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By Aaron Bower, WhatCulture.com, photo courtesy of WWE:

Ten of the most iconic WWE tussles that plain sucked when it came to the action inside the squared circle.

In this modern era of professional wrestling, the actual concept of positive, exciting wrestling seems to become more and more lost on those who make the big decisions in colossal wrestling conglomerates.

These days it’s merchandise and sending out the right PG image out which seems to take precedence over the actual wrestling side of pro wrestling – so it’s worth asking to all WWE fans: what is it that makes a good match? To some, it’s all about the impact and significance the storyline around the match had on WWE history. But for others, it’s the wrestling which has to be brilliant in order for the match to be regarded as brilliant.

If you ask a wrestling fan to put together a list of the most infamous WWE matches of all-time, how many of them would actually contain brilliant, edge of your seat wrestling? The kind of action that genuinely makes you wonder who will win the contest, and you become lost in some incredible technique being played out in front of your eyes. Believe it or not, some of the most famous matches in WWE history were appalling to watch, yet somehow are more memorable than hundreds of outstanding wrestling matches.

Across the last 30 years there have been lots of matches that fit that particular bill. Here are ten of the most iconic WWE tussles that plain sucked when it came to the action inside the squared circle.

#10: 1992 Royal Rumble Match

It’s often singled out as perhaps the best Royal Rumble match of all-time, but the 1992 Rumble contest really isn’t all that great when you scratch beneath the surface.

Sure, Ric Flair put in perhaps the best performance of his entire career during that match to win the WWE Championship – but what else of note happened during that contest? Flair seemed like the only guy who really delivered throughout the most part of that match, with a number of bigger names flattering to deceive in a largely forgettable Royal Rumble match. It probably didn’t help that, at that time, there was no consistency with the entrance times, with guys just rolling out whenever they really felt like it – or so it seemed.

The most notable moment about the whole match (and the one people remember the most) is Flair’s promo after the match with Gene Okerlund. Surely that tells you everything you need to know about how poor a match the 1992 Royal Rumble was? When you stack it up against the rest in terms of quality of wrestling, it really doesn’t look all that brilliant.

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