WWE.com Supplemental Draft Postponed


Supplemental Draft postponed


Written: June 11, 2007

As a result of the shocking turn of events involving Mr. McMahon as Raw went off the air, the Supplemental Draft scheduled to take place tomorrow has been postponed. The Draft will now take place Sunday at noon ET right here on WWE.com.

Numerous Superstars who were left unscathed by the Draft on Raw will now have to brace themselves for the possibilities the Supplemental Draft will bring about. World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch and WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino were breathing easy because they avoided possible separation in Mondays first-ever tri-branded WWE Draft. But they are not out of the woods yet – the draft isn’t over.

Other tandems such as Paul London & Brian Kendrick and Cryme Tyme, inseparable duos like Finlay and Hornswoggle and factions like the New Breed could still be separated when the WWE Supplemental Draft finally does take place. Our fans were shocked when the Land of the Extreme was seemingly left without a champion as Bobby Lashley was drafted to Raw and forced to relinquish the ECW World Title.

World Heavyweight Champion Edge could practically be heard breathing a sigh of relief – and Raw fans roared – when Mr. Kennedy was drafted away from SmackDown. Kennedy is rehabbing his torn triceps, but will eventually bring his trademark bravado to Monday nights.

What will happen to the ECW, Raw, and SmackDown Superstars who were not drafted this Monday night? Will tag teams run out of luck and be separated? Will couples be separated? Will alliances crumble? All these questions will be answered Sunday at noon on WWE.com.

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