WWE Hall of Famer “Precious” Paul Ellering was recently interviewed by Steve and the Scum

Paul ElleringOn the anniversary of the passing of the legendary Road Warrior Hawk, WGD Weekly with Steve and the Scum has re-released a recent interview with WWE Hall of Famer, “Precious” Paul Ellering, where the former Legion of Doom manager gets very emotional in remembering his longtime friend. Ellering also talks about his and the Warriors’ WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2011 and the possibility his daughter, Rachael following in his footsteps and pursuing a career in the world of sports entertainment in the future.

The interview can be heard in its entirety here:

During this exclusive chat, “Precious” Paul told Steve and the Scum the following:

His emotional remembrance of Road Warrior Hawk: “…It was emotional, because we missed him. At that time (when inducted to HOF), we’d been together probably 28 years…We had our 20 year reunion in June 2003…and then hawk passed away in October, we just missed him. He was an awesome guy; he was the best of the best. Hawk would give you the shirt off his back. I remember one time, we were in New York City, right downtown by the 54th Street gym and the gym was in an alley…we went down the steps and we worked out…we come out and here’s this guy, he’s just down on his luck and he’s leaned up against the wall, sitting on the cement there, a homeless person, and Hawk just reaches into his pocket and gives him fifty bucks. You know, that’s the way Hawk was…he was the best of the best, yeah…”

Being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame: “…To be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is a tremendous honor. Also, at the same time that year, we were inducted into the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in Amsterdam, New York. So both in one year is a tremendous honor. Everything to do with the WWE and their “universe” they have, it’s always first class…Vince called and said, you’re to be inducted into the Hall of Fame…they just take care of you first class, everything…they do it up right…It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized amongst your peers, to be enshrined forever…It’s just a really touching deal…and to be able to talk about Hawk, that meant the most to me…”

His daughter Rachael, possibly following in his footsteps and pursuing a career in sports entertainment: “…Well, the door is there…you gotta open the door and walk through, and she knows that. She’s a very disciplined person and has tremendous talent and she can go as far as she wants…”

This is just a small part of this fantastic and emotional interview with Paul on WGD Weekly with Steve and the Scum, as he also touches on all points of his legendary career including his start in wrestling with Verne Gagne, the injury that ended his in ring career and opened the door for him to become a manager, the legendary “Last Battle of Atlanta” cage match between Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer, the original Legion of Doom in Georgia Championship Wrestling, his managing of the Spoiler, Arn Anderson, Matt Borne, and others, the origins of the War Games and working with Dusty, Nikita, and the Four Horseman during that period, not joining the WWF in the 1980’s and his and the Warriors travelling in all the territories and Japan, being the last “real” manager, going against Hawk and Animal and managing DOA during the “Attitude Era,” and so much more…

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