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On May 15th, Wrestling Weekly hosts Doc Young and Les Thatcher, on their second anniversary show, Doc & Les were joined by Figure Four Newsletter’s Bryan Alvarez for this week’s “Hot Topic” and two featured guests, Ring of Honor’s Gabe Sapolsky and “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase.
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Gabe Sapolsky joined Doc & Les as their first featured guest and they discussed:

– The first Ring of Honor pay-per-view at the Manhattan Center and his thoughts on the show, which he “…can’t be happier with, its tremendous…”

– Ring of Honor will be the alternative to TNA & WWE and that ROH will be going back to it’s roots in 2002, with an emphasis on the pro-wrestling itself

– Nigel McGuiness

– Gabe noted that pay-per-view was the next step for Ring of Honor and highlights that ROH will not be doing a television show, but will continue with their niche, but hopes they will increase the fan base. Ring of Honor’s goal is “slow, steady growth”

– Pay-per-view will get them more exposure and ROH have realistic goals

– Don’t have any plans for further expansion at this time, but have a show in Japan for July

– More about the Ring of Honor pay-per-view and the product they put on “will earn people’s respect”

– Talks about the relationship between TNA and Ring of Honor

– The long term goals for Ring Of Honor, which are the pay-per-view which Gabe states he hope will bring ROH more fans

– Anyone can show up on the pay-per-views, highlighting that wrestlers from other promotions can appear on the events and it’s more about putting on the best card.

– Price for the pay-per-view will be between $10-$15, depending on the cable system and that the price was set to be affordable which assists them getting more exposure

– Mentions that Ring of Honor will be carried by most cable systems.

Ring of Honor’s first pay-per-view, “Respect is Earned”, will begin airing on pay-per-view from the 1st July.

For more on Ring of Honor, visit their official website at: www.rohwrestling.com

Doc and Les second featured guest was “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, they discussed:

– Ted’s Ministry, which he noted, “has become my life”

– Wrestling was a “way of life, a lifestyle”, the words his father’s told him and that he didn’t push him to do something but wanted Ted DiBiase to live his dream

– Ted’s sons, who were both trained by Harley Race and that Ted Jr. has wrestled for Pro-Wrestling NOAH

– Had an opportunity in Japan when the late Brusier Brody went to New Japan and Stan Hansen wanted Ted to be his tag team partner for All Japan Pro-Wrestling, which he was, before getting the opportunity to go to WWE

– The world title eluded him in his career and that he was told that the Funks, Bob Geigel, the Briscoes wanted him to have the NWA World Championship. The top three choices were himself, Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. Ted notes that when Bill Watts pulled out of the National Wrestling Alliance all the power went to Jim Crockett at Mid-Atlantic.

– WrestleMania IV, the storyline with Andre, Hulk Hogan and himself and that he there were plans that he was going to hold the World Championship for a time. The decision was then to turn Randy Savage ’babyface’ and give him the belt, which is why Ted DiBiase states, WWE created the “Million Dollar Belt“.

– Working babyface and heel and turning heel on his tag partner in Mid-South Wrestling, The Junkyard Dog

– Ernie Ladd and Andre The Giant, both Ted states had great psychology

– “The Million Dollar Man” character

– Ted’s career in WWE as a road agent for “SmackDown!“ and his opinions on WWE programming

– Commentating for WWE with Gorilla Monsoon and Stan Lane

– No more myths! DiBiase tells once and for all what The Million Dollar Belt was made out of and how much it is worth!

– Working with Virgil, who was “very business like…very hard working” and that he had good matches with him as he listened well and Ted DiBiase notes that Virgil trusted him

– How he collapsed in Dec. 05, and that Dusty Rhodes looked after him

– His advice for Randy Orton, who Ted says he could be World Champion as “he has the talent, savvy, all the tools…” but has personal issues in his life. He makes an analogy to Dick Murdoch, who he states could have been a world champion too.

– Thanks the wrestling fans and that he’s amazed how many young people know who he is. Also, Ted DiBiase notes that if you have ever considered God, now would be a good time to do it.

For more on Ted DiBiase visit his official website at: www.milliondollarman.com

Next week, Doc and Les will be joined by Jonny Fairplay.

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