WWE Night of Champions 2014 predictions

NOC 2014 predictions

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WWE’s most gold-laden event of the year, Night of Champions, is almost upon us. Heading into the seismic spectacular, there are many questions on the collective mind of the WWE Universe, none more pressing than, “Lesnar or Cena?”

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But why limit your predictions to the WrestleMania-caliber main event SummerSlam rematch between The Conqueror and the Cenation leader? Click through and check out WWE.com’s predictions for the entire loaded Night of Champions card and add your own picks for winners and losers in the comments section below!

@JoeyStylesA proud American will step up and defeat the rampaging Russian … but it will not be Mark Henry. If this was simply a contest of two powerhouses pummeling one another until the strongest survived, Henry would be my pick. However, Henry has more than 18 years in WWE, and that fact actually tips the scale Rusev’s favor. Since 1996, Henry has endured a broken leg, a torn quadriceps, surgeries on both knees and many more injuries that didn’t require surgery, but kept him from competing. Rusev has yet to spend even one year enduring the punishing 300-day-a-year schedule of a WWE Superstar and is 15 years younger than the former U.S. Olympian. The World’s Strongest Man may not succumb by submission to the Accolade, but Rusev will find a way to exploit the many miles on the human tank that is Mark Henry and bring it to a halt. That aside, I’d like to reinforce that we, the WWE Universe, will also be winners the moment Lana appears on screen. WINNER: Rusev

@HowardFinkelI have always had a great amount of respect for Mark Henry, and when the issue began to develop with Rusev, it was obvious The World’s Strongest Man’s pride and motivation have never been as high as they are leading into this Sunday night’s meeting with the Moscow resident. However, Lana has pressed all the right buttons thus far for her man, and although I expect Henry to be at his optimum, when all is said and done, Rusev will prevail by barely eking out a win over Henry, in what I expect to be his toughest match to date. WINNER: Rusev

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Scott Taylor: Rusev’s opponents keep getting bigger and better, but that hasn’t stopped this remarkably agile behemoth from toppling every Superstar who gets in his way. I will be rooting for Mark Henry to win this match for America, but I have to pick based on what I see, and what I’ve witnessed is a Super-Athlete physically dominating every challenger thrown his way. The World’s Strongest Man has elite power, but I don’t think he can match Rusev’s combination of strength and speed. Either way, I can’t wait to see these two patriotic powerhouses battle it out. WINNER: Rusev

James Wortman: No one’s had Rusev’s number like Mark Henry, who is poised to give the hulking Super-Athlete his first true defeat this Sunday at Night of Champions. No manner of shrieking from Lana at ringside will change the fact The World’s Strongest Man is more powerful than we’ve ever seen him before — his resolve undoubtedly bolstered by the patriotic significance of this international encounter. Both Henry and Old Glory will stand tall as America celebrates a huge victory over this hulking Russian oppressor. WINNER: Mark Henry

John Clapp: I can’t be the only one surprised Rusev hasn’t been felled by now. Despite stiff competition in the form of Big E, Jack Swagger and others, Lana’s joyless flag-bearing monster has continued to “crush.” Mark Henry fought off the Accolade on Raw, however, and that’s all the convincing I need. If Rusev can’t lock in his prized hold, he can’t beat The World’s Strongest Man. WINNER: Mark Henry

Rusev: 3, Mark Henry: 2

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