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Here is the transcript:
MSL: And we are back on FIP Radio, Mister Saint Laurent here, with Erick Stevens, the FIP Florida Heritage champion. And we are recording this right after the Bunkhouse Battle Royal, at the Southern Stampede in Brooksville, Florida. You’ve had quite the weekend, Erick. Just got back from Ring of Honor, came straight here, forgot your Florida Heritage title belt….

ES: I did not have time, to pick it up. I came straight from the airport, Mister Saint Laurent. It’s been a hectic two days, you can hear my voice is a little scratchy, a little worn out…But, been having fun.

MSL: So let’s go in chronological order, I want you to walk the fans through a weekend like this, a triple shot for you. When does it start, when did you leave to go up north?

ES: Well, this triple shot was interesting because in my career, I’ve never had a flight cancelled. And I was awaked at the nice hour of 6 A.M. by Mr. Roderick Strong, to tell me that our supposed early flight had been cancelled. And the earliest flight that good ole’ American Airlines could secure us, was at 1 P.M. And with the connecting flight that would put us in St. Paul, Minnesota, at a little bit shy of 8 P.M, which, as you know, is bell time for Ring of Honor. So we were hoping that we didn’t get any additional delays, and luckily enough we made it in time for the show. And you know, it was Ring of Honor, and great fans in St. Paul, great turnout. Had a great 4-Way match, unfortunately I did not come out on top there, Rocky Romero was able to pin Jack Evans, while I was taken out by Delirious. But…

MSL: Now for the FIP fans that aren’t too familiar with what’s going on in Ring of Honor right now, you and Rocky Romero are in different groups. So why don’t you tell the FIP fans what’s going on in Ring of Honor.

ES: For the FIP fans, recently Roderick Strong has had little change of attitude, and he has started a group called the No Remorse Corps, consisting of him, Rocky Romero, and Davey Richards. Now they’ve kinda’ taken it into their own hands….They like to power bomb people on guard rails, basically. Roderick likes to take people out, he likes to take advantage of them and hurt them. And Austin Aries, the former tag team partner, feels betrayed, as Roderick turned on him, stabbed him in the back. So, Austin took it upon himself, to start his own faction. And that’s where I come in. He thought that I had the potential, that I had the talent, so he could shape me and mold me into a future superstar.

MSL: Like a piece of clay?

ES: Yes!

MSL: Like the clay we’re standing on right now!

ES: You know right now I’m a little mis-shaped, a little soft, but he’s going to harden me up, and shape me into a future superstar, me and Matt Cross together. He thought we had potential, so he took us under his wing, since Roderick felt that, I guess I wasn’t worthy enough to be in the No Remorse Corps…

MSL: Well you have too much remorse.

ES: I guess. I care. The Resilience cares! We care. We’re passionate about professional wrestling, you know? I’m passionate, as I have not slept in…I don’t know, 32 hours or something of that matter. I sound a little discombobulated.

MSL: ‘Cause you are.

ES: Yeah, it’s hot out here. The show out here today, after wrestling last night, no, no, let me go chronologically.


ES: CHRONOLOGICALLY. Last night, I had the honor, and the privilege of wrestling Christopher Daniels. A guy who I used to watch before I even got in the business and really looked up to. And…

MSL: Back when he had hair.

ES: Ok, that’s not necessary.

MSL: I’m just sayin’. I’m just trying to set the picture for people that are listening.

ES: Hair style, you know.

MSL: Back when you had a full head of hair instead of a mo-hawk.

ES: Yes instead of a mo-hawk, when I was a little bit chubbier. But, you know it was a great honor, and I felt I held my own. I took him to the limit, I took him to the 15 minute time limit despite him taking apart my ribs, gashing my stomach on the guard rail. And I thought that he would do me the favor of adding an extra five minutes, and referee Paul Turner agreed, the fans seemed to love it. I wanted five more minutes, but it turns out since he is the veteran, it was his call. And he didn’t want the five minutes, so. Had to walk on, you know?

MSL: Now is it a little bit of a moral victory for you, getting the draw with Christopher Daniels?

ES: A moral victory, yes. I think that I was trying to prove that I could hang with one of the forefathers of Ring of Honor. One of the best wrestling in the world. And for me, to last 15 minutes, not ONLY to last 15 minutes but to come within seconds of delivering the Doctor Bomb, and pinning him, was I think a very big accomplishments. One of the high points of my short career.

MSL: Now, you’ve made your way to Brooksville.

ES: Right.

MSL: Ok so, last night what city were you in?

ES: Last night we were in Chicago, Illinois watching Colt Cabana wrestle his last match for the time being in Ring of Honor, before heading off to, you know, that great big company up north.

MSL: He signed a contract somewhere, not sure.

ES: Yes, indeed.

MSL: So what was the schedule like, ok you got to this show late, so when was the flight from Chicago?

ES: The flight got in at 11, we made one stop for gas and everything, and drove right here. We were in the same clothes, we didn’t sleep, we came with the clothes we were in the airports in. Came right here, changed, I tried on Roderick’s tights, he tried on mine. We decided it didn’t work out too well, they were a little bit snug. And for people who don’t know, this show is held outdoors in FLORIDA!

MSL: We’re in a rodeo arena right now.

ES: In Florida, there is clay everywhere. It is 90 degrees! But everybody came out here and busted their butts and put on a great show for the people in Brooksville. And basically keeping that tradition of FIP, hard work alive. I’m really proud of FIP and what it’s become in the past couple of years. One thing we always promise is that there’s no one half assing it. We’re bringing it, every time! I’m definitely bringing it! And Roderick Strong, FIP Heavyweight champion is definitely bringing it.

MSL: Of the world!

ES: OF THE WORLD, defended it in England, yes. So, I’m very proud of FIP. I’m very proud to call my self the FIP Florida Heritage champion, I’m very proud to call myself a member of Full Impact Pro. As it is the best promotion in the state of Florida.

MSL: Now, we can actually here a tractor behind us right now.

ES: Yes, and the wind, I’m sure you can hear the wind at home.

MSL: And the wind. You know, Austin Aries thinks of you as a piece of clay, and you’re covered in clay so it’s very appropriate.

ES: Yes it is. It’s very appropriate.

MSL: Now you defended your title today, you didn’t have the belt with you, unfortunately.

ES: No sir, I didn’t have the belt on me. But, Chasyn Rance felt he was a worthy challenger, and I felt, I’m a fighting champion, I want to represent Florida the way it should be. And I hate the YRR, so why not? And the rest is history, Doctor Bomb, 1, 2, 3. Defense number three.

MSL: So Erick Stevens, Chasyn “Not Cocky” Rance, titles on the line, it’s 100 degrees out, you haven’t slept in forever.

ES: But it doesn’t matter.

MSL: And I know for a fact, as someone that actually lives with Chasyn, he was very well rested. So he had the advantage.

ES: He was. He was probably drinking champagne, and eating escargot, and thinking Erick’s going to be all tired, I’ll just hit him with a shoe or something, and steal the title, and then go sell it. Or something to that effect. I don’t know, the YRR are crazy. I don’t live like the YRR, I can’t relate. BUT, he tried some of his tactics, unfortunately for him they backfired. And the belt stays around my waist.

MSL: Now, what do you have in mind coming up, got events at the end of May, I believe it’s the 25th and 26th.

ES: Yes. Inverness and Melbourne.

MSL: Ok, so I gotta’ imagine you’ll be defending your title at least once.

ES: As a matter of fact in Inverness, I will be defending my Florida Heritage title against Delirious. A match I’m looking forward to greatly, as DP Associates is managed, much like YRR, to get on my bad side recently. Sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong, and I don’t really appreciate that. I like to fight my battles 1 on 1. And I don’t appreciate the backhanded tactics they use. So, I’m sure Dave Prazak will be at ringside, I’m sure Milo Beasley will be at ringside. And I’ll gladly lawn dart him, like I did in Crystal River, into that ring post, if he sticks his ugly, stinky, homeless nose in my business.

MSL: Now the last time we were in Inverness, Delirious competed against Jigsaw. And the fans, they loved Jigsaw, because kids love puzzles. And you’ve been known in the past as “Explosive” Erick Stevens. So what do kids like more, puzzles or explosions?

ES: I think they like mo-hawks, they like mo-hawks, and they like when I stick my tongue out. And they like when I hit people really hard. I got a lot of things going for me.

MSL: Delirious is in trouble!

ES: Also, Delirious is evil. He came from the swamps, let’s not forget that.

MSL: The swamps of Florida, is that true?

ES: He’s a mistake of nature, that’s why he wears the mask. You know that right? You know what’s under there right?

MSL: I’ve heard that. I haven’t seen what’s underneath the mask, I don’t want to. I get scared easy.

ES: Me neither, but I heard. And he speaks his own language that I don’t understand. But I knew he challenged me for my title. And you know, like I said, I’m a fighting champion, he’s a very worthy challenger.

MSL: One of the top competitors in the world, traveled all over the place.

ES: Easily.

MSL: Is it true that he was crawling out of the Everglades, and on I-75, a car just hit him right in the face. And he’s scarred.

ES: I believe Dave Prazak ran over Delirious.

MSL: On purpose?

ES: And when he stopped the car to get out, he gave Dave Prazak the Panic Attack, and knocked him out. And Delirious drove the rest of the way back to Crystal River.

MSL: And that’s one of the things that makes Delirious so dangerous, is that when you’ve got him hurt, he’s like a wounded animal, he’s liable to do something crazy.

ES: Well I mean last time we wrestled, if you remember, at the Florida Heritage title tournament, he used every single cheating tactic. He would bite me, he’s got sharp teeth too, and he has really slimy saliva.

MSL: I still see the scars from the bites all over your body.

ES: Yeah, yeah. But, I came out on top there, and I plan on coming out on top in Inverness, defending my title like a fighting champion.

MSL: Well we’re certainly looking forward to that, Inverness May the 25th, you’ll also be in action the next night in Melbourne on the 26th. Anything could happen that night, it’s FIP, anything goes!

ES: No idea against who. Melbourne a very exciting town, used to be a big hot spot for professional wrestling, kinda’ died off, but FIP is bringing it back to the forefront!

MSL: Well you heard it from Erick Stevens, he hasn’t slept in a few days, we’re covered in clay. Are we going to get some funnel cakes at the fair?

ES: You know what, I’m thinking I’m going to get some Diet Coke, and some Elephant Ear, which is fried, disgusting food.

MSL: Fried, disgusting food, coming up.

ES: This is a celebration! It’s a celebration!

MSL: The champ, it’s time to celebrate, thanks for coming on the show. We’re gonna’ take a quick break, and we’ll be right back, on FIP Radio!