com that they have a vested interest in making sure that nobody but themselves win this match, to guarantee their title match stays in tact on 6/6. This match will be one fall to a finish. Both Orsini & Martinez know what’s on the line here. Could we actually see these two work together to make sure their championship match isn’t interfered with? This could be one strange match for WSU.

Here is the show information:
May 30th
The American Legion Hall
Rt 31
Flemington, NJ
Ticket s call Joe Panzarino at 732 888 1704
Tickets for the huge 6/6 as well as the newest WSU dvds will be available for purchase at these events.
WSU is also working on August dates with the NWS promotion which we hope to have announced by 6/6.


WSU DVD Information Center

Make sure to check out WSUWrestling.com and DOIvideo.com for all the latest WSU releases. We will be releasing the 2009 Womens J-Cup Tournament & 2009 King & Queen of the Ring DVDs shortly. Currently shipping is the “2nd Anniversary Show” & “WSU Hall of Fame” DVDs. We also just finished our “Best of 2008” WSU DVD which features nearly 20 matches and has over an hour of unreleased footage. More on that DVD to come. Just keep checking out DOIVideo.com for all the latest release and DVD deals.

DOIVideo.com will be lowering shipping rates shortly in an effort to make our DVDs as affordable as possible. Fans looking to order multiple DVDs and having a problem with paypal can contact B [email protected] to get a cheap flat rate.


Official WSU Rankings

Updated: 5/18/09

Champion: Mercedes Martinez

1. Angel Orsini
2. Rain
3. Awesome Kong
4. Amy Lee
5. Jana
6. Cindy Rogers
7. Nikki Roxx
8. Missy Sampson
9. Trixie Lynn
10. Brooke Carter
11. Latasha
12. Roxxie Cotton
13. Annie Social
14. Alere Little Feather
15. Rachel Summerlyn

Updated: 4/20/09

Champions – Brooke Carter & Partner to be announced on 6/6

1. Amy Lee & Taylor Wilde
2. Roxxie Cotton & Annie Social
3. Alere Little Feather & Missy Sampson
4. Kylie Pierce & Lea Morrison
5. Angel Orsini & Little Jeanne

Women’s J-Cup History
2006 Winner: Alexa Thatcher
2007 Winner: No Tournament
2008 Winner: Mercedes Martinez
2009 Winner: Angel Orsini

King & Queen of the Ring Win ner
2006 Winner: Kara Slice & Julio Dinero
2007 Winner: Me lissa Stripes & Danny Demanto
2008 Winner: Nikki Roxx & Rhett Titus
2009 Winner: Miss April & Jay Lethal

* Note: All Tournaments are on sale at DOIVideo.com

Uncensored Rumble Winner
2008 Winner: Amy Lee
2009 Winner: To Be Determined on June 6th!!!!



WHAT: WSU Presents “Uncensored Rumble II”
WHEN: Saturday, June 6th
WHERE: The Darress Theatre
LOCATION: 615 Main Street, Boonton, NJ
Tickets: $12 Internet Price, $15 at the door
Ticket Ordering Information: [email protected] (Stay tuned to WSUWrestling.com to order tickets online)
Belltime: 5PM, Doors will open 4:30 PM

For more information on WSU, contact [email protected] and visit our website at WSUwrestling.com