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Twelve new items have been added to the Crowbar Press webstore.


Shoot interviews with Bobby Simmons, Mac McMurray, and Dennis Hall.

Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion memorabilia, including the 2007 yearbook, reunion DVDs for 2006 and 2007, and the group photos.

Professional Wrestling Title History Posters. We are offering the first two in what is planned to be a series. The first two releases feature the Mid-Atlantic heavyweight title and the N.W.A. world heavyweight title. Produced by Scott Teal through Crowbar Press, each poster is actually a high-quality, glossy PHOTOGRAPH which measures a huge 20×30 inches. Each poster includes pictures of the belts featured and a photo of every wrestler who held the title.

Classic Clips #31 Fayetteville, NC: 1967-1976

Classic Clips #32 Winston-Salem, NC: 1955-1956 Greensboro, NC: 1961-1966

Classic Clips The Greensboro, North Carolina collection

With the new automated shipping system installed in our local post office, we are able to ship all orders within a day or two of receiving them, even during the busy Christmas holidays.

The Dennis Hall shoot interview will be delayed for just a few days due to a production problem, but will be out in plenty of time for Christmas.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you and your families enjoy the holidays.