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By Mike Shannon, whatculture.com writer:

Throughout the years, professional wrestling has always been about using the current stars to maximize profits while creating new stars to carry the torch in the future.  In years past, younger wrestlers would be booked to go over old wrestlers or be taken under a mentor’s wing in order to receive a rub and become stars in the pay customer’s eyes.

More recently, professional wrestling morphed into “sports entertainment” and the tactic of getting a younger wrestler has changed fairly dramatically.  Nowadays, creative teams seem to be more dependent on the gimmick itself getting the wrestler over instead of the other way around.  Vignettes to introduce talent are produced to build a buzz and then the wrestler is given a few wins over some lesser talent before (presumably) instantly becoming a star in the fan’s mind.

Obviously, things aren’t that simple and lately it seems newer talent are thrown by the wayside before they are even able to establish a feel for their character.  Wrestling rosters are woefully shallow, with names from 10 and even 20 years ago still populating the main events.

With Daniel Bryan’s recent title reign being labeled a “bust”, I figured it was only fair to take a look back at a few superstars who were truly busts. The list will include debuts that were hyped for weeks and completely sucked when they happened or new superstar acquisitions that totally bombed.

Much like first round draft picks, no one in wrestling is a sure thing…

10. Kenzo Suzuki

9. Heidenreich

8. Nathan Jones

7. Mordecai

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