WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler wins in his comeback match with Dory Funk Jr. in Ocala, FL


WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler wins in comeback match with Dory Funk Jr. in Ocala, FL.

Jerry The King Lawler delivered his patented piledriver on Hollywood Heather to score the victory for his team in an inter-gender tag match during the !BANG! TV tapings on Saturday, May 25 at the !BANG! TV Soundstage in (Central Florida) Ocala.

It marked Lawler’s first official match since his heart attack last year on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Cleared by doctors to compete, Lawler accepted an offer from fellow WWE Hall of Famer Dory Funk Jr. to team with him, Johnny Magnum and Jessica Power-House Hill. They battled Cory Wild Weston, Quinton Drop-Back Hitchcock, Romero Youngblood and Hollywood Heather.

Lawler was declared in excellent physical condition. The final clearance for his much anticipated in-ring return was determined after a blood pressure examination at ringside by Funking Conservatory wrestler Dr. Andrew Kontantinov, a physician from Russia who was assisted by Dory Funk’s personal nurse, Julie Kraynack, and assistant nurse Chika.

Lawler surprised the capacity crowd when he decided to start the match.

After successful forays against his male opposition (Weston, Hitchcock, Youngblood), the 6-foot blonde bombshell Hollywood Heather took the tag to face Lawler. He responded by tagging his lady partner, Hill.

Hollywood Heather was infuriated throughout the match that The King would not face her. After 15 minutes of exciting action, Hollywood Heather confronted Lawler again. When Lawler refused to lay a hand on her, she slapped him in the face. Lawler responded with the same devastating move that put Andy Kauffman in a neck-brace. Lawler applied the piledriver on Hollywood Heather and covered her as referee Claudia the Claw Reiff made the 3-count.

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