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MVDOWW Women’s Wrestling Columnist Eric Holt chooses his M.V.D.- Most Valuable Diva(s) of the week, based on television matches, promos, and/ or segments.

Tamina made a statement this week! On Monday Night RAW, Tamina competed in a singles match against Brie, a match that was booked by Stephanie McMahon and favored Tamina since only AJ was allowed to be at ringside. The leather-wearing bodyguard put on a great match against Brie Bella. When it looked as though Tamina was going to lose the match, Tamina countered the Bella Buster and nailed Brie with a huge big boot for the win. After the match, Tamina gave Brie a post-match beat down that gave AJ the perfect opportunity to lock in the Black Widow to add more salt to Brie’s wounds. STATEMENT MADE! I was impressed with Tamina’s performance on RAW. She picked up a win over Brie in a match that made her look like a dominant force to be reckoned with. I also felt that Tamina’s alliance with AJ shined on RAW as well, especially during the post-match beat down on Brie. When I originally say Tamina and AJ together as allies, I had my doubts about it and did not think it was going to work out. However, I can honestly say that I was wrong. Tamina and AJ’s alliance has been a lot better than I expected. Tamina as AJ’s bodyguard gives her more TV time, gives her a chance to show off her wrestling skills more often, and adds more depth to her heel character.

Tamina certainly has been stepping up her game as of late, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for her in the weeks ahead as far as her alliance with AJ goes. Tamina, you have made a statement, and that is why you are this week’s Most Valuable Diva. Oh, and one more thing: is it just me or does the AJ/Tamina pairing make you think of when Shawn Michaels had Diesel as his bodyguard? It’s almost as if the AJ/Tamina pairing is the diva version of the Shawn Michaels/Diesel pairing.

Come back next week to see who will be the Most Valuable Diva of the week.

Did you agree/disagree with my pick for M.V.D.? Who do you think should have been this week’s M.V.D.? Give me your thoughts in the comments section below, or tweet me your thoughts @_ericholt_ .

– Eric Holt