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Rob ConwayContinuing with our tradition, each year WrestlingClothesline.com brings it’s visitors interviews with the ECWA Super 8 participants.Having already interviewed Brian Fury, WrestlingClothesline.com is pleased to present it’s latest “10 Questions With…”

This time we give to you former WWE star and 2007 ECWA Super 8 contestant, Rob Conway…

1. What made you decide to get involved in professional wrestling?

I watched it on tv as a kid and went to uswa and wwf shows up until high school then i did not watch much from about 1988-1996 during that time i was into sports and lifting wieghts around 1995 people would come up to me and ask if i was a wrestler so i started watching it again. I loved watching it the NWO and DX i could not wait to watch Monday ,Thursday ,Saturday and i passed a sign on my way to work that said DANNY DAVIS SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING and here i am..

2. You have worked for promotions across the country, including the WWE (where you held the tag titles several times). How was your experience with the WWE? What was it like holding a title on three different occassions?

I had a great time with the WWE i made a good amount of money and traveled all over the world and met current and former superstars that i never thought i would get to meet. Winning the tag team championships was great it was a goal of mine that i reached and it put me on the map i believe that LA RESISTANCE was a great team.

3. You are a participant in this years’ ECWA Super 8 Tournament. What was your reaction when being invited to wrestle in such a prestigious tournament?

Excited, i think it will be a lot of fun.

4. Prior to being invited to participate, had you heard of the Super 8 Tournament? If so, what did you think about it?

I heard about it in a wrestling magazine back in like 1998 i saw a picture of Scot taylor and Ace Darling and all the participants and thought it most be big, they are covering it in a magazine

For the remainder of this exclusive interview, be sure to check out WrestlingClothesline.com. Stay tuned with WrestlingClothesline.com in the days to come for interviews with all the Super 8 participants, including Jerry Lynn, Human Tornado, and MDogg!!
Brett A. Schwan
The Wrestling Clothesline