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Brian Fury10 Questions With… Brian Fury, 2007 ECWA Super 8 Participant
By Brett SchwanThe contestants for the 2007 ECWA Super 8 Tournament have been announced and, as WrestlingClothesline.com does each year, we bring you the first “10 Questions With…” interview with one of the participants in this year’s Super 8 Tournament. (With another 7 to follow)

First up, Brian Fury. Brian was trained by Steve Bradley and has been wrestling for 7 years up and down the east coast of the US…

1. What made you decide to get involved in professional wrestling?

Growing up I was always a fan. My mom used to yell at me because all I ever did was wrestle. It didn’t matter where either, home, the park, or school. It got me in a lot of trouble when I was a kid! As I got older the attraction never faded, it only got stronger. I realized that I had to at least try it and give it my all or I wouldn’t feel complete.

2. What has been the highlight of your wrestling career thus far?

Obviously being asked to do the Super 8 this year has been THE highlight of my career.A few other moments do stand out for me though. I was asked to go to Smackdown for tapings and before the show I got to train in the ring with a few of the guys there. It was a bit surreal to be wrestling in the WWE ring in the Banknorth Garden in Boston (even if the arena was empty). On Oct 5th I did a pre-show match for ROH. Just getting the opportunity, and getting ‘looked at’ by ROH was awesome. They have a really great company and hopefully someday I can become a part of their regular roster.

3. You are a participant in this years’ ECWA Super 8 Tournament. What was your reaction when earning that spot in such a prestigious tournament?

I was in shock for a bit, but overly excited. It is such a great honor, and the tournament has such a history and legacy how could you not be excited, or shocked for that matter? I believe in my abilites in the ring, but I never expected an honor quite like that.

4. Any thoughts on how you’ll prepare physically for three possible matches in the Super 8?

From the moment I was asked to participate I have really amped up my cardio in the gym. Also, I been training at different wrestling facilites up here in the Northeast trying to get in the best possible ‘ring shape’ I can be in. I changed my eating habits up quite a bit too because, truth be told, I was gaining a bit too much weight! However, everything is in check right now and I should be in peak condition by November 10th.

5. Have you had the opportunity to wrestle any of the other Super 8 participants in the past? If so, whom?

As far as this years tournament goes only Matt Logan. We train together at the Chaotic Training Center in Massachussets. I did a camp or two with Rob Eckos, but never wrestled him.

Competitors from past tournaments? Steve Bradley the winner of the 1999 tournament was my trainer for over 4 years when he was released from WWE. Other past competitors I have wrestled include: Chad Collyer, John Walters, Bryan Logan, and Andre Lyons.

For the remainder of this exclusive interview, be sure to check out WrestlingClothesline.com. Be sure to stay tuned with WrestlingClothesline.com in the days to come for interviews with all the Super 8 participants, including Rob Conway and Jerry Lynn!!

Brett A. Schwan
The Wrestling Clothesline