WWE signs NCAA All-American wrestler Clayton Jack to a three year deal


Courtesy of LordsofPain.net:

WWE has signed NCAA All-American heavyweight wrestler Clayton Jack to a three year developmental deal.

Jack was scouted last year by Gerald Brisco after attending a tryout camp in Tampa, Florida but turned it down because he wanted to complete his education at the Oregon State University. Now that he has graduated, he has accepted the offer and will report to NXT later this month to begin training.

“I am just really excited for the opportunity to work with the WWE,” Jack told OSUbeavers.com. “As far as goals go, I just want to learn as much as possible. Hopefully if I do well in the three years, maybe I can get an NXT title or move up to the WWE.”

Jack is known for being a very friendly guy, but he sees a different role for himself when he steps into the squared circle.

“I wouldn’t mind playing the heel, which is the bad guy,” Jack explained. “When you first start out you are always kind of the heel and then you work your way into being a face, which is a good guy. As much as I want to say it’s based on my personality, it’s also based on how well I can act.”

Jack’s collegiate wrestling record was 121-37 (.766), earning him two conference championships and All-American honors in 2012.

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