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WWE career

Some wrestlers, if they’re popular enough and don’t get injured, go on to long and fruitful wrestling careers. Some even become legends, or WWE Hall of Famers. And then there’s the other guys, whose time in WWE could barely be referred to as a “cup of coffee”. Sometimes, whether it be due to injury, or bad timing, or Vince McMahon walking by them in the dressing room and asking “Who hired you?” (which, allegedly, actually happened to ECW mainstay Raven), things just don’t work out for some wrestlers. But even though history may have forgotten them, we haven’t, and we’ve even prepared a list of some of the most “blink and you missed ‘em” wrestlers in WWE history.

10. Key

Former football player Darren Drozdov, or Droz, debuted in WWE as a prospective new member of the legendary Legion of Doom, in a story line that involved original member Hawk succumbing to addiction and possibly attempting suicide by jumping off the Titantron. So, when that angle was hastily buried after massive backlash from fans and special interest groups, Droz adopted a sleazier character, also introducing the world to Prince Albert, his personal piercing and tattoo specialist (and, coincidentally, the future head trainer of NXT). The pair worked as a tag team for a bit, then added a third member, who was known only as Key, and was implied to be a drug dealer. Key’s time in WWE lasted only a few weeks, however, as an intended feud with the Godfather was derailed due to injury, and Key was taken off TV. Shortly thereafter, he found some success in ECW working under his original name, Vic Grimes, feuding with New Jack, but he would never set foot in WWE again.

9. Brakus

Or Brakkus, if you prefer. It doesn’t really matter, though, because by the time anyone figured out how his name was spelled, he was already gone. Brakus was a successful German bodybuilder with a physique that must have given Vince McMahon flashbacks to the WBF. He was actually in WWE, doing house shows and dark matches for the better part of two years, before he finally made it onto TV. Where he lost his debut match, and several more afterwards. It would appear that he was not really intended to be a big star right out of the gate. Fortunately, since he possessed a lot of muscles and something resembling a legitimate pre-wrestling athletic career, he was one of several wrestlers chosen to appear in the infamous Brawl-For-All. This was a tournament set up to feature WWE’s “toughest” wrestlers in legitimate shoot fights, and because it was (at least initially) completely unscripted, it all went horribly wrong. Brakus was one of several wrestlers who went down with a serious injury in the first round of Brawl-For-All (subsequent rounds were turned into scripted fights, which didn’t improve them, but at least nobody else got hurt). The injuries to his shoulder and knee would lead to his quick retirement, as he appeared in only one more match in WWE. At least he won that one.

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