WWE Women’s Tournament Info Revealed

WWE Women’s Tournament Info Revealed

Courtesy of Diva-Dirt.com:

As announced last month, WWE will be hosting a women’s tournament this summer!

The tournament will feature 32 different women from 17 different countries, and it will be showcased only on the WWE Network.

New details, courtesy of PWInsider have cropped up, detailing that the tournament will be taped on July 13th and 14th at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

The tournament will not be released weekly, and instead will come out as sets for fans to binge on the WWE Network. This strategy has been used for shows such as Camp WWE and Swerved, two shows proven to be popular amongst fans.

The finals are likely to be filmed live to avoid spoilers surfacing on the internet.

The 32 women tournament will follow a similar format to that of last year’s Cruiserweight Classic with a focus on the international talents from 17 countries. Current talent participants are already going through the traditional background checks that take place before WWE offers deals as well.

We’ve also been asking you for your wish list for the tournament and received some pretty interesting answers!

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