WWE Interested in Buying TNA?


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WWE Interested in Buying TNA?

Over the weekend it was reported that several groups, including WWE and Sinclair Broadcasting, have put bids in to purchase TNA, which is currently owned by Dixie Carter, Billy Corgan, Canada’s Fight Network, and Aroluxe.

Dave Meltzer reported yesterday that nobody close to the situation has heard anything regarding an offer from WWE, but it looks like that might be changing. Meltzer is now reporting that there is a real offer from WWE but it was described as only if no other parties purchase the company. It’s also likely that WWE is merely interested in the now 14-year old tape library featuring current WWE talent such as Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and of course, the WWE World Champion AJ Styles. We’ve heard rumors that WWE is willing to purchase the entire company just to get the tape library.

In regards to the actual sale of Impact Wrestling, Dave Meltzer says it’s between current President Corgan and a second party that is interested. He noted that there are several non-disclosure agreements in regards to the second party. It was also said that the second party is not Aroluxe, who reportedly will not be buying the company as they had until September 1st to get their deal together. The Post reported that Aroluxe still has a stake in TNA along with Corgan, Dixie Carter and The Fight Network, adding that TNA is currently so financially strapped that Aroluxe had taken over their “TNA” trademark.

As previously reported, Corgan is looking to have a deal in place by Bound for Glory on October 2nd.

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