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Welcome to the 51st edition of CAC Radio!  Hosts David and Morgan welcome the first ever recipient of the CAC Charlie Smith Referee’s Award, Mr. James Beard, to the program! Mr. Beard, a 2013 Texas Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee, is a 30-year veteran in both the United States and abroad, working as a referee and behind the scenes as a television writer, creative consultant, booker, talent agent and promoter. 

During the interview Mr. Beard shares stories about life on the road, the skills needed to be a world-class referee, the importance of the CAC Reunions, and much more!

Check out Mr. Beard’s book entitled “The Third Man: My Life And Times Inside The Ring And Out” available now on Amazon.com at this link!  Follow Mr. Beard on Facebook at /James Beard.

We hope you enjoy this edition of CAC Radio!  Listen to the show here!