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By www.thewrestlingpress.com

Name/Nicknames: Shawn Blanchard, The Enforcer, The Blanchard Express.

Years pro: 10 years.

Finishing move: The Express (DDT) & Figure Four Leg Lock.

Home town: Minneapolis, Minnesota now Pittsburgh, PA.

Height: 6’1

Weight: 235lbs

Question 1. How did you get started in wrestling?

Answer. Wrestling is something I always wanted to do since I was 6. The year is 1981, I turned on Superstation TBS and saw the great Gordon Solie and he was interviewing a loud & cocky blonde haired guy. After that interview was over I decided right there and then that I was going to become a pro wrestler, so thank you Ric Flair! Now lets fast forward to 1997 – I knew someone that was going to wrestling school, so I started to go as well – and the rest is history.

Question 2. When and where was your first pro match, and who was it against?

Answer. My 1st match was March 19, 1999 vs. La Lucha in Burgettstown, PA. I was the 1st match on and just my luck, there were 600 fans there that night. I lost on that occasion but over the years I got payback on La Lucha!

Question 3. What promotions have you worked for?

Answer. W.P.W.A. – Western Pennsylvania Wrestling Alliance, A.H.W. – American Hardcore Wrestling, K.S.W.A. – Keystone State Wrestling Alliance, B.D.W. – Black Diamond Wrestling, R.P.W. – Regional Pro Wrestling, S.V.W. – Steel Valley Wrestling, X.W.F. – Xtreme Wrestling Federation, T.W.A. – Tri State Wrestling Alliance, Deaf Wrestlefest

Question 4. Who do you most look up to in the business?

Answer. Ric Flair, Blackjack Mulligan, Dick Murdock, The Masked Superstar & Frank Durso (Frank is my manager and he also worked during the Studio Wrestling Days here in Pittsburgh. He wrestled Bruno Sammartino 2 times for the WWWF Heavyweight Title in Philadelphia).

Question 5. Name your top three matches…

Answer. 1. My 1st ever match has to be up there just because it was my 1st match. 2. 30 minute time limit draw vs. Anthony Alexander. It had to be one of my greatest matches ever. 3. vs Demolition Ax at 2009 @ The Joe Abby Memorial Tournament.

Question 6. What are your career highlights?

Answer. I have a lot of career highlights in my opinion. On my website I have all that info in the career highlights section.

Question 7. Describe your wrestling style/character.

Answer. Throw together Flair, Mulligan, Murdock and Masked Superstar and you have my style.

Question 8. Favourite wrestler(s) working today?

Answer. I really don’t think I have a favorite wrestler working today. I hate what the business has become from a WWE stand point. I really want TNA to step up and be a big deal!! So my answer…. my favorite wrestler today is …..me….Shawn Blanchard!!

Question 9. When and where is your next match?

Answer. Next match is August 22, 2009 at The Obey House in Pittsburgh’s West End. I go one on one with The Blood Beast and he will get a wrestling lesson of a lifetime!!!

Question 10. Do you have a website or anything else you’d like to mention?

www.shawnblanchard.com ,

www.myspace.com/blanchardexpress ,


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