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False Count Radio interview with Paul London. Hosted by “Pacific Coast Player” JT Evans, “The Albert Einstein of Pro Wrestling” Alex K, and “The Juicin” Jobber. To hear the full interview go to falsecountradio.com.


False Count Radio was privileged to host Paul London’s first post WWE interview and he wasn’t afraid of speaking what he had in mind. Here are some of the highlights of this near two hour interview:

-When asked if he was shocked about his WWE release, London immediately said “No”, but was shocked that they were still paying him.

-London said that he never liked Billy Kidman as a person, but admired his work in WCW “when he was 100 lbs. lighter”. He also said that Kidman “threw him under the bus”.

-“The Albert Einstein of Pro Wrestling” Alex asked London how it was working with the Dudleyz, in which London stated that D-Von was great to work with, but that Bubba was an “asshole”.

-A caller asks him what he thinks of Evan Bourne using the shooting star press, to which London replies that “it’s ridiculous” and gives a funny story why he thinks that.

-Caller A.G. Vito asks what the reasoning was for him smiling on the day Mr. McMahon “died”, where London discusses how hard it was not to laugh at the whole thing.

-London says that Rob Van Dam would be his dream opponent, as he not only idolizes the wrestler, but also the person.

-Calls Matt Hardy a “piece of shit” and a “coward”.

-Says his favorite match ever was against Jeff Hardy at a house show in Mexico That Was Never Seen.

-Juicin Jobber asks if London plans on training wrestlers, to which London said he would like to in the future.

-Says he’s very happy for Brian Kendrick and wishes him the best.

-JT Evans asks London what the fans can expect in his PWG debut, which London replies “an uncensored, unrestrained spirit…the fans can look forward to honesty”.

Paul London also discusses being in the 2005 Royal Rumble, feuding with Chavo Guerrero, President Obama, the four way tag team ladder match at Armageddon 2006, Juventud Guerrera injuring him, possibly going back to ROH or TNA, word association with names such as Rey Mysterio, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Batista, John Cena, Triple H, Vince McMahon, and much more!!

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