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Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if used, thanks.

American Combat Wrestling’s show schedule has changed. Beginning Tuesday June 12th and every Tuesday after ACW will be at

Bourbon Street

4331 US 19N in New Port Richey just south of SR 54.



The show was opened by ACW Unified Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca who was set to defend the title against one of the members of the New Movement. Never to be shown up, the new Movement (David Mercury, Eddie Taurus and Austin Amadeus) came out to announce their arrival in ACW. They introduced their new acquisition George Martel. Mercury polled the fans as to who did they want to see beat Mosca’s ass. Mosca said he was uncomfortable with the “Goodfellas” attire the New Movement wore to the ring. Finally they decided that Austin Amadeus would take Mosca out. Mosca gave Martel one chance to change his mind and come back to the champ’s side of the world. To the shock of no one Martel refused the offer. 

(1) ACW Tag Team champions Sedrick Strong & “the Candizzle Dream” Joshua Masters (w/Fetish) defeated Ray Beez and 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor Nooie Lee.Despite never been a team, Beez and Lee functioned well keeping the champs second guessing each move. That was until Masters dumped Lee to the floor where Strong and Fetish got in some cheap shots while Masters kept the referee busy. The champs used every dirty trick in their arsenal to wear down the former Cruiserweight champion but couldn’t get the pin or submission. After several minutes of a vicious beating Lee tagged out to the energized Beez, who attacked the champs like he found a gourmet meal in his dumpster. His attack worked until Fetish stopped a top rope move which allowed Masters to hit a suplex like move followed by a double full nelson slam that Beez couldn’t survive. After the match ended Fetish reiterated the end with a screeching yell of victory.  

(2) “The G.O.A.T.” David Mercury of the New Movement (w/George Martel) defeated Aaron Epic.Both men tried to attack the left arm/shoulder with armdrags and hiptosses but it was Epic who hit a several spin head scissor. But his next move was blocked and Mercury hit a DDT. Mercury followed with a power drive elbow for two into a chinlock with his knee in Epic’s back. Martel got involved as he choked out Epic in the corner as Mercury argued with the referee. Fully embracing his new direction in life, Mercury used eye rakes, gouges and other illegal moves to keep control of the match. Despite all those moves Epic got to the top rope and hit a dropkick to the back of Mercury’s neck. When Epic went for his next move Mercury got the referee’s attention once more and Martel dropped Epic on the top rope. This allowed Mercury to hit what could be described as a rolling waistlock into a German suplex.  

(3) ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore defeated former NWA World Jr. Heavyweight champion Jerrelle Clark.This one went from chain wrestling in the ring to a chest chop contest on the floor before Clark tried to slow it down in the ring with a facebuster like move. Moore fired back with forearms to Clark’s jaw but his rope move was cut off by a knee to the gut. Clark hit several moves to the champion’s back and some blatant chokes in front of the referee. These moves did damage but didn’t lead to a pin. Clark’s corner splash met Moore’s boot and the champ hit a double knee move to the face. Moore ran into an elbow which Clark followed with a triple jump moonsault for two. Clark hit a T-Bone suplex for two and followed with a snap suplex before going to the rope for a one and a half splash also for two. Moore recovered to hit an inverted knee drop and a dropkick which sent Clark to the ring apron. Clark flipped into ring and hit a dropkick of his own. Moore fought out of a chinlock and hit a Blockbuster for two. The two men fought for position as Clark went for the Jerrelle Driver but Moore countered out into Emeral Frosion to win the hard fought match.  

(4) In a #1 contenders match, Eddie Taurus of the New Movement (w/George Martel) defeated 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor Sideshow. Shan Hill was supposed to be part of this match but due to a leg injury he was unable to compete. Sideshow wanted Hill out so he went towards the locker room to investigate but he was jumped from behind by Taurus and they brawled all around and back to the ring. Taurus bailed to the floor so Sideshow followed with a tope off a chair to the floor. The match came back to the ring where both men went for waistlocks but Martel grabbed Sideshow and hit a Hot Shot. Taurus hit a leg lariat and a kick to the back of Sideshow’s neck. With help from Martel, Taurus kept control until Sideshow hit a clothesline and a kick of his own to Taurus’ back. Sideshow placed Taurus on the top and came off with a huricurana for two. With Taurus out for a moment Sideshow slid to the floor to knock out Martel. However when Sideshow got back in the ring he was hit with a Taurus German suplex for two. Feeling cocky Taurus went for and missed a Dynamite Kid top rope headbutt. Sideshow hit an Otani kick and called for Double Penetration but Taurus countered so Sideshow countered into a backcracker for two. Sideshow went for his finisher again but Taurus countered into a German suplex for two. Taurus went up top but Sideshow stopped him as Martel argued with the referee. This allowed David Mercury to come out and stop Sideshow’s move, which allowed Taurus to hit a top rope DVD into a sitout powerbomb to win via pinfall.  

After the match Sideshow ripped his former friend Taurus on the mic after clearing the ring with a chair. He challenged Taurus to a NO DQ match on 6/16. The challenge was interrupted by Taurus’ former tag team partner Damien Angel who called Taurus into the ring to try and iron out some business. He was interrupted by David Mercury who said that he spoke for the group and Angel needed to bounce. This led to a stare down between the three men and left all confused as to where Taurus’ allegiance lied.  

(5) “The South Florida Phenom” Scott Commodity defeated 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor “the Natural” Kenny King. Before the match Commodity reintroduced himself to the fans of ACW. Commodity made the first blow a chest chop which only angered King who fired back with one of his own. Commodity and King countered each others headlocks and head scissor take overs until commodity hit some forearms to the jaw but missed an elbow drop. He quickly recovered but King got a mat based side headlock and hit a dropkick before taking Commodity back to the mat once more with a front facelock. Commodity countered out to a hammerlock which King countered out of with several hip tosses. King went for a second rope rear elbow but Commodity was nowhere to be found. Commodity used the ropes to choke out “the Natural” even as the referee threatened a DQ. King scored a rollup for two but Commodity’s kickout sent King to the ropes and he came off into a clothesline for two. Commodity locked in a neckvise move but King fought to his feet but Commodity hit a spinning neckbreaker for two. Commodity went back to the rear chinlock and floated into a Crossface but King made it to the ropes. Commodity went up top but King met him with a crotch shot and a dropkick to the face which sent Commodity crashing down into the ring. King hit Commodity with several clotheslines which got a two count. Commodity hit a jawbreaker but got two. King avoided a corner splash and hit a running double shot to the back but somehow Commodity kicked out. Commodity hit a Saito suplex but got two. Both men jockeyed for control of a backslide but Commodity hit a questionable low blow and a piledriver to win.   

(6) In an Open Challenge Tables match, ACW Unified Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca defeated Austin Amadeus of The New Movement (w/George Martel, David Mercury & Eddie Taurus.)Needless to say this was a knockdown, drag out brawl with action in and out of the ring. Amadeus reversed a whip into the post and sent Mosca into it head first, splitting the champion open above his right eye. The gash was opened by Amadeus right hands and some help from the other New Movement members who circled the ring like rabid dogs. All this did was anger Mosca who fought back with punches of his own. Amadeus grabbed Mosca’s jeans and sent him to the floor where the New Movement triple teamed Mosca. A table was set up at ringside as Amadeus delivered more punches to the champ’s head. Mosca fought back with more punches but a low blow evened things up again as the champ bled all over himself and the ring. The table was slid into the ring and Amadeus set up Mosca only to get his package hit with a punch and Mosca hit a power bomb to win. 

The match was over but the New Movement attack was far from over, until the former ACW Heavyweight champion “the Marquee” Bruce Santee made a surprise appearance after a lengthy absence. Santee said he was ready for his match with Mosca on 6/16 and only came out to make sure Mosca was in the best shape possible so he could prove he was the better man and better ACW Heavyweight champion after eight months of arguing.
Come out Saturday for ACW and be back at

Bourbon Street

when ACW returns to action Tuesday June 19th. Remember ACW is back online, so log onto www.acwflorida.com for information on our events at Bourbon Street Night Club. You can watch previous ACW shows on www.combat-tv.com. Like live music, then check out www.clubbourbonstreet.com for info on upcoming concerts. 

American Combat Wrestling

Saturday June 16th

Jewish Community Center

9841 Scenic Drive

Port Richey, FL

Doors open at 7, matches begin at

Tickets $7 in advance $10 at the door


“The Marquee” Bruce Santee vs. ACW Unified Heavyweight champion “Roughhouse” Ralph Mosca  ACW Tag Team champions “Canadian Dream” Josh Masters and Sedrick Strong vs. The Life Guards  In a NO DQ match 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor Sideshow vs. “Raging Bull” Eddie Taurus of the New Movement In a NO DQ match, “G.O.A.T” David Mercury of the New Movement vs. Sean Hill Scott Commodity and Nick Fame vs. 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor Nooie Lee and Shayne Swift  ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore vs. Logan  Dim Bala vs. Torcher  

Plus former women’s world champion Luna Vachon!! 

All matches for June 16 are subject to change without notice from American Combat Wrestling and the Jewish Community Center.