LIVE Recap LIVE Recap: Kashmere-Gordon Confrontation; LIVE Radio is becoming the place for people to expect the unexpected.  When Johnny Kashmere tried to dominate PWP, he was confronted by PWU Owner Tod Gordon.

Johnny Kashmere talks down opponent Zack McGuire (who he’s facing Saturday at PWU) and goes after co-host Nate Stein.
•     John House plugs Kashmere as the first man to bring the Big Japan Junior Heavyweight Title to the U.S. and brings Kashmere on early, to catch Nate Stein off guard, saying that it was time for Stein to apologize.  
•     Stein didn’t apologize and said he was proud he stood up to Kashmere in-ring last month.
•     Kashmere talked about PWU this Saturday against Zack McGuire, saying it will be a beat down, like it was when he defeated Nate Stein last month.
•     Kashmere & Stein got into it.  After laying into Kashmere, Stein hung up to keep the show going.
•     Makes fun of the challenges McGuire has overcome to be in the ring and says he can’t believe the “gaul” of McGuire to believe he can step into the ring with someone with the experience he has.
•     Kashmere talked about how people try to bring him down after he’s the one who builds them up, how he helped to start PWP’s Live Radio, PWU, & XFC.  But says nothing can bring him down.

PWU Owner Tod Gordon makes a surprise appearance to confront Kashmere and answers questions about recently released WWE talent coming to PWU!
•     Nate Stein returns, bringing PWU Owner Tod Gordon onto the show.
•     Gordon confronts Kashmere on why would he pick on the Nate Steins & Amy Lees of the world, why doesn’t he “grow a set” and face the bigger men in PWU like Kwami, Damien Slugga, or other names in PWU.
•     Kashmere says he feels ambushed, but it doesn’t matter who is in front of him, he will enjoy this weekend.
•     Gordon says he looks forward to the Commissioner Idol winner setting up a Kashmere vs. THE ENTIRE LOCKER ROOM match.  Kashmere says he will find his own candidate to support and take it to Gordon.
•     Trash says the Commissioner Idol position is made for him.  Gordon asks who Trash would put against Kashmere.  Trash immediately says Trent Acid.
•     Gordon calls out House for causing trouble with everyone and how he likes to divide and conquer, putting Joker & Reyes against each other, as well as Joel & Jose Maximo…and warns House will eventually turn Acid & Kashmere against each other.
•     House asks Gordon with all the recent WWE releases, will we have a surprise this Saturday at PWU?  Gordon mentions 2 Cold Scorpio will be there, but mentions you never know, especially with Sabu and apparently RVD now “free” from their contracts.

The PWP LIVE Roundtable brought the latest news from
•     WWE Hiring/Firing (Firing Sabu, Rob Conway, Vito, 2 Cold Scorpio, and allegedly RVD.  Hiring UK talents Drew Galloway, Murat Bospherous, Stu Sanders, Sheamus OShaunessy, Chris Chaos, Taylor Phoenix, Hade Vansen, & new writers)
•     Jericho with upcoming indy dates (PWE on 6/24 in Martinsburg, WV & MCW on 7/8 in Batlimore) and his possible WWE return
•     TNA & NWA finally split, NWA signs with Big Vision Entertainment, while TNA debuts new title belts
•     Edge becomes new WWE World champion, wrestling 7 times in last 4 days.  What it means for WWE.

Pro Wrestling Unplugged returns THIS SATURDAY at 7:30 pm at the New Alhambra Arena (former ECW Arena), 7 Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA.  What will lead  into the most unique match in wrestling today and a premiere event for PWU with The Crazy 8 on June 19?
* PWU World Heavyweight Title Match: champion Devon Moore vs. Trent Acid
* Anything Goes, Street Fight: All Money Is Legal vs. The SAT
* Johnny Kashmere w/ The Dew vs. Zack McGuire
* Annie Social/April Hunter vs. Amy Lee/Sara Del Ray
* Joker vs. Adam Flash
* Slugga Grand Slam Challenge
* John House’s “House of Unplugged” w/ Z-Barr
* TJ Cannon vs. Bruce Maxwell
* Also featuring The Thomasellis, The Angus Brothers, Drew Blood, Teddy Fine, Lucky, Nate Stein, Dan Cowhey, Jake Black, & more.

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