WSU/NWS 2/7 Results, News and More

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU)  teamed up with the National Wrestling Superstars (NWS)  promotion this past Saturday night on 2/7. Several advertised matches were changed, due to the injury of Lea Morrison. Before the show, WSU found out that Lea Morrison was in a local Boston hospital due to a bladder infection. Despite Morrison’s recent change of heart in WSU, and aligning herself with the devious Kylie Pierce, Morrison has retained her friendship with Latasha. Latasha gave up her chance to become WSU champion to see her friend through this tough time. Both have told WSU that they will 100% be there on 3/7 and apologize to the fans for missing 2/7, but it was out of their control as “real-life” kicked in here.

With Morrison & Latasha unable to make the event, Kylie Pierce demanded that she get a WSU Championship match due to the fact that she was promised a tag team title match. With Pierce’s partner unable to make it, and with Latasha who wa s originally scheduled to take on WSU Champion Orsini, WSU officials actually agreed with Pierce, and Pierce vs Orsini was set for the event.

With the WSU Championship match set, that left the WSU Tag Team Champions, The Beatdown Betties, without opponents. However, a new alliance has been forged in WSU between newcomers and fan favorites, Brooke Carter & Miss April. The two have been feuding off and on with Melissa Coates & Trixie Lynn, and have bonded together while talking match strategies. April & Carter are both fairly new and have deemed that together they can watch each other’s back and learn and grow in WSU together. It seems Carter has moved on from the unreliable Reyna Fire, to a stronger and perhaps more well-rounded partner than Fire. Carter & April have a mission of putting fans in the seats, rather than setting them up. However, their task of challenging The Beatdown Betties would be serious and high stakes.

Rounding out the card was a special challenge match between Bad Ass Beauty Trixie Lynn &a mp; Jana.



1. WSU Tag Team Championship Match
Brooke Carter & Miss April upset (c) The Beatdown Betties (Annie Social & Roxxie Cotton) to WIN the WSU Tag Team Titles!

2. Jana d. Trixie Lynn via submission

3. WSU Championship Match
(c) Angel Orsini d. Kylie Pierce with a flatliner


In what was a major night for WSU, WSU saw the Tag Team Championships find new homes. The WSU Tag Team Titles seem to be the hottest belts in womens wrestling as no one can hold them for too long without getting burnt! After losing and regaining the championships on 1/10, The Betties second reign ended on 2/7 when the shocking duo of Miss April & Brooke Carter upset the Beatdown Betties. Will this win be a fluke or will Carter/April have enough momentum to hold the tag team titles for an extended period of time? Anything can happen in WSU!


Jana, who may have done the most dastardly act ever in WSU when she attacked a thought to be pregnant Latasha on 1/10, had her first match since the 1/10 WSU show. Jana took on Trixie Lynn, who has been coming up through the WSU ranks and making waves. However, despite Lynn’s rising excellence, Jana was able to put her away with the Jana-Vice (Front Face Lock Submission) for the clean victory. Jana may have sent a message to Latasha in this match, as no one has been able to break out of the Jana-Vice. Jana is not the same girl she used to be and it seems and feels like that the days of dancing and having fun with WSU crowds are long, long gone.


WSU Champion Angel Orsini may be the best womens wrestling champion in all of the world during her reign. Orsini has defended the WSU Championship whereever, whenever and against whoever. The last several matches Orsini has had in WSU, Orsini wrestled with a concussion (that she sustained in the match), a bad back, a deep bruised elbow and with broken fingers. Orsini, who is not exactly a fan-favorite, has seen some fan support due to being a fighting champion, despite her actions to a one Mercedes Martinez. Orsini, battling the flu on 2/7, also battled against the very hungry & determined Kylie Pierce. This was a great one-on-one match, with Pierce handling her own with the champion. No one has beaten Orsini for the WSU Championship for nearly a year, and despite a strong effort from Pierce, that fact remained true.

What we did learn from this match is that even though Orsini turned back yet another challenger for what she calls “HER” WSU Title Belt, trouble is on the horizon for Alere Little Feather & Missy Sampson. Kylie held her own with the WSU champion and at times, look like she could’ve left Edison, NJ with the WSU Championship. However, Angel Orsini, with the huge TITLE VS HAIR BULLROPE match on 3/7 against Mercedes Martinez ahead, kept her focus and cool and remained WSU Champion after her patented flatliner. With the rumors of Mercedes Martinez returning to college full-time win or lose on March 7th, the way Orsini has been wrestling as of late, it might just be class, career & HAIR dismissed for a one Mercedes Martinez.


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Updated Rankings:

Updated: 2/8/08

Champion: An gel Orsini

1. Mercedes Martinez
2. Rain
3. Awesome K ong
4. Amy Lee
5. Traci Brooks
6. Jana
7. Rachel Summerlyn
8. Roxxie Cotton
9. Annie Social
10. Melissa Coates
11. Alere Little Feather
12. Miss April
13. Missy Sampson
14. Brooke Carter
15. Trixie Lynn

Updated: 2/8/08

Champions – Brooke Carter & Miss April

1. Amy Lee & Taylor Wilde
2. Alere Little Feather & Missy Sampson
3. Beatdown Betties
4. Kylie Pierce & Lea Morrison
5. Melissa Coates & Trixie Lynn

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