Rising Phoenix Wrestling Results

Rising Phoenix Wrestling Results:  June 9th, Mesa, Arizona 

June 9, 2007 was a history making night for Rising Phoenix Wrestling.  Partnering with NWA Pro, The Broadway Recreation Center in Mesa, Arizona hosted a first round match in the NWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament.  Other matches included an encounter for the RPW Championship, and a feud was settled in an “I-Quit” match.  Full details are below. 


 The Latin Terra “X” pinned Payed Daily following two fisherman’s busters.  X was impressive in his RPW debut, controlling the entire match and finishing Daily off in rapid fashion. 

Johnny Dynamite pinned “Miracle” Mike James; “XXX” Lawrence Tyler attacked Dynamite after the match, drawing Brandon Nitro to the ring.  Tyler then used the RPW interview set to proclaim that Nitro didn’t earn his title shot, and he would prove that point later in his title match tonight. 

Mikey Nicholls and “The Limited Edition” Tommy Drake defeated The Navajo Warrior and Tommy Kim.  Nicholls & Drake spent the opening portion of the match avoiding their opponents, hoping to quiet the crowd who was vocal in their support of Navajo & Kim.  The match was a very competitive one, with Nicholls sneaking in a pin against Navajo Warrior after he and Drake double teamed Navajo behind the referee’s back. 

RPW Commissioner JS Crock came out to announce that the grudge match between The Hawaiian Lion and Black Metal would now be an “I-Quit” match.  Due to the violence level that the feud has reached, he also announced that this would be their last match.  The Hawaiian Lion came out and demanded the match take place immediately, and Crock was quick to accommodate his request. 

The Hawaiian Lion forced Black Metal to pass out with a modified camel clutch using a pipe wrench to win the “I-Quit” match.  The ring could not contain this match, as both men fought through the locker room, arena entrance, concession stand, throughout the entire set of bleachers and the ringside seats before finally bringing the action into the ring.  Lion was able to avenge Metal’s previous actions by forcing him to pass out with the same pipe wrench Metal has used against opponents in the past. 

Following intermission, “The Voice of RPW” Greg DeMarco started a live interview with RPW president Earnest Guill regarding RPW’s relationship with NWA Pro Wrestling and the tremendous honor RPW received in hosting a first round match in the NWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament.  Glamour Boy Shane, one of the participants in the tournament match, took exception that an interview regarding the championship could take place without him being invited.  He promised to advance past the first round match tonight and prove to the other 15 men in the tournament that he will wear the title before any of them ever get a chance to touch it.  Footage of this interview will soon be available online through the NWA. 

“XXX” Lawrence Tyler pinned “Mr. 300%” Brandon Nitro to retain the RPW Championship after leveling the #1 contender with the title belt behind the referee’s back.  Throughout the match, Tyler couldn’t put the challenger away, and nearly lost his coveted title to Nitro several times.  His frustration against Nitro forced him to resort to such tactics to once again retain his championship.  “Miracle” Mike James entered the ring to join Tyler, but any attack against the challenger was prevented when Johnny Dynamite ran out from the locker with a chair in hand.  “XXX” claimed this would be Nitro’s only chance at his title, but Nitro asserted that this was far from over. 

“Bonecrusher” Fred Sampson pinned Glamour Boy Shane in a first round match in the NWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament.  The crafty veteran Shane controlled much of the match, but had a hard time putting the young sensation away.  Sampson showed the passion and fire that the NWA saw when they entered him in the tournament when he kicked out of the Glamour Boy’s “Elbow from Heaven.”  Sampson soon hit the “Bonecrusher Powerslam” to score the biggest victory of his young career, advancing to the tournament quarterfinals against Brent Albright. 

Rising Phoenix Wrestling returns to action on July 14, 2007 at the Webster Gym & Recreation Center in Mesa, Arizona.  For ticket information, RPW DVD purchases, and more information on Rising Phoenix Wrestling and NWA Pro, please visit www.risingphoenixwrestling

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