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World Wrestling Entertainment is the summit of the professional wrestling mountain. It is the top company in the industry, one that has gone far and beyond promoting only wrestling contests. Those who are frequently at the top of WWE cards land themselves opportunities to feature in movie roles and on television talk shows. WWE stories are covered by more than just wrestling journalists, as sports websites such as ESPN and Sporting News will post breaking wrestling news and also pieces about current company storylines and pay-per-view events. Regardless of what you may think about the product, there is no denying that the WWE is a media megapower.

With all of that said, the WWE is hardly the only company where wrestlers can work and also make a comfortable living within the industry. Some who have made it to the WWE move on to other organizations for one reason or another, eventually finding that working in the top wrestling was not all that they once thought it would be when they were in the early stages of their careers. Nobody can say for certain what the future holds for these individuals, and thus it is possible that you may see one or more of the wrestlers featured in this piece performing inside of a WWE ring at some point down the road.

15. Harry Smith: The son of former champion Davey Boy Smith enjoyed his most successful run in the WWE while part of the Hart Dynasty, winning the tag-team championship along with partner Tyson Kidd. Smith never really got off the ground as a solo worker in the WWE, however, and his time in the company was personally as much a negative as it was a positive for him. He found a second wind for his career working overseas as part of New Japan Pro Wrestling. It has also been announced that Smith will also be working for the newly created Global Force Wrestling.

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